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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
  Your Shiny Sequins Make Me Happy
Ok, people, I know that I was in quite a mood sunday. I was the BITCH from hell! Thank God, no one came to visit. Ha! Ha! Hell no, I'm not going to stop my writing on here. It's a great stress reliever, though I do still write in all of my many journals. I just enjoy doing this and having others read it. I think that is neat and, no to brag or anything, I have quite a few readers. I just think it's cool that these strangers, yet some have become friends, take their precious time to read my rambling! To all of you, thanks! I love you!

I was still pissy all day yesterday and this morning. That was UNTIL I got Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits! You listen to Sweet Caroline or Cherry Cherry and try not to sing along or be happy. You CAN'T DO IT! Needless to say, I am now listening to Neil and in a very good mood. Speaking of, Sweet Caroline is now playing. I must go now and do an interpretive dance!

Sunday, May 29, 2005
  Shiny "Happy" People Make Me Want To VOMIT!
I hate to see these little "happy couples!" (they are so full of shit, they really believe that their life is on track. what assholes!) They truly make me ill. Especially when I see a really hot guy with an ugly girl or vice versa. I hate these people that act like they are sooo fucking happy and are going to have the perfect life and live the fairytale. Happily ever after..."Oh, we're gonna get married and start a family!" That DOES NOT exist, sorry to be the one to break it to you. No one will ever be happy. You may think that your happy, in the beginning, that is called lusting after something new. (like a new toy, as a child, but when that toy breaks or gets old, don't say I didn't warn you) Talk to me in 4 months, my fugly!

Wake up, assholes, it ain't EVER going to happen. Now go out and pretend that your pathetic life is wonderful and have a fucking grrreat day! I hate all 0f you! Go straight to hell.

That's it! I'm seriously thinking about quitting. My blog, this is all just random bullshit that doesn't matter to anyone, but me. Besides, I'd much rather write in my journals. I like it much better. This may be good-bye, not quite sure yet. I just know that I woke up on the TOTALLY wrong side of my empty bed this morning and I hate everyone today, even my blog. If this is good-bye, I'd like to say a special ttfn to my girl at per. blonde. She is my one and only reader and I love her. To everyone else, go straight to fucking hell, you pretentious assholes!

Now, I may be back, I may not! If I decide to shut it all down, I'll do a sweet little entry and let you know. As of now, I just hate everyone and want everyone to be just as unhappy as I am. If I had one wish, that would be it. Fuck money, fuck world peace, I want all of you to be just as miserable as I am at this very moment in time.

Saturday, May 28, 2005
  Everything Bad Comes All AT Once, Hopefully, It Will All Leave At Once
Ok, so you know about my seizure that I had at work not this past thurs, but the one before. I really didn't have a whole day that I could lay around, do nothing, and relax. That was my plan for thurs. b/c I had to work fri. night. I was going to lay in bed, basically until it was time to get ready for my first shift back. But, no...

Anyway, PS comes into my room at like 8am on thurs. My Mom is on the phone. The very first thing I say to her is, "what in the holy hell are you doing calling me soo freaking early?" Her reply, (that made me feel like total shit) "I'm on my way to the emergency room. I'm having chest pains and my dr. told me to get to the hospital!" Oh My God, I jumped up. I was totally freaking out. Deep breathes, lots of them. I quickly got dressed and packed a bag just in case we had to spend the night and we did. I got to the er and she was in a room reading a book and waiting. I think they ran every test on her humanly possibly on her.

We ended up spending the night thurs. and most of fri. They let her go this morning, but she has to go back to the heart dr. next week for a stress test. I was sooo fucking scared. I mean, my mom has never been in the hospital, not in my adult life. The whole chest pain thing was totally freaking me out. Anyhew, she's now at home and feeling fine. She is on a heart healthy diet. She needed that. She's not fat, by any means, she just loves to eat junk. I'll be there for her next week. Hopefully everything will be ok.

Tonight was my first night back at work since the big seizure. I loved it, when I walked in, everyone was so happy to see me. That's like my second family. I love them. They said that since I'm on a high dosage of my meds, that they wanted to take baby steps and for me not to over do it. I waited on two tables and made 50 bucks. That was cool. After that, Miss L told me to go home while it was still light and to call her when I got here. How sweet is that? I mean, they really do care. My schedule for next week is: I work wed. night, thurs. morning, and sat. night. They said that if, after that, I was feeling like my old self, than we would put me back to my normal full time shifts, but they are mainly concerned about my health. I know that I've said it a 1000 times before, but I don't know what I did to deserve such a great job with people that I do consider family.

Tomorrow, a few people from work are going to go canoeing. I told them to call me and tell me what time. I might go if I'm not too tired. I've never been on a canoe trip before. It sounds like fun, but I think it's suspossed to rain all day tomorrow. We'll see!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005
  Talk To Me, Yoda
Yes, I went to see Star Wars again yesterday with Matt. Once again, it was fucking AWESOME!!! (He drove.M'kay?) We then stopped by Toys R Us. That is where I found my Yoda. I love him. I had to have him. He's basically like the magic eight ball, but Yoda style. You ask him a yes or no question and he answers. I've had sooo much fun playing with him.

It's pouring down rain here at the moment. I'm just sitting here with the door open trying to get some fresh air in this smoke polluted home of mine. I'm going back to work on friday night. I'll work friday night and again saturday night. Since I have so much time off (but can't drive), I'm having my hair done tomorrow by the one and only gay man to touch my head, Mr.CM. He's wonderful. I'll have to post a pic of what it looks like when it's done. I then am having my nails done on thursday. Since I have sooo much time off, I've decided to make myself purdy. Thank God for Mr. Matt. He's ever so sweet to drive me around. I think that he's just going to come over later tonight and spend the night, since my hair apt. is at 10am. Then the next day, my nail apt is at 2pm. That's not too bad.

I just wish that I could be doing more productive things while I have so much time off. But, I can't ask Matt to just put his life on hold and drive me everywhere. I wish I could, but he also has a life of his own, damn it!!!

I guess I'll be going now. I'm going to watch the news and see what in the hell the weather is going to do since I live on Tornado Ln. I'll probably be back later since I'm stuck at the house. I guess I could start typing up a few things that I need to get started on. I'll go into more detail later. (or not?) Have a great week and happy reading!

Sunday, May 22, 2005
I just had to say it. It was AMAZING! (not the season finale of Desperate Housewives) The fact that Star Wars made over 50 MILLOIN DOLLARS the 1st night. The midnight showing. I was reading that on msn today. I just can't find out how much they've made so far. Do you realize that is like movie history? And I was there, right in the middle of all of it! You go, Vader!!! I love you!

Ok. I just had to mention that.

  Been Laid Up And Drugged Up
Sorry that I have not posted in a while, but I had another grand maul seizure at work thursday. It was sooo embarrassing! I was in the kitchen with Alice polishing silverware. I told her that I felt funny and thought that maybe I needed to vomit. She said that my eyes were completely dilated and to run to the restroom. I made it there and quickly threw up. Don't remember much after that. I was told that I was seizing and banging my head against the tile floor. One of my co-workers grabbed a bag of linens and put under my head. I was in FULL seizure mode, it sucked. Once I was kinda coming out of it, I just remember throwing a spoon at whomever put it in my mouth and said, "NO!" Funny, huh!

Anyway, Alice gave me a ride home since we live 5 feet from eachother. I certainly could not drive. I just got my car home today. My father went and got me some groceries and picked up my meds. I drove (very s-l-o-w) and he followed behind me. So now, Christopher is safe at home. I hate this. I feel like total shit. My body is so very sore. I feel like I've had the shit beat out of myself. I went to my Dr. the next day and he increased my Neurontin from 100mg 3x's a day to 300mgs 3x's a day. So, basically, I'm laid up and can't drive or do shit until I get used to the new dosage. This totally sucks because I don't want to do anything. The only reason that I'm here now is because, the headache that I've had since thursday has finally gone away. I'm sure it will return. It always does.

What really sucked is that I was suspossed to work a double friday and a party saturday that requested me. I basically missed out on about 400 dollars. That blows. Thank God that I have money saved up. Work also owes me a check for 130 dollars tomorrow. I'll find a way to get that bitch and cash it. I got to get my hair done on wednesday. Hell, if I'm going to be laid up for a few days, I might as well make myself pretty, yeah? I'll just take a cab if I have to. I took one to the store the other night. I was out of smokes and NEEDED them. I paid 10 dollars for a ride to get a pack of smokes. I then got home and only smoked like three. I guess, I just needed the comfort of knowing that I had them if I wanted one. I know, I'm pathetic. Really don't give a shit at this point.

This has totally fucked up projects that I've been working on. Work! Everything. It's basically like it was a year ago. I take my meds and then about two hours later, I'm sleeping like a rockstar! I hope to be back at work by thursday. That's if I can walk a straight line and speak properly. One of the side effects is slurred speech and you feel like your off balance. Totally sucks! I hate my life at this particular moment in time, but at least I got to see Star Wars. I want to see it again tomorrow. I just need to find a ride. Good luck to me on that one! Maybe, I'll just call a fucking cab!

It was sooo weird last night. I was on the computer chatting with a friend and Brando would not leave me alone. He was all up in my face and totally distracting me. I then quickly felt ill and had to run to the bathroom and vomit. He was right there. It was like he knew that I was about to be ill and was trying to tell me. I then just went to sleep. Speaking of, I think I'm going to take a nap before the season finally of Desperate Housewives. Later!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
  My, What A Pretty RED Door You Have!
I had a very relaxing day today on my "day off". I had a frantic message from 'lil L on my voice mail last night saying that she really needed me to come and work tonight. I had plans to visit with my family and Dr. Pepe. As I was going to call her and tell her, yes, I'll be there at 5:30pm, she called me freaking b/c we already had reservations for a 12 top, a 10 top, and a 20 top. We just got a reservation for a 25 top and they asked for me. She was freaking! I think she felt better when I told her that I'd be there.

It was cool, I went in and Alice and I shared the party. They were totally happy with our service, of course, we rock!!! I made a quick 100 dollars off one table, rolled some silverware, and was out of their door and heading home to my Ruby Red one!!!

I was saying earlier that PS has already started packing. This place is going to look so different without him and his stuff here. I'm not saying that I want him to hurry up and get the fuck out or anything, but I can't wait to set up my bedroom the way I want. I also have plans to make the livingroom so purdy. I can't wait to do that! It will be exciting to have a home of my own. For the first time in my life, I'm going to have that pretty house. That pretty beige house with the big front porch, covered in flowers, windchimes, gazing balls, the porch swing, and that beautiful front door! I'm going to have my very own, rather large, art studio. I've got more ideas on things to do to the house: building shelves, more painting, cleaning, etc...

It's a nice thought, but I'll definitely miss the hell out of Mr. PS! This house will never be the same. I'm slowly turning into that single older woman that lives alone with her cats. You know what I have to say about that? What the fuck's wrong with that? I'm content and I'm happy and that's all that matters! Correct?

Guess what, this time tomorrow, I'll be trying to find some place to sit, while getting ready to watch STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippiee! I'm really easy to please!

Going to brush Doe-Doe. Have a wonderful evening and an awesome week!

Monday, May 16, 2005
  Life Just Repeats Itself, Only With Different Characters And Events
*I wrote most of this last night (mon). I just had to use that as my title. I felt like such an idiot. I mean, I'm 29 years old and I'm jost now coming to this conclusion. I should have reached it years ago!*

I did it! I finally painted the door red. I put the primer on early Sunday morning. I then put my 1st coat of the red. I let it dry and put on a second coat. I still wasn't sure, so I put another coat on it when I got off work from mon. lunch. Now, it looks fucking fantastic! I must say that b/c it does, it's the most wonderful piece of artwork ever. I felt like I needed to sign the bottom (like I do my paintings) when I was finished. I mean, I've never painted anything like doors, walls, you know, house stuff. Well, I did paint a few walls in my life time, but they were all murals. I guess that doesn't count!?

I'm sure that I mentioned that I want to get another cat like the late Miss Tigger. I've found this lady in North Carolina that breeds them. We've totally hit it of and it looks like there will be a new baby in the house soon. I'm going to post a photo of what my kitten will look like, but I need PS to help me and he is at work. The new baby, T.J., will look just as Miss Tigger did when she was a kitten. Oh my, I just can't wait!

It's like I got one baby moving out and I've got another on the way. PS started packing his stuff today (tues). I'm really not sure on what exact date he plans on making it official, but it looks to be soon. I think that we've had a good run at it. He's really been the best roommie that I've ever had. He's always had his share of the bills and never eaten EVERY bit of my food when I spent over 200 dollars on it and it was only in the kitchen for all of 2 hours. "Stacey M, if your reading! Oh, and I know it was you that stole my martini set. You BITCH!" Ahhh! Felt good to get that out. PS and I have really made this place a home. I'm sure that I've done things to get on his nerves, but all roomies do that. That's just part of living together. I must tell you though, if it wasn't for the nasty dishes, he'd be purrfect! Ha! Ha!

I had to watch the final episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. I've only been watching for a few months off and on. I had NO idea that it had been running for nine years. It's a really funny show. I should have started watching earlier. Ha! Oh well, we'll always have reruns. I'm sure people are going to be loving Raymond for a long time!

Star Wars is wed. at midnight. Do you have your tickets? I DO!!! I can't wait. Good-bye, and "May the force be with you"!

Saturday, May 14, 2005
  The Making Of Vader, Fuck Yeah!
I just talked to Pepe and 'lil L. 'lil L, her husband (Brad), Pepe, and myself are going to see the midnight showing on wed. Night. I'm so fucking excited. (I've got my alarm set for noon where I can go and get the tickets!) If it's half as good as the trailer, it's going to rock. I've been waiting for this movie way too long. Anyway, I'll surely let you know how it turns out! All I have to say is that it better FUCKING ROCK!

Work was, once again totally dead. I was home early, but it's pouring down rain, so, I'm glad to be here enjoying my Bud Light knowing that I'm off work tomorrow. YEAH! Hip, hip, HOORAY! I know, I'm loco!

It's not suspossed to rain tomorrow. You know what that means? I can FINALLY get started on my freaking front door. I work lunch mon. I can come home and finish it. I'm off tues. I can come home and put on a second coat, just to make it better!

At least tonight, my jungle is getting plenty of fresh water. It's not like their neglected or anything. Please don't call the Plant Police on me? Ha! Ha! I actually think that I may go and buy a few more tomorrow. I'm addicted. The first step is admitting you have a problem. Correct? (After I purchase our Star Wars tickets, of course!) Oh shit, I also need to go and buy some cat food. Shit, and take out the fucking garbage! You call that a day off, I don't!

There's really not too terribly much to talk about. My schedule for next week is pretty cool. I only hope that I make more money that I did this week. This week just sucked. I must say that there were lots of outdoor events going on this weekend to take away our business.

I did tell you that I plan on getting a new kitty at the end of the month. I want to get a little Norwegian long hair female like the fabulous Miss Tigger! I'm going to name her T.J. (Tigger Jr.) I just want another kitty that looks like my baby. It would also give Brando someone to play with while I'm at work. As a matter of fact, I'm going to sit here and enjoy my beer and my Nirvana and head on over to google to shop for a new baby! Wish me luck!

Friday, May 13, 2005
  Just Because I'm 3ft. Tall, Weigh 80lbs, And Am Wearing A Mickey Mouse T-Shirt, Doesn't Mean That I'm A Nice Person!
What an eventful day it has been, NOT! I had to be at work at 10am. I wake up late and haul ass there. We were dead. I had one table and they let me go home since I had to work tonight. I come home, go back to bed, and then awake to get ready for work. I got there at 4:30pm. I had one table and then was asked if I wanted to go home b/c we were sooo slow. My reply, "see ya tomorrow, bye!" I was outside watering the jungle and saw that work had called. Being the devoted employee that I am, I called them back. They said that they needed me to come back in b/c as soon as I left, they got slammed. I was ok with it. I would have gone back. I'd much rather make 100 dollars than 20 dollars. When I called back, they said that they had it all under control and didn't need me to come back. I must say that I was relieved b/c Eliza is her kicking my ass and I'm working on my 3rd beer. Hopefully, we'll be very busy tomorrow night!

When I got home, the Elvis special was on. I was happy to be able to watch that. I love, love LOVE Elvis. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that on here before. I have like everyone of his lunch boxes and all sorts of collectibles. Yes, I do try to make it to Graceland every year during Elvis Week. Of course, I stay on Lonely Street at the Heartbreak Hotel. As cheesy as it sounds, it's one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in. When I lived in Oxford, Pepe and I went to Tupelo (where Elvis was born). We also went to Graceland Too. There's a link to that somewhere on one of these many posts. After watching the special, I had to bust out my Elvis cd's. I'm now listening to a greatest hits cd. Whether you want to admit it or not, he was and still is the King of Rock 'n Roll! Why do you think they call him "The King"? He's certainly not the Burger King! Heee!!! (Suspicious Minds...great!!!)

I purchased yet another photo frame for Doe-Doe. It's so cute. It has little kitties pawing at fish. Now, if I can only find a place to put it!@?! I have way too many pic. frames and other unnessary bullshit that I have NO room for. I'm fixing to go and put a photo of my baby in it and find a place to put it.

I don't think that PS is moving out at the end of the month. That's cool to me, but I know he wants to go. He just needs to find a job. I'm sure he'll have no problem with his experience. My gosh, the boys been a drug dealer for many years. He's in Hattiesburg tonight. I'm really not sure when to expect him home. But, when he gets here, the dishes must be done. I got home the other night and thought that maybe a mouse had died in the cabinet or something, but, NO, it was our sink a.k.a. science project in the kitchen.

I'm sooo sick of the house being nasty. I'm paying my cousin 100 dollars to come and clean at the beginning of June. I want this place cleaned from top to bottom. Once it's REALLY clean, I want to keep it that way. She'll do a great job b/c she loves to clean and has OCD from hell. Ha! Ha! It will also give me a chance to see her. She lives in Louisiana. Of course, she'd be staying here for the night. I'll take her up to my work for a very expensive dinner. Her treat! Ha! Ha!

I was going to visit my family next weekend, but there is a party of 35 people coming in to eat next sat and they want me to be their server. Now, I'm shooting for the second week in June. I miss JH. I want to see him badly. I can't wait! I miss him. I love our motorcycle rides. They are just too much fun!!! Afterall, he's my only brother. I think that loosing a brother and a sister only made me realize how very lucky I am to have the ones that I do have. I guess that I'm fixing to email him. I need to let him know that it's probably going to be the second week in June. He gets sooo excited when I visit. I love it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
  If Your Door Isn't Red, You Suck!
I'm so freaking sick of feeling like I have no friends. I "sometimes" feel like I have PS, but it always seems that he never has time for me. I'm not at ALL saying that he sucks. I'm just saying that I'm so damn sick of these fake ass people that pretend to be your friend and then when you really need them, they are nowhere to be found. (Ummm, Kim!) I guess that I'm a little upset by the fact that PS will be moving out at the end of the month. He seems to be making time to get together with all of his friends except me. I'm not sure if that's b/c we live together, but it would be nice to hang out. Maybe we could go out to dinner and have drinks or something like that. I guess that I'm just throwing myself a pitty party over here.

In my earlier post that got erased, I mentioned that I went to Home Depot yesterday and got the paint for the front door. I'm going to get up early in the morning and get started. Can't wait! Is it sad that painting my front door and doing laundry on my day off will make me happy? I thought so!

The fun part is going to be doing laundry. Our dryer is broken. This means that I'll get to wash all of my clothes and then crank up the heat in the bathroom while they are hanging and hope that they'll dry. Gosh, what fucking fun!

I know that I mentioned in a previous post that I'd rented a few movies that were due back 4 days ago. Anyway, I watched Meet The Fockers. It had it's moments, but I'm glad that I didn't pay to see it in the theatre. It's definitely not on my dvd's to buy list. I think that I'm fixing to go and watch Closer. Hopefully it'll be better. I'll snuggle up with Brando a.k.a. Doe-Doe (yes, we have a nick name!) and watch my movie.

Oh, and I worked a double today and made close to 200 dollars. Hooray for me!!! I also picked up my beautiful pillows that Pier 1 had on hold for me. They are so pretty. I'm not going to even take them out of the bag until PS moves out. They are going to go on my couch in the livingroom. My loveseat and couch will have either white or eggshell covers with multi colored pillows. Of course, my room will be all white with my 3000 dollar bedding set that has been sitting in my closet since we moved in. I can't wait to get this place decorated and looking nice.

On that note, Doe-Doe and I are off to watch a movie!

  Fucking Blogger
I just did a post and as it was going to publish; it said page can not be found. So I lost what I just typed. Fuck it! Anyway, tomorrow, I'm off work and am going to finally paint the door. I'll do the rest of the post later.


Monday, May 09, 2005
  Take That Butter Knife And Shove It Up Your Ass!
Let me start off by saying that yesterday at work was a complete nightmare. I got there at 9:30am and left at 5pm. We had sooo many reservations and even had people lined up outside. It was a total fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck of a day! The food wasn't coming out fast enough b/c we were so busy. My tables were getting pissed. All I have to say is that; if I'm still working there next year, I don't want to work on Mother's Day. I already asked for the day off. I figured if I gave them a year in advance, maybe I'd get that day off! I did make about 200 dollars. Seriously, the money was great and all, but the stress just wasn't worth it. (I made more cash yesterday than any one else. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Speaking of Mother's Day, I must say that my Mom rocks. I told you how she screwed my plans for her day by going out of town. Anyway, she had to pass through Monroe on the way home. She stopped and picked up a Johnny's pizza for me. (It's the best pizza ever. Every time I go home; I always get one.) Their best one is called "Sweep The Kitchen" and that's what she got for me. Is that an amazing Mom or what?

So far my one day off has been ever so exciting. I got up when PS got home this morning. I watched my last 2 episodes of Dead Like Me. I was just way too exhausted to watch them last night. I did try and woke up on the couch at 4:30 something a.m. I got up and got dressed. It was such an exciting day! First, I got to go and pay the phone bill. I then got to go and pick up my meds. Next is the only errand that made me happy, cashing my check. Yippiee!!! I then stopped and filled up with gas and got a pack of smokes. (Yes, I'm trying to get lung cancer!) I then went and paid the water bill. When I left, I had the top down. By the time I was almost home, it was pouring. I guess that for once, Mr. I'm not gay weather man, was correct about the weather.

It's now bright and sunny outside. I'm almost tempted to go to Home Depot and buy my paint. I need to clean it first. So help me God, my front door WILL be red by the end of the week. I'm thinking that I might head up to Home Depot right now. Yeah, I'm fixing to clean the shit off of the door and get to painting!

Saturday, May 07, 2005
  My Little Pony
First, let me start by explaining the title. I stopped at the store last night to get beer and smokes. All they had in bud light were the pony bottles. I was just like, fuck it! I don't feel like stopping across the street b/c I am lazy!

Tonight, when I left work at 12:20am. I stopped at a different store and am now enjoying a bud light. (long neck!!!) Tonight was a swell night of fun! Mon. is 'lil L's birthday. I went by the mall and purchased her a 150 dollar gift card. I also got a card for everyone to sign. I had to leave work to go and pick up the cake. 'lil L asked me where I was going. I replied with the quickest thing that I could think of. I replied, "OMG! We're out of oranges and ran out the door. At least I got to smoke a cigarette while out.

I then get back with it and every one is trying to distract 'lil L. While we quickly got it to the freezer w/o her seeing. Hooray for me! I totally rock!!! I then had to go to Pier 1 to get her gift from Miss L. She was sooo surprised when she got the gift card for 150 dollars from the mall. Miss L got her a 100 dollar gift card from Pier 1. 'lil L said that her husband asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She said that she wanted a gift card from the mall. Thank you! Thank you very much, I'm just the bestest!!!!!!!!

When I returned, Miss L had asked me to go by the grocery to pick up a few items that we need for tomorrow's Mother's Day from hell. Once again, I got to have another smoke. Tonight at work wasn't good, but it wasn't great. I did make 70 dollars and only waited on 4 tables. I guess that's ok.

If I didn't have too run my ass off, I know that I would have made lots more money. I'm hoping to do well tomorrow. We'll just have to see what happens. Well, people, I'm off to watch the last 2 episodes of season one's dvd Dead Like Me. PS turned me on to it and now I'm hooked. This show is like crack. I Love It!!!

Wish me luck tomorrow. I'm just not in the mood for a chaotic day. At least, 'lil L loves me b/c I'm off Monday. Praise Jesus! I'm off to watch my show. I've only got 2 more episodes to watch. Then. it's off to bed I go. I can barely hold my eyes open as I type. Peace, Love and Chicken Poop!

Friday, May 06, 2005
  Empty Nest Syndrome
I just got home from work. I must say that I totally rock. I made 140 dollars. That's a good night. We're suspossed to be really busy tomorrow and Sunday. I should make another 300 dollars by the end of Mother's Day. Yippiee!!!

I must start out by saying that my girl at http://perpetualblonde.com is absolutely hilarious. Go and read her now. Don't read my bullshit. It's the same thing every day, but this gal leads a very interesting life. She has one. I, for one, go to work and come home. Yes, I'm a hermit! Tell me something that I don't already know!

So, I worked a double today. Lunch was crazy, though I made about 40 dollars off 3 tables. That was cool. I went in at 10am and left at about 2:45. I had to be back at 4:30pm. I had just enough time to come home and brush my teeth and put new make up over old. Purdy! I got to work really early, so I walked to Pier 1. I loaded up on my Ginger Peach room spray. (love that stuff!) I also got 2 very colorful pillows. I'm going to have a white couch and loveseat in the livingroom when PS moves out. (Waaah!) I'm going to have very colorful pillows and curtains. It should look very nice by the time I get it all set up.

I think that the guy that was helping me at Pier 1 was checking me out. He introduced himself. He then asked my age. I told him 29. He was like, "Oh my, me too! I turned 29 in Oct." I was like cool. Nice to meet you C. He's totally cute and all, but I'm convinced that he's gay. He dresses way too nice and knows way too much about decorating. Don't get me wrong, he's totally hot, but I'm absolutely convinced that he is gay. Most of the pretty ones are. I mean the man wears Bananna Republic to work like every day. He is very helpful when I go there to shop and I do at least 3 times a week. I've been wondering where all of my money is going. It's going to Pier 1. Maybe I should get my old job back (part time) just to use my paychecks to buy stuff. Ha! Ha!

Dr.MM told me yesterday, that he thinks the reason that I've been sooo depressed lately is b/c PS is moving. Duh! I'm going to miss him ever so my. I just can't tell you what a wonderful roomie he's been. Yes, he's messy, but that's ok. That's just PS. We have sooo much fun together when it's just us hanging out. I wish that I could video tape it and put it on here. This house is not going to be the same w/o him. The more I think about it, "I'm like, holy shit, PS is moving out at the end of the month, This one. May!" That totally sucks, but who am I to stand in the way of him following his dreams. I only wish I had that feeling when I was his age. Holy fuckity, fuck, fuck, shit; I'm going to miss the (no words) everything about him!

Ok. I'm finding myself depressed. I must be going. I'm going to watch more of my new favorite show: Dead Like Me. I'm almost done with the first season. I'm going to stay up and watch them all. I get to sleep in tomorrow. Hooray!!!

I do have to go to the mall tomorrow and buy 'lil L a gift card for her birthday and an ice cream cake. Yes, I'm the nicest fucking person that I know. Did you not know that?

I'm fixing to go and snuggle with Brando and watch my show. Hey, it's better than playing penis cam! Trust me on that one. I'll tell you more about that one later! It's quite hilarious! There are sooo many perverts out there. It's scary when you think about it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005
  I Hate Home Depot And Tony M. (Weatherguy) "You Know Who You Are!"
Well, I did it. I got my lazy ass up and went there this afternoon to look at tiles. The only tiles that they have in any color of blue are 4inches x 4inches. I need fucking 12x12, damn it! The only thing that they had in that size was beige, brown, white, Fucking earthtones. NO! I am a woman of color. Urrrrgh!!! The tile helper guy told me of a store downtown that might could help me. Yeah, and they'll probably cost 5 dollars each and I need 30. I will get this project done cheaply if it kills me!!!

While I was there I picked out a few color samples for my door that Mr. Stupid can't admit that he secretly wants to have sex with men, but is married, said that I couldn't do today b/c it was suspossed to rain. Hey Tony, you stupid closeted fuck, I have yet to see a fucking drop. Thanks for totally screwing up my day. Oh, deep breath!!! I also got a few more plants. Only four. I got a cactus that blooms these lovely hot pink flowers, a Gerber daisy pot with pale pink, (they are mutants. had to have them.), I also got a Freesia (hot pink, of course) plant, and a Guzmania plant. It has these long green palm looking things all over the sides, but in the middle is similar kinds of thing, but they are pink and that's all that matters. Screw you, it's my porch and pink is my favorite color. The funny thing is that if I keep getting plants at the rate I'm going, you're not going to be able to walk out there.

I've got to show PS the paint samples and see what he thinks. There is one that's called Ruby Ring that is a deep red that I really like. BUT, there is one that is made by Disney and called Code Red. I like this one b/c it's a very vibrant red. Not to mention that it would be super cute that the front door matches my car. Am I pathetic or what? Maybe my doctor can answer that for me in the morning. I get to see Dr.MM at 10am. (I just asked PS what color he'd pick. He said the Ruby Red. I agree!)

I then get to come home and lounge around until I have to be at work by 4:30pm. Fabulous. I better make some cash tomorrow. Like I said in previous posts, I better make lots of money all freaking weekend.

Oh, and earlier, I was asleep and I had this dream that my Mom and I were talking and she said that she was going to Texas this weekend. This would have really fucked everything that I had planned for her Mother's day. I called her and guess what she fucking said!!! Go ahead, make my fucking day!!! She said that she and my sister were leaving sat. and coming home sun. night. My God Woman, you make it sooo hard for someone to do something nice for you. You do know this, don't you? Also, another dream to prove that, yes, I am psychic!

I had made reservations at my work for my family for noon. I was going to greet my Mom with a dozen of her favorite roses. Then, when they were finished eating, HH and I were going to present our cards and gifts. To make it even more," Oh, NN, you're such a wonderful daughter, I wish I had 10 of you," I was going to pay the bill!!!! Thanks a lot Mom. Happy Freaking Mother's Day! I hope you have a safe trip!

PS woke me up this morning when he got home and we watched a few episodes of my new favorite show, Dead Like Me. I'd heard of it, but never wanted to start watching b/c, we don't have cable. That's ok b/c, PS now owns all of the first season. That is what I'll be doing tonight!

Oh, I just had to say that I also think People magazine sucks also. I purchased the one with the 50 most beautiful people in it. I just knew that I was going to see some Hugh in there, but hell no. Am I the only person on this planet that thinks that he's absolutely fucking perfect? Guess so! It did have three men from my MEOW list. It had Matthew (for his lovely abs), Ewan, and the Lost guy. I guess according to People magazine, I don't have bad taste in men afterall.

Going to drink non carbonitated drinks and glue myself to the tele. Have a wonderful evening!
Tuesday, May 03, 2005
  Princess Audrey
This is just a little post about my day. M'kay? My alarm went off at 8am and I crawled out of bed at 9:15. I washed my hair and threw on a little make up. I then hauled ass to work. I made 60 dollars off of 3 tables today. That's cool. I left work at about 2:15pm and by the grace of God; I don't have to return until thurs. night. Hooray!!!!

I came home and was unwinding from work. I was talking to Pepe and he said that he had to go and vote. (for mayor) I'd totally forgotten that we voted today. So... off, I went. I voted. I then went to one of our local camera stores JUST to get a picture frame. I ended up buying the frame, a wind chime thingy, and this rather large stain glassed flower. I put it next to the flowers that PS and I planted. I then went to the video store and rented Closer, Ladykillers, and Meet The Fockers. Of course, I purchased my Where The Buffalo Roam that they ordered just for me! They love me!!!

I was thinking earlier about how much that I'm going to miss PS. I'm missing the shit out of him right now and it's only been since sat. What am I going to do when he moves? I'm just REALLY going to miss him while feeling emptiness in this old house. I must say that he's the best roomie that I've ever had and I'm not just saying that!

Ok, on a perkier note! This is what I'm going to do when PS moves out: I'm hiring a maid to come in and clean this house from top to bottom. I'm going to get another kitty. I've decided that I want another Norwegian long hair, like Miss Tigger. It would also give Brando someone to play with while I'm at work. I think that it'll be a good thing. They can just run through the house and play, eat, and shit! (If there is reincarnation, I want to come back as a pampered house cat. Their lives are so easy and relaxing!) Poor kitties!

I'm sorry to say that there will be no fucking red door any time soon. Wouldn't you know that on my ONE day off, we're going to have scattered showers! WTF? I am going to get motivated tomorrow and get my tiles and start on my mosaics for around the trees. I'm not sure if I told you, but I'm going to use three different colors of blue. I want a deep sapphire blue, a sky blue, and then a very pale/pastel blue. I need ten of each color and some grout and glaze. Then it's on like a canary bone.

I'm off to watch Meet The Fockers!

Sunday, May 01, 2005
  Why Is Sunday Referred To As Your "Day Off"?
Ok, last night, I didn't get home from work until after midnight. I didn't fall asleep until about 3am. I slept until about 10am. I then went back to sleep. I finally woke up at I don't even know what time and realized how much shit I had to do today.

I had to water plants, hang plants, go to the grocery, take out the garbage, do laundry, and change Brando's box. You call that a day off? I'm just now to the point where I can sit and relax for a moment before I go to sleep. Oh, and I also enjoyed a Hot Pocket. I think I might eat again before I go to bed. I'm still hungry. Krispy Creme is sounding really good right now. (I promise I'm not stoned!)

Anyway, my upcoming week is so going to exhausting. All I have to say is that I better make some damn good money and lots of it! This: is my AMAZING schedule. (Not to mention that there are other things that I need to do with my life. I do have a few projects that I'm attempting to work on.) Anyhew, here it is: I work a double tomorrow. I work lunch tues. and weds. (which means that I probably won't get out of there until 3pm. (Oh, sooo much time left to do other things before 5pm. Like go to the dry cleaners and to my lawyers office.) STRESSS!!! I suppose I might be able to get a few things done thurs. I don't go to work until 4:30pm. (That's if I'm not absolutely exhausted. Which I am right now!) I work a double on friday. I have to be there sat. at 4pm. Oh, oh, oh, and I saved the best for last; I don't have to be back until 9:30am on fucking sunday! Yes, this sunday! The day we're ALWAYS closed, Mother's Day! They said that we should be out of there by 8pm. Fucking Wonderful!!! I better make myself at least 300 dollars on sunday. That's all I have to say about it!

I'm off to wash my face, brush the teeth, and get ready for bed. Or, am I going to make the drive to Krispy Creme? Who knows? Who cares?

Just go ahead and read, afterall, did no one tell you that I'm the nicest fucking person that I know?! You can email me at catsinthetub@hotmail.com, go ahead, make my day!

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