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Thursday, December 30, 2004
  Happy New Year!!!
Yes, I just got home from work and am enjoying the left overs of chinese. (eggroll, yum. yum.) I just wanted to do a little New Year's post. First of all, I have to be back at work in less than 9 hours. Hooray! I probably will not be getting off until about 2 or 3 am. F! U! N! Really? I'm telling ya, I'm sooo fucking worn out right now that I could sleep for like the next 24 hours. I better make shit loads of money tomorrow. That's pretty much all I have to say on that one. Oh, I told the owner that was going to wear my tiara and be all pink and glitterey (is that a word?). She said ok. She wondered what I was doing with my own tiara and I told her that every now and then I feel like I need to "feel" pretty; so I put it on. Hell, I'll sit on the couch watching soaps while wearing my tiara. Fuck it! (I've really been saying or typing the F word a lot. I need to cut back!) Maybe that could be my New Year's Resolution! No, mine is actually to start eating more healthy like.

I've got to light a cigarette. Hold on. (Like your a f'ing phone or something?) Anyway, after work tomorrow, I'm off until thurs. I wish that I could say that it was for fun, but no. Monday, Miss Tigger has an apt. to get shots at 3pm. Tuesday, I have a Dr.'s apt. at 11am and then, OH MY GOD, Miss Tigger has a knot on her side and will have it removed and we will find out what exactly "it" is. Everyone out there reading, PLEASE, pray that it's just a cyst or something that just needs to be removed and that's all. She'll be fine as wine in a week! If I found out that my baby had FUCKING CANCER, I would die!!! If they couldn't make her well, man, I don't even want to think about it. I seriously don't know what I would do without her!

Fuck (there I go again), just thinking about "it" has gotten me all upset. I must go now and sleep with my baby. Seeing that I have to be up in like 8 hours. yippiee... See y'all next year! Hee. Hee!

Scoop the Poop and have a Happy New Year!!!
Monday, December 27, 2004
  I Don't Want To Go To Moo Moo's
I need cigarettes and I need a Coke. (yeah, for those of you that read on a regular basis, the quitting all things brown has gone to shit!) I tried for like 2 days, but obviously, it didn't work very well. I can't help it. Though I will say that I have cut back on the coffee and Coke's/Dr.Pepper's a lot!!! Anyway, there is a store like less than a mile away from my house. It's not called Moo Moo's, but that just what we call it b/c the lady that owns it is always wearing a big Moo Moo and we don't know her name. So, there, she shall now be referred to as Moo Moo. She's a very sweet southern Christian lady that says, "God bless you" when you leave, but will keep you there talking gosssip for 30 fucking minutes when all you want is your fucking cigarettes and a coke and want to leave a get back to the comforts of home. Damn It!!! So, now, as I look at my cigarettes, I see that I only have 4 left, fuck, looks like I'm going to Moo Moo's. I wouldn't mind it as much, but they sell chicken there and when you leave, you smell like that for the rest of the day. I've gotten beer there and got home to open it and the can smelled like greasy chicken that had been under a heat lamp for years. Yeah, I'm going to Moo Moo's!!!

Ok! Does everyone want to hear what my dumb ass did this morning? Do Ya? NO! Too bad. I forgot to look at the schedule after our 2nd X-mas work party the other night and did not know if I had to work this morning or not. (even though I'd already asked off, duh) Seeing that I didn't know if I had to work or not, I just pretended that I did. I went to bed early last night, instead of having fun watching hours Of Mystery Science Theatre with PS and MCM. I got up this morning and took a shower and got dressed in our 20 degree home. I then headed to work. I got there 30 minutes early only to walk in and find out, that yes, you stupid bitch, you have the day off!!! Needless to say I felt like a complete dumb ass. I could have stayed under the comforts of my new electric blanket with Miss Tigger. Oh well, I guess it's better than staying in my comfort zone only to get a phone call from work at 10am wondering where in the fuck I am. So, I guess I did a good thing. I dunno! I do have to work every day for the rest of the week. I work tomorrow night, wed. morning, then I double thurs. and fri. Oh, I'm off on sat. That's cool! I want to work fri. It's not like I had any plans anyway, but from what I've been told by my co-workers is that you can easily make 1000 dollars on New Year's Eve. Hell yeah!!! I'll take your money and go shopping sat. and sun. b/c I'm off work. Hooray!!!

I really don't want to talk about my Jets game against you know who yesterday. They lost and we'll just leave it at that. I must say that one of the NFL's greatest players died this weekend, Reggie White. He was a fucking awesome player. He played for the Packers when (Bubba) Brett Farve just started. May you rest in peace and may heaven be better than any Super Bowl ever. Uhhh! Now, I'm crying. I'm telling you Eliza is on her way b/c for the past few days, I've been crying at the drop of a hat.

Oooh, you know what I just realized, I've had my sweet little blog for a year now. Happy Birthday to me!!! Yeah! And they said it wouldn't last!?!

Alright, bye everyone. I hope that you've enjoyed hearing about stupid shit in my life. I'm off to Moo Moo's!

Scoop the Poop, Ummm, later, w-a-y later!!! (I't stinky at the moment.)
Saturday, December 25, 2004
  Merry X-Mas
I'm just sitting here freezing my ass off with a Tigger in a sweater in my lap and listening to some old Jayhawks. FUN! I just wanted to do a quick post, but every time that I say that, it's the longest ever! I hope that everyone out there had a good X-mas/hannakah/kwanza/etc... Mine was pretty fun!

I managed to get up and go to my familie's for a little while. I got both of my parents liquor for X-mas. How can you go wrong with alcohol? My sister, of course, I took her out to dinner and got her ears pierced. I also got her the cutest little Tinkerbell purse with The Charlie Brown X-mas dvd inside. My parents got me some really cool shit this year. I don't know what got into them. I got 3, yes 3 fucking cool ass hell coats. I got lots of shirts from Banana Republic, the cutest Mickey Mouse jogging suit, a new can opener, and the most awesomest electric blanket ever. I really needed it!!! This house is cold as shit. Our low last night was like 16 degrees. That's fucking crazy, people, this is Jackson, Ms., not New York. Keep that cold shit up there!!! Oh, and I almost forgot, one of the best presents of all; Pepe got me this BEE GEE's thing that was on tv. It comes with like 20 songs, a dvd with 5 NEVER heard before songs, and, and, and, a Bee Gee's calendar! How grrreat is that? Other than my Mom calling me way too fucking skinny all day, all in all, it was a fun X-mas. Hell, the woman sits there calling me too skinny when she weighs like 100 lbs and is like 4"11 and has had 5 kids. She's one to talk.

I would love to stay and chat, but our computer is set in the coldest part of the house and it's hard to type with gloves on.

Scoop the Poop and have a Merry X-Mas!!!
Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Note the tiara, I feel pretty. Oh so pretty! Posted by Hello

I wish that I had this picture a month ago because it would have been our Christmas cards. We are SO fucking cute!! Posted by Hello

I don't know what to say about this. I was depressed, and Preston made me laugh, and I am wearing a tiara. Posted by Hello

This is a picture of all my x-mas cards received by fellow mathletes. Isn't it pretty? Posted by Hello
  Either Be Depressed Or Listen To The Go's Go's (and still be depressed)
I'm at home. I'm off work today. I work a double tomorrow and work thurs. until about 3pm. Then, I'll be off until tues. That's cool! I could go to sleep right now. I've had all of 2 beers. HH just left. My Dad came to pick her up on his way home from work. I just started feeling depressed before and after HH left. ( It's probably b/c she was making me listen to Air Supply.) I had a really good time hanging with her. We don't get to do it much, so every time is special. It's probably just b/c it's the holidays and this is really the first year that, well, it's my first single X-mas in a long time. It makes me kind of sad. SO! I found the cure for the whole being depressed thing. Here goes: have another beer, eat some fried mushrooms, put on a tiara, pink lipstick, and pink glitter and pretend that you are just a beautiful little princess and Hugh Jackman, I meant Prince Charming is on his way to love you. Of course you live happily ever after...(bullshit)...

Scoop the Poop!!! Give frog a chance!!!
Monday, December 20, 2004
  Sistahs Are Doing It For Themselves
HH and I just got home from the mall. We went out to dinner where I work. Of course, it was wonderful. We had seviche, gumbo, and seafood pasta. HH drank a strawberry daiquri and I had a few cups of coffee b/c I'M FUCKING EXHAUSTED!!! I worked like ALL last week. There was a party after work sat. at the owner's house and I HAD to go. It didn't get started until after midnight. Everyone from work was there. There were drinks, shots, and grrreat food. Oh, and salsa dancing!

I DON'T DANCE! I'm always embarassed and think that everyone is going to laugh at me. I ended up dancing salsa with one of the guys from work. He really doesn't speak good (or much) English and kept saying, "NN, dance?" while waving his hand like "come here!" I was like, "no, NN don't dance, NN DON'T dance, NN, DON'T DANCE!" (unless she's really, really drunk and I was not) Finally, when he started that Miss L and D (the owners) were like, "come on, come on, NN, it's so easy!" Ok. How do I say no to the most awesome bosses ever? So, what do I do? I salsa my little ass off and after about 2 or 3 songs, I must say that I was pretty damn good. The party was awesome and I'm so glad that I went. Everyone from work was there and it was fun just to hang out and not be working. I finally left and got home some time after 4am. Yeah!!!

The next day was football sunday for HH and I. I woke up late and my game started at noon. I went and picked up HH and we went to a sports bar and watched my Jets! They kicked ass and played fabulously. They just need to keep it up and do it next sunday b/c they play the Patriots. You know, the Super Bowl Champs that I fucking hate with a passion. Though their quarterback is hot, their coach is a puss and I just hate them. They always seem to get all of these chincy calls in their favor. Send good vibes to the Jets through the computer where they can kick some ass. If you're a Patriots fan, GO AWAY!!!

Anyway, HH spent the night last night. We got home and watched the SpongeBob SquarePants movie. I gave her one of her presents, the Charlie Brown Christmas on dvd. She loved it. I had to go to work this morning. While I was at work. PS and HH watched Elf, Charlie Brown X-mas, and probably even Ellen. Glad they had fun while I was busting my ass waiting tables and being stuck in traffic! I got home at about 3:30 and HH and I decided to get dressed and have dinner and see if we could brave the traffic to the mall to get our shit done. We ate and then went to the mall. I took HH to get her ears pierced. They look so good. The girl really did a good job. HH looks just too cute. I love it when she's around. We then went and got Alice's birthday present. They didn't have what I wanted to get her. She collects Alice in Wonderland stuff and I got her a Cheshire cat piggy bank that's pretty big and looks cool. I also got her some hand towels with him on them. I'm not sure if she has this stuff or not. Like I said before, I haven't got anything for anyone that I wouldn't have for myself. Oh, and while I was there I got myself a Cheshire cat alarm clock. It's an old timy looking clock with the little thing in the middle that goes left to right ringing the silver bells when it goes off. Hey, I needed an alarm clock. I kept using PS's and I know that he wanted it back. Now, I just need to go and buy some batteries and some light bulbs!

(PS cleaned my light holder thingy in my room and it's so pretty. It's like totally 70's tan and green glass. It looks so very nice.) Today I gave him his book (He's Just Not That Into You) b/c I wanted to know what was in that box that I'd been eyeing for weeks. I only wanted it b/c he told HH what it was and I had to know. I gave him his book (he loves it, i think?) and he gave me a black and blue Elvis umbrella with a purse to match that has shiny rhinestones all over it. I told you that PS is a fucking wonderful gift giver. I hate it when it rains b/c my car leaks, but now, I want it to rain just where I can look oh so fab with my new umbrella and purse. I'm a hand bag whore. I have hundreds and have managed to carry the same one almost every day for a year. Pathetic, huh?

Tomorrow, HH and I plan on waking up early and going to visit Alice. Her mother and sister are coming in town so we're going to do that whole female bonding thing and I'm giving Alice her birthday presents tomorrow. I can't hold on to a present for shit. Her Birthday is thurs. I've had Alice, Mike's, and PS's X-mas gifts in my room for a few weeks now and I'm DYING to give them. I only have one more to give PS, but I must complete it first. Well, I'm off. I have to work a double wed. and work thurs. morning and then I'm off until tuesday, I think!?!

Scoop the Poop and Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  Do We Look Great Or What?

Me (on left) and my sister HH on our way out!!! Now, you better comment b/c I want to know, do we look great or am I just seeing things? Posted by Hello
Tuesday, December 14, 2004
  I Can't Even Smoke
Hey, everyone! How are ya? Me, I'm fine other that the fact that it's FUCKING like 20 degrees in my house. I live in an old house that doen't have central heat and a/c. We have one gas heater in the bathroom and like 3 plug ins and it's still cold as hell! No, actually PS and I were discussing the temp. this morning and both agreed that "cold as hell" is just wrong b/c isn't hell susposed to be pretty damn hot? Anyway, I got some (not all) of my clothes and coats and shoes from my mom today. She also gave me 2 heaters. Cool! (Thanks Mom!) Now, I'm just sitting here listening to an old David Gray cd that I haven't listened to in forever. I'd forgotten how much I liked him. I've also got a Tigger in a sweater in my lap. We're trying to keep warm! I want to post a picture of her in her little sweater, but as you all know, I don't know how to do all of that and need to get PS to do it for me. He's sleeping right now!

I could see me going in there, "Um, PS, can you come and take a picture of me and Tigger in her sweater? She looks so cute!" PS's reply would either be silence or a "are you fucking crazy, you psycho bitch from hell? i WAS fucking asleep!" I do not dare wake him before his time. He is a vampire and can only awaken once the sun has gone down. He does have special powers which allow him to endure the sunlight for a couple of hours a day. How else would he walk to his car in the morning? How else would he go to the gym? I'm really hoping that this music isn't too loud. I don't want to wake him and get bitten. I wouldn't have the special power to endure sunlight and I have to be at work at 10am. I seriously doubt that the music bothers him. First of all, it's not very loud and second, he could probably sleep through a train going through our livingroom. He's a very hard ass sleeper!

I found myself thinking of the most depressing thing the other morning. I was thinking, would anyone family, my so-called 2 faced friends, anyone care if I wasn't here. I mean I never see anyone, but the people I work with and PS. Even when PS and I get to spend time together, it's rare b/c we both have crazy schedules. I feel as if my life is passing by so fast and all I do is the same things every day. I work and go home. I'm off work at home. I go back to work. I sometimes get to hang with PS for like an hour or so. Like the other night when I kicked his ass in Mickey Monopoly. We had a great night and spent lots of time together until I just had to go sleep. Anyway, back to my depressing thought. I was just thinking, you know, I hardly see my family. I have zero friends. Even though, I think that PS really does love me, he'd probably just be glad that Tigger was gone. I know that he might read this at some point, but it's my journal and I can type whatever I want, right? Sometimes I'm really unsure of PS's feelings towards or about me. It would truly break my heart to find out that he wasn't the person that I fell in love with. (Um, thanks, you fucking David Gray, now I'm crying.) I think that it's just that we are now on a different level b/c we live together. We get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly (me when I wake up). I just care for his so, so much that I can't put my feelings into words and sometimes, as much as it hurts me to say this, I sometimes feel that he'd just prefer me to go away! PS, if you're reading, sorry. I'm just feeling VERY emotional right now. Things are changing, you know. I'm getting older and you want to move and I can't blame you. I want to eventually get the hell out of good old Mississippi myself. I just don't know what to think of anyone these days. I'm just sad and lonely. I do talk to my sister quite often. She wanted to come over and spend the night tonight, but the she found out how cold it was here and passed on that one. It's suspose to freeze here tonight. I do know that my family and a hand few of people would care if something happened to me and I'm not some stupid bitch that's going to run off and kill herself or anything. I just had a sad thought and that was it, M'kay!!!

I went by my mother's work and she hasn't seen me since I got all of my hair cut off. I was expecting a, "well, you look like a big fucking dyke" and got, "yeah, it's cute! you just need to gain some weight." This coming from the woman that doesn't EVER give compliments and will call you fat if you weigh 100 lbs. I was like, Wow! I think she must have recently taken her hormone shot or something b/c she was being extra nice to me today. Maybe it was b/c we haven't seen eachother since Thanksgiving and probably won't be seeing much of eachother until X-mas. (if we even have X-mas, I don't know WTF's going on) I know that I have all of my presents bought and am now stress free. If anyone that I brought gifts for doesn't like the gift, they can gladly return them b/c there is not one gift that I'm giving that I wouldn't love for myself. So, BRING IT ON, poeple, I'm ready! I'm ready! I guess that I'm fixing to turn off this depressing cd and see what Oprah has to offer me today. If she has nothing then I guess that I'll watch Ocean's 12. Don't know how I keep getting all of these movies, but it's all good! Later!!!!!!!!

Scoop the Poop, when it warms up b/c right now, it to fucking cold to move!!!!
Sunday, December 12, 2004
  The Man In The Moon Is A Bitch
Ok, I don't even want to talk about the football game. We lost and that's all I have to say on that subject. Sigh! Maybe next week!?!

I got out of the shower today and was putting on lotion and just happened to look at my back. (where I had my spinal tap) The whole back area was bruised and there's a knot where they gave it to me. I talked to Pepe and he said that you can definitely get infections from spinal taps. Ok! Now I'm freaking! He said that I needed to go to a doctor. Um, I don't have insurance and already have a stack of doctor's bills to pay. I just don't know what to do. I guess that I'll just see if the pain or anything gets worse, then I'll try to go. Maybe if I do have an infection that might explain the weight loss. I dunno?

I'm off work tomorrow and maybe tuesday. I still have to mail my X-mas cards tomorrow and go buy a few gifts and finish a painting and wash clothes and go pay the water bill and go to the grocery and pharmacy, uhh! Oh my holy nut sack, I've got a lot of shit to do. OH! I still have to meet my mother and get my winter clothes from her. AHHH!!! Why does this have to be such a stressful time of year?

On a happier note I have a friend that got me a grrreat X-mas gift. He got me SpongeBob SquarePants The Movie. Yes, the movie. Don't ask me how, I don't want to know. I'm just glad that I've got it for free. That saved me about 20 dollars b/c I was going to see it. Now, I own it. Heee! Ps and I are going to watch it tonight after Desperate Housewives. He's actually on his way home from the Memphis hole trying to make it in time for our 2nd favorite show. You know Miss ELLEN is number 1! I guess that I'm going now. I've got a sleeping Tigger in my lap and can't feel my feet. I hope that this movie is good. If it sucks, that would be the shittiest end to a shitty day of tele. You know, after that game and all! TTFN!

Scoop the Poop, NO!!!
  J! E! T! S! Jets! Jets! Jets!
Howdy, everyone! I just wanted to do a small post before I hopefully get to watch my Jets game. (I'm not sure what game their going to show next, but if they don't want me to harass the hell out of CBS, they'll be showing me some Jets!) WOOOOO!!! They just said that the game was starting!!! Obviously, they poeple at CBS were reading my mind and didn't want me on their ass. Anyway, gotta go watch my game now!!! I'll be back b/c there are a few things that I want to talk about. One of them being the fact that I'd gained weight and weighed 94lbs and weighed myself last night and now, I weigh 88lbs. WTF? My clothes are falling off of me. For real, they are! I look like a homeless person b/c everything is so big on me now. Oh well, I can hear my game, but only see my Precious, so I must be off.

Scoop the Poop, already did!!!
Thursday, December 09, 2004
  We Got Game
PS and I started playing Monopoly, not just Monopoly, but the 75th Disney Anniversary Monopoly. (I collect Mickey stuff!) Anyway, tonight we each gave one another an X-mas gift and that's what he got me. I absolutely love it. It's so cute. All of the money has Mickey's face on it. It's one of the coolest gifts that I've ever gotten. PS is a good gift buyer. Hooray for PS!!!

Anyway he gave it to me and I opened it, freaked out, and then we decided to play. This was at about 6pm. We just finished playing and it's 11:45pm. I won b/c PS just quit, but I was kicking ass anyway. We could have sat here until 5 o' clock in the morning and played and I bet that I would have won. What is hard about playing with PS is that we play EXACTLY the same. We had lots of fun tonight. We talked, ate, watched Will and Grace, and watched the National Lampoon's X-mas movie. I love that one!

Miss Tigger and I are off to bed now. We are tired and have a full day tomorrow!!! Damn, I can't believe that tomorrow is friday. This month is going by way too fast.

I want to say congrats to my friend K at Math who was married this past wed. I hope that her day was lovely and beautiful, as I'm sure that it was. You go, girl!

Scoop the Poop, Sunday!!! (After the game)

After the LONGEST game of Monopoly on record!!! Posted by Hello
Thursday, December 02, 2004
  The Hair...
I finally got PS and his sick self to put these photos on here for me. These are some really awful photos, but you get the idea. When I said that I was going short, I meant it. Let me know what you think. I just needed something easy to work with and this is about as easy as it gets.

Scoop the Poop and Cut That Hair!!!

My haircut again Posted by Hello

My haircut Posted by Hello
  You Can Break And Enter, But I Still Say Happy Birthday To You!!!
Well, today and yesterday afternoon were fun to have off. I got all of my hair cut off yesterday. It's like 2 inches long and I love it. I'm going to post a picture when PS gets up. He's feeling a little sick and called in to work. Hopefully, he'll be up soon.

I went and picked up my friend Cotrell after my hair cut. We then went up to my work for dinner. It was fab-u-lous!!! We then came back to the house and watched a little tele. I then got ready to take him home. He asked if we could stop by Sonic, where he could get a burger. When the guy came back and asked if he wanted mustard, mayo, or both. I turned to ask him and he was in FULL seizure mode. (he too, is epilectic) I jumped out of the car and opened his door where he could get some air. He had foam coming from his mouth and was shaking. He finally seemed to be coming out of it a little and I took him home. (it was like a mile away and the nearest hospital was like 20 miles away) I had to get him out of the car and basically carry him up to his door. (he's no a small man either, for I am Mighty Mouse) I had to get his keys and get him to go lay down. He was answering to his name, but still couldn't say my name. I know how frustrating that it is to have a seizure and some fuck sitting there asking you if you can tell them their name. Trust me. I then asked him if my name was NN. He moved his head up and down for yes. He got into bed and I went to tell his father what had happened. I then went and said bye to my friend. He still couldn't tell me what my name was, but he said that he loved me for being his friend. I got into the car coming home and cried my eyes out. It really hurt me to see him go through what he did. What hit me the hardest, is that it could have very easily been me. I know that I should NOT be driving, but some of you have to understand, if you don't drive in Jackson, Ms., you can't get anywhere. We don't have great public transit, like they do in bigger cities. Anyway, Cotrell called me about an hour after I got home and said that he was sorry. I asked him, for what? He said for having a seizure in front of me. I told him NOT to apologize to me EVER about that. It's just that sometimes our brains come unplugged and we can't control it. If we could, life would be much easier.

I'd like to take a moment to say HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY to my brother!!! You're sooo old. Hee! Hee! I love you and may all, well, maybe not all, of your wishes come true!

I just knd of laid around the house today and did nothing. It was wonderful. I did do a couple of loads of laundry. I have to work a double tomorrow and then go and pick up my sister. I'm off sat and we are spending the weekend shopping and FINALLY getting my cards mailed, damn it! I swear, they will be in the mail by monday. They better.

I'm still loving my job. It's just soo extremely laid back. I love it! I'm fixing to go and check on my baby (PS). Take his temp (rectally, of course, not) and make sure that he's drinking plenty of liquids. I don't know if too many of you know it or not, but yesterday was world AIDS day and PS did a fab. entry with lots of very educational links on it. If you'd like to learn, go here.

Scoop the Poop, even if Mighty Mouse is looking at you!!!
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