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Thursday, July 29, 2004
  Getting Burned
Written on 7-22-04  3:40pm
HH and I are over at Miss LL's condo swimming and laying out. FUN!!! That's right,NN, keep telling yourself that you're not fair complected and will eventually become a golden tan like your mother and sister. HA! This will happen right after you burn, yeah right!?


HH and I decided to go inside and use Miss LL's restroom. BUT, the door leading from the pool to the condo was locked and Miss LL was at work. AHHH!!! So, I walked around to the front. The door leading into the condo was LOCKED! She has this crazy old lady that lives across from her that and she has seemed to make it her mission in life to make sure that ALL doors are locked at ALL times. Crazy old bitch!

Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here in my bikini (b/c my purse, keys, and everything else are in Miss LL's condo) and getting chewed on by mosquito's! Oh, and yes, I still have to pee badly! I've drank like a gallon of sweet tea. (You know how us southerners luv our sweet tea!) Luckily, I found a sweet neighbor that let me call Miss LL at work and tell her the situation. She said that she'd be there in a minute. She works like 2 minutes away.


Miss LL just came and left us her keys! She is so sweet! She and her sister are about the only two females in this town that are worth a shit. Now, we're back poolside. I must say that though it is hot as the depths of hell out here, I'm having a wonderful time watching HH having so much fun! HH's has been wanting to do this for a while, but unfortunate circumstances have kept this from happening. I started to feel as if I'd let her down by not taking her swimming, but NOT TODAY! Today, I'm the best fucking big sister in the world. I'm her fav-o-rite sister. Shit, I better be b/c I'm her only sister. Heee!!! Going to swim some more laps now! Yes, I'm doing the whole exercise daily thing, but no, I'm not watching my carbs. Fuck, I weigh like 90lbs. But, I will be totally hot in a month or two. Heee!!!


We're just laying here drying off. I still have to go and check on my friend's el gato and go by Miss LL's work and give her keys back to her. All of this needs to be done before we even think of heading home. I'm then planning on doing some research on this whole epilepsy thing. I saw some shit on my uncle's computer the other night that scared the hell out of me. Apparently, I've had a few seizures since I've gotten out of the hospital and just thought that I was sick. Oh well, We're off!!!


El gato is fine and I gave Miss LL her keys back. I'm now debating if I want to go out tonight or not. Ummm, NOT!!!
Ok, now I'm back to Thursday the 29th and just have a few things to say. PS and I made it official on Saturday that YES we are moving in together at the end of August. I can't wait. His brother said that we could pretty much do whatevah we wanted to the house. (I'm not sure if you have gay friends, but, the males are fab-u-lous decorators!) Our house will look like beautiful things (furniture, knick knacks, etc.) meets the Disney store. Heee!!! We both collect toys. Well, I mostly collect Mickey Mouse, but PS collects them ALL!!

We are having a party on the 6th of September. PS's 23rd b'day is on the 5th, but that is on a Thursday, and that just ain't a good thing! By then, we'll be settled into our home. Our pictures will be out. Our artwork will be on the walls, and our bathroom will be wonderful.

I've only had one reservation about moving in with my best friend. I've had MANY roommates. I talk to none of them ever b/c they sucked. One thing that I will say is that if I see that living together is causing problems with our friendship, then I WILL move out b/c I love him that much. I don't EVER want us to be old roommates that lived together and now hate eachother. I plan on being his very best friend until death do us part. I must say that I have a really good feeling about us moving in together. I think that the age difference will help a lot. I CAN't WAIT!!!

Yes, I got all of my hair cut off. It kind of looks like Halle Berry's in Swordfish. (Another movie starring my hot Hugh!) I do plan on posting a picture, but it will have to wait until Monday b/c that is PS's first day off work and he'll have to help me do it. Everyone says that they like it. I do to. It is awesome to be able to ride with my top down and not wear a baseball cap. By the time I get anywhere, it looks the same as it did when I left the house. So, check it out on Monday and let me know what you think!

Miss LL and I are going to Vicksburg Saturday to see a concert at the Ameristar and spending the night. We will start with a wonderful meal. We will then see this concert. We will then party like it's 1999 in our hotel room. The next day, we are driving over to my home town to visit my brother and my cousin for the day. It's only an hour away. We'll probably head home at about 4pm and be totally exhausted, but exhausted by FUN!!!

Have a absolutely fabulous weekend everyone! TTFN

Scoop the poop, even though it's an automatic litter box, they suck!!!


Wednesday, July 21, 2004
  I Think That I Like This Color!?
I'm really just trying to see if I can get my post to, well post on this FUCKING BLOGGER!!!
  Just A Little Bitching!!!
First of all, people here can NOT drive worth a shit! I don't know if it's the heat or what. They just go mad. I was almost ran over by an 18 wheeler who was on MY ASS and I was already going 10 miles over the speed limit! What an ASSHOLE!! Just because I drive a little car gives you no right to do that! OK, FUCKER!!

Second, I did some things that I should NOT have done today. I am now suffering from it. I will not go into detail, but my heart has yet received more scars to add to it's many years of hurting. It hurts, but life goes on, right?

Third, all of this shit that has gone down with PS and his retarded little ex just pisses me off. The nerve of that little shit! I want to kick his ass myself for even talking to my baby like he did. I probably could kick his ass. We are about the same size, but I'm a hell of a lot meaner than he could ever wish to be!!

Wow, now that most of that is out I do feel a bit better. I'm thinking of getting a hair cut soon. I know you're all like, "ooh! A hair cut!" but I'm talking like getting it ALL cut off. Like all, but two to three inches. I don't know if you've seen my photos on here, but it is long and grows REALLY fast. All I do is wear it in a pony tail, so I think that my pony tail will be gone by the weekend. I mean, I drive a convertible with no a/c. I have to drive with the top down to be able to breathe! If I don't wear a hat, my hair looks like shit by the time I get anywhere. Even when I wear my hat, I take the hat off and my hair looks crazy!! I've had it short before and it really is great to be able to wash it, put some pomade in it, run your fingers through it, make it look snazzy, and you're off to go. My how much easier it will be!

Enough about my hair. I'll post a photo when I get it done. We'll do a before and after. Just don't send me mail saying that you don't like it!!

Scoop the poop, not today, because you are a Jedi Master!!!



Tuesday, July 20, 2004
  How Do You Go About Cloning Leopold?
Howdy everyone! If you've been over to PS's lately, than you know that some shit has gone down. I feel bad for saying this, (no I don't) but I'm glad to see that little fucker go away! Sorry PS.

We had a fun day yesterday. I went and picked him (PS) up and then we went to go eat and have a few drinks. We then went and watched one of my all time favorite chick flicks, Kate and Leopold. PS had never seen it. By the end of the movie, we'd both pretty much decided that we just needed to have a Leopold cloned. One for each of us. A gay Leo and a straight Leo. What a wonderful world it would be!!

Anyway, we are seriously talking about moving together. His brother is getting married on the 13th of August. The newlyweds will be living in the bride's house. His brother is going to rent it to PS for $350 a month. That would be some awesome rent, baby!! I haven't seen it yet, but it's in a good area. I think that it is either 2 or 3 bedrooms, BUT only one bathroom. NOOO!!! I'm so sure that PS and I could work that one out. I mean look at Will and Grace! Heee! I'm just really, really, REALLY, girlie when it comes to the bathroom. I just have a whole hell of a lot of beauty products. You know: sea salts, bubble bath, lotions, hair products, etc. (all in an array of flavors and smells) I love for a home to smell good. I have candles EVERYWHERE! I prefer the ginger peach or oceans from Pier 1.

So, we're talking about it. If it happens, I hope that it works out. We would have a beautiful place between all of my shit plus all of his. It would be beautiful madness hope that we end up moving in together. I think that it would do both of us some good at this point in both of our lives. I think that we need eachother and it would be grrreat  to come home to his smiling face. I love him!!

Scoop the poop, unless it's an automatic, then get sick!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2004
  Two For The Price Of One
A few years ago this scruffy old cat came wondering up to the Kitty Ranch a.k.a. my parent's house. The cat was black and looked like he'd definitely been around the block a time or two. My sister named him Bobby b/c he had a bobbed tail. Personally, I think that he lost it in a fight. They should have named him Scarface. It took her a while, but after feeding him A LOT, he'd finally let her pet him. But, NO ONE ELSE!

About two or three weeks ago he came up on the porch and his eyeball was looking like it was about to fall out. I called the house and my sister and mother were freaking out about it and said that they were taking him to the vet. He behaved very well considering that he's so wild. Of course, he had to spend the night there where they could fix his eye. My mother decided that since he was going to be there for him to have "the works". He got a bath, all of his little scars and bo-bo's were medicated, oh-and, he was neutered! They found out that Bobby was 15 years old and in reasonably good health. This is a good thing!! I just felt kinda sorry for him, loosing his two balls just b/c one of them (above the waste) was injured.

I'm all about having your pets fixed, but this poor guy is 15. He had to be thinking, "where in the hell are my balls?" when he woke up. But, let me tell you, since Bobby has returned home, he has been the sweetest kitty. Probably one of the sweetest at the Kitty Ranch. He just hangs out on the porch and wants you to rub his belly or feed him. (which he'd never let me do before) It just got me thinking that if being neutered makes males so sweet and nice than they should all go ahead and reproduce and then be fixed. Though there are some out there that should not even be allowed to reproduce, they should just be neutered!!

Scoop the poop and keep your eye on all of your balls!!!
Thursday, July 08, 2004
  Hanging From The Towers
I'm at PS's apt visiting. Seeing that we are both w/o use of cell phones; it has been hard to "keep in touch". So, I just decided to stop by and bang on his door (hopefully not to interrupt anything sexual) until I saw him. I didn't interrupt. They were done. At least someone is "getting some" these days. As you may be able to tell by my bitchy moods here lately; I have not!

I just saw F9/11 for the second time. My friend wanted to see it, so off we went. If this movie doesn't make ANYONE who isn't registered to vote want to register immediately, than they are just fucking STUPID!!! As many of you know, I'm a very liberal person and always have been. I can't wait for November where I can go and vote for Kerry/Edwards. If there is any justice in this world, they will win. But, we saw what happened with the last election. My God, Gore won all of the popular votes, but yet, Bush's ignorant ass was still elected. Hopefully in this election, there will be no CHADS!?!

I do have an awfully funny entry that I plan to post when I have the time. (I don't want to be PS's computer whore for too long. Afterall, I came over to visit, not to post.) Anyway, my next entry is about one of my sister's cats. He just got neutered and is now oh-so-sweet! I think that you can see where this one is heading. All males should be neutered. (Except the gay ones!!!)

Scoop the poop, Droopy!!
Sunday, July 04, 2004
  Happy Birthday AmERICa
I hope everyone that matters had a good fourth; for those who don't, I hope you had a shitty day! I'm turning into a bitch. What's wrong with me? Don't care really. I kinda like it!

Anyway, today is my brother Eric's 35th birthday. He's been deceased for twenty years now, but that doesn't mean that I don't miss him EVERY day. I just REALLY miss him today. That' all. You know, you go through all of the "what if's" etc...I have some sweet pictures of us from childhood that I'll have to put on here. We looked a lot like eachother. We both took after our mother. Thank God! I feel him with me at times. My other brother and I usually go to his gravesite every year on his birthday and put flowers out and just bond. It has been raining her for like the past two weeks. I called him yesterday and he said that it had been raining there for weeks also. We're going to make the trip next week. It should be a fun time. It will be good to see him.

I will do an entire entry about Eric one day when I have time. He was a lovely brother. He was a funny guy. He was beautiful. Now, he is an angel. He is my angel and I love him.

**One thing that Eric used to always say was, "you know what's cool? Everyone celebrates MY birthday!** (Yes they do and they ALWAYS will.)
Saturday, July 03, 2004
  My Precious Is Sick
I have plenty of entries that I want to post. I don't have time at the moment. I'm at my uncle's house using his computer. As soon as I'm up and running again, I'll be back. If not, I'll be back here posting later!!!

Scoop the poop and get a life!!!
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