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Sunday, May 29, 2005
  Shiny "Happy" People Make Me Want To VOMIT!
I hate to see these little "happy couples!" (they are so full of shit, they really believe that their life is on track. what assholes!) They truly make me ill. Especially when I see a really hot guy with an ugly girl or vice versa. I hate these people that act like they are sooo fucking happy and are going to have the perfect life and live the fairytale. Happily ever after..."Oh, we're gonna get married and start a family!" That DOES NOT exist, sorry to be the one to break it to you. No one will ever be happy. You may think that your happy, in the beginning, that is called lusting after something new. (like a new toy, as a child, but when that toy breaks or gets old, don't say I didn't warn you) Talk to me in 4 months, my fugly!

Wake up, assholes, it ain't EVER going to happen. Now go out and pretend that your pathetic life is wonderful and have a fucking grrreat day! I hate all 0f you! Go straight to hell.

That's it! I'm seriously thinking about quitting. My blog, this is all just random bullshit that doesn't matter to anyone, but me. Besides, I'd much rather write in my journals. I like it much better. This may be good-bye, not quite sure yet. I just know that I woke up on the TOTALLY wrong side of my empty bed this morning and I hate everyone today, even my blog. If this is good-bye, I'd like to say a special ttfn to my girl at per. blonde. She is my one and only reader and I love her. To everyone else, go straight to fucking hell, you pretentious assholes!

Now, I may be back, I may not! If I decide to shut it all down, I'll do a sweet little entry and let you know. As of now, I just hate everyone and want everyone to be just as unhappy as I am. If I had one wish, that would be it. Fuck money, fuck world peace, I want all of you to be just as miserable as I am at this very moment in time.

Just go ahead and read, afterall, did no one tell you that I'm the nicest fucking person that I know?! You can email me at catsinthetub@hotmail.com, go ahead, make my day!

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