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Thursday, December 02, 2004
  You Can Break And Enter, But I Still Say Happy Birthday To You!!!
Well, today and yesterday afternoon were fun to have off. I got all of my hair cut off yesterday. It's like 2 inches long and I love it. I'm going to post a picture when PS gets up. He's feeling a little sick and called in to work. Hopefully, he'll be up soon.

I went and picked up my friend Cotrell after my hair cut. We then went up to my work for dinner. It was fab-u-lous!!! We then came back to the house and watched a little tele. I then got ready to take him home. He asked if we could stop by Sonic, where he could get a burger. When the guy came back and asked if he wanted mustard, mayo, or both. I turned to ask him and he was in FULL seizure mode. (he too, is epilectic) I jumped out of the car and opened his door where he could get some air. He had foam coming from his mouth and was shaking. He finally seemed to be coming out of it a little and I took him home. (it was like a mile away and the nearest hospital was like 20 miles away) I had to get him out of the car and basically carry him up to his door. (he's no a small man either, for I am Mighty Mouse) I had to get his keys and get him to go lay down. He was answering to his name, but still couldn't say my name. I know how frustrating that it is to have a seizure and some fuck sitting there asking you if you can tell them their name. Trust me. I then asked him if my name was NN. He moved his head up and down for yes. He got into bed and I went to tell his father what had happened. I then went and said bye to my friend. He still couldn't tell me what my name was, but he said that he loved me for being his friend. I got into the car coming home and cried my eyes out. It really hurt me to see him go through what he did. What hit me the hardest, is that it could have very easily been me. I know that I should NOT be driving, but some of you have to understand, if you don't drive in Jackson, Ms., you can't get anywhere. We don't have great public transit, like they do in bigger cities. Anyway, Cotrell called me about an hour after I got home and said that he was sorry. I asked him, for what? He said for having a seizure in front of me. I told him NOT to apologize to me EVER about that. It's just that sometimes our brains come unplugged and we can't control it. If we could, life would be much easier.

I'd like to take a moment to say HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY to my brother!!! You're sooo old. Hee! Hee! I love you and may all, well, maybe not all, of your wishes come true!

I just knd of laid around the house today and did nothing. It was wonderful. I did do a couple of loads of laundry. I have to work a double tomorrow and then go and pick up my sister. I'm off sat and we are spending the weekend shopping and FINALLY getting my cards mailed, damn it! I swear, they will be in the mail by monday. They better.

I'm still loving my job. It's just soo extremely laid back. I love it! I'm fixing to go and check on my baby (PS). Take his temp (rectally, of course, not) and make sure that he's drinking plenty of liquids. I don't know if too many of you know it or not, but yesterday was world AIDS day and PS did a fab. entry with lots of very educational links on it. If you'd like to learn, go here.

Scoop the Poop, even if Mighty Mouse is looking at you!!!
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