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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
  You Say Hello, I Say Good-Bye
First, I'll start by saying, damn, it's been a while. Second, I'll say that PS killed Frank today. He's the spider that has been living in the shower for a year now. Made me sad. I'm going to bury him tomorrow.

Ok, lots of shit has happened since I was last here. I had lots of seizures and had to babysit the parents house for a few days. They wanted me to stay there, but I wanted to go home. My dr said that I can't be alone. I've had a couple of seizures in the past week. I have an apt. with a specialist in Hattiesburg next week. FUN!!! YIPPIEE!!! and HOORAY!!! Maybe he'll find my brain tumor and cure me. I dunno?

OK, I say "hello" to my old friend from Monroe. HELLO, Erik!!! It was so good to see you the other night. I hope that you and your beautiful family are having a great vacation. By the way, let's NEVER go so long without talking, m'kay? I didn't realize how much I missed you, until I saw you. Ok, enough of that, hello ERIK!!!

And I say good-bye to PS. This one sucks ass. He's been evicted. I'm now living alone. I mean, we all knew that he was moving out, but didn't know it would be so soon. Not to worry, he's going to be staying with Father O' Flannigan. I actually think that we'll be seeing more of eachother by not living together. We hung out more before we moved in together than we did living together. This house just looks so empty without all of his stuff here. It really makes me want to cry. We're going to spend the night together Sunday and hang out and get drunk and cry! I'm so going to miss having him here, though he never really was here, but you know what I mean. I'm gonna miss him ever so much, but, I think, I'll see my baby more. At least, I hope so!

I'm just trying to figure out what in the hell I'm going to do with this big ass house all by myself. I don't have enough furniture to fill it. Pier 1, here, I come!!! I guess that I'll just turn his room into my art studio/cat room. That will be nice, but the livingroom is going to be a challenge. I'm just hoping that in a month, this house will look more like a home because now, it looks like it's been hit by a hairy tornado.

So far, everything that PS has packed up has been covered in Tigger fur. It's kinda funny and sad at the same time. I want to borrow Alice's shop vac and go through the whole house and suck it all up. PS is so sweet, he's going to change the light bulbs in the livingroom for me before he leaves. (You have to get on a 12 ft ladder to reach them. It's crazy.) I could never do it. He's also going to hang my tapestry for me above the door leading into the kitchen. I'm going to get him to help me hang my butterfly painting for me. I've got about an hours worth of work left on it. I'll finish it soon and hang it over the couch. My Dad is suspossed to come and build some shelves for me. I'm going to make my Tigger shrine, Ha Ha! Plus, I want a place to put all of my Mickey dolls. God knows, I have enough Mickeys to fill a few shelves! Even though, I'm almost 30 years old, I still collect them and always will. Though, I think I have most of them. I haven't come across any (lately) that I don't already have.

Ok, on that note, you have just a little idea of what's going on in my life. I know you were ever so worried about me. I'll be back, asap! Have a wonderful week, month, year, summer...all of it!

Just go ahead and read, afterall, did no one tell you that I'm the nicest fucking person that I know?! You can email me at catsinthetub@hotmail.com, go ahead, make my day!

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