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Friday, April 29, 2005
  Crazy Dreams And A Bonding Experience With Fertilizer
Ok, I meant to write this on thurs., but got side tracked. Anyhew, I did sit up wed. night and watch my X-Men with the 5 hours of extra footage. (lots of Hugh, loved it!!!) It was a long night/early morning. I've had it for a while now, but just haven't had the time to sit down for a good 7 hours and watch it. It had Hugh's screen test and all sorts of interesting things.

That leads to the funniest dream that I've had in forever. I had a dream that PS and I were fighting. Like I was sitting on the back of the recliner and he came and jumped on me. We landed and crushed our glass coffee table and he yelled, "tickle fight!!!" Oh, it was on then. I picked him up and threw him against the wall and tickled the shit out of him. Anyway, through this whole dream, we were breaking furniture and putting holes in the walls. It was like we had super powers, b/c it didn't hurt. It just tickled. The funniest part was that MCM and J were standing outside the front door watching. After a while, they kicked the door in and were like, "what in the hell are you two doing?" PS and I just looked at them as though they were crazy and said, "tickle fight!" Then we proceeded to fight more. It was fun!!!

So, I had to go and look this up in my dream book to see what it said. It said,

"To dream of being tickled denotes insistent worries and illness."
"If you tickle others, you will through away much enjoyment through weakness and folly."

This is what I think the dream meant. (you tell me who you think was correct.) Um, I was watching the X-Men for over 7 hours. The last thing that I watched was the fight scenes and then I went to sleep. I really think that's what it was. I think it was a tickle fight b/c we'd never hurt each other. Not to mention, we sorta had super powers. Maybe not powers, we were just really fucking strong. It totally rocked!

Yesterday, I got up and went to Home Depot and got my flowers that I've meant to plant and 2 got hot pink geraniums. (humming birds love them) I hung them from the porch. PS was helping as I was planting the flowers in the old witches cauldron. I filled it with Miracle Grow fertilizer nd was digging holes to put the flowers in. (we had 24) I would dig and when ready, PS would pass me the flowers. He didn't really want to get his hand dirty, I could tell. We finished that project and I told him that I wanted to replant my roses. He'd asked how did I do that. I showed him and by the end of our flowering, bonding experience; Mr. PS, himself was picking up the fertilizer and helping. He said that that was the first time that he'd ever planted anything like flowers. He's only been in a veggie garden. It was much fun and looks better and better and more colorful out there every day. I could not help, but think that as we were planting together that we were truly bonding. I mentioned it to him and he absolutely agreed. It was kinda weird, b/c we just know eachother that well. People, I'm going to miss my baby. This house is going to be so quiet and clean, but sad w/o him. ( Hey, PS, I know your reading this, one day, you better know how much I love you and come visit me as often as I visit you! I love you, of course, you already know that. If not, I give you wayyy too much credit! Ha! I really am going to miss you. Ok no more, b/c I miss him now. He's in Memphis until sun. or mon. Who knows? I' m just glad he made it safely!)

If it doesn't rain, sunday, the front door WILL be RED!!! I don't care if I have to rob a blood bank? It WILL be red. If the weather allows me, please don't rain or be too windy! For me? M'kay!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!!! I know you'll have an absolutely fabulous evening my only wish is that I was there to celebrate!!!!!

Tonight at work wasn't too bad, I made close to 100 dollars off of 3 tables and was out of there by a quarter to 10pm. Poor 'lil L had a wreck in the parking lot on her way to work. Not to mention that she has walking pneumonia. I felt sooo badly for her. Thank God that Miss L came up there and let her go home. Unfortunately, the poor thing has to join me tomorrow at work. She should have tomorrow night off b/c we're closed on sunday. 'lil L just needs to stay in bed and let her husband wait on her and not return to work until mon. That's what I think about the whole situation, but who in the fuck am I to tell the owners what to do?

All righty, people, I'm off to listen to more Sir Paul McCartney and do a little cleaning before I hang with the Godfather!!! I'll leave you with on of the coolest things (they're not many) that I've ever heard Arnold say..."I'll be back!"

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
  Always On My Mind
It's been exactly 2 months since the passing away of the ever so fabulous Miss Tigger. I miss her so much. J found some pictures of her that PS had taken a while back and gave them to me. Tears, yes!!! You know even though it's been 2 months to the day and I have a new kitty; I still don't think that "it" has really sunk in. Oh my fucking fuckity fuck fuck, I'm NEVER going to get to hold her in my arms EVER again. I will never get to snuggle with her. I will never feel her scratchy tongue giving me kisses. My God, this hurts like hell!!! I know that some readers may be thinking that I just need to get over "it", but you have NO idea how very close we were. She was and still is the owner of my heart, my soul, and undying love. I just never imagined that I would loose her so soon. I was totally unprepared for this. I thought that I would have her at least another 10 years, but unfortunately it didn't work out that way and I'm just sitting here with a broken heart. People, I miss her so much. What do I do? How am I ever going to be able to think of her without crying hysterically? I've even thought about taking her picture off of this page, but afterall, she's where the name came from. I shall let her live on through my blog.

On a less depressing note, I made over 100 dollars today at lunch! Hooray for NN!!! I'm also off work until friday at 4:30pm. You know what this means? This means that I can sit up all night and watch my X-Men dvd with 5 hours of extra footage. I know, my life is boring, but it's mine. I must say that today at work Alex and I totally kicked ass. We had a party of 30 and the man that paid the bill tipped us 30%. He said that he comes in town every 3 months for these little meetings and wants us taking care of them every time. Fuck yeah, anytime!

I'm just sitting here listening to Paul Mc Cartney's All The Best. I love this cd. (Say Say Say) You know, the song he sang with Michael Jackson when he was still black? Brando is in the bedroom waiting for me to join him. We're going to be up for a while. I've been wanting to watch this since I got it. I just haven't had the time. Now I do and it's on!

I really hope that it's a pretty day tomorrow/today. I would love to take the top down and go for a drive. I would also like to plant those flowers that I've been talking about forever. Hell, I'd also like to paint the fucking door, but I seriously doubt that that one happens. I do need to go by Target and buy this lamp. PS got one today. I can't explain how it looks. I can only say that I need one. I really don't have the cash on me to be splurging, but I NEED this lamp just like I NEED my medicine every day.

I must be going now for I am extremely depressed and just want to go and watch my dvd. Later!


Tuesday, April 26, 2005
  Squeal Like A Pig
I just wanted to do a quick post. I just got home a few hours ago. I must say, today was a wonderful money making day! Tomorrow is going to insane!!! It's secretary day! fun. One of our reservations is for 35. That's for lunch. They scheduled 8 people to work. Personally, I think with 8 servers scheduled, than no one is going to make any money. That sucks like an elephant fucking a monkey! Ha! Ha! (sorry to put that image in your head)

Well, I'm still missing the shit out of Miss Tigger. Man, I miss her so much. Just typing about it makes me cry, like now! Mr Brando is adjusting well. He got his very first kitty frame the another day with his photo in it. He just keeps on biting and scratching the hell out of me. I think that it's because I was at home sick for work like 2 weeks and laying around with him. I think that he's just mad because we've gone from hanging out 24/7 to myself working. Lately all of our time together is when I'm asleep and he's sleeping next to me.

I want to tell you about the roast that took place this past sat. It was craziness and a 90lb pig that wasn't done. They busted out the grill and started cooking it. I was offered a piece, but declined. When I saw Kelvs running around with the pigs head in his hand, all while it had blood coming out of it's mouth and nose, I kinda lost my appetite then!

I had a great money making day today. I made around 50 at lunch and 140 this evening. That's cool, considering that I spent 45 freaking dollars on one prescription. Oh, and I have 2 more that I have to pick up tomorrow. YES, pharmacy people/drug dealers/med companies, take my money. I don't need it. Really, it's all for you, take it. You are the reason that I work!!!!!!

Well, PS and his man just got home with food. We're fixing to watch Where The Buffalo Roam. The one that Bill Murray plays the part of Hunter S Thompson. It's hilarious. On that note, I think that I'm fixing to go and watch our movie. I've been trying to get PS to rent it since we've moved in together. He really liked Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. If he like that movie, than he's going to get a hard on from this one. Ha! Ha!

Friday, April 22, 2005
  Happy Earth Day!!!
I think that I'm going to celebrate by watering my plants and riding back to work with the top down. I know I lead a very exciting life. I just got home from work and am on my little break. I think that I'll go have lunch and try to get in a quick nap before my night of hell, ooops, I meant, work begins. Later!!!

Go hug a tree or something!

Thursday, April 21, 2005
  Cleaning The Pipes
Ok, people, I did the greatest and funniest entry earlier and just when I was about to post it; fucking Blogger decided to shut down. I'm just going to give you the short version of it. M'kay?

I know that I don't get many, if any,comments. I've only gotten one about my men on the right. That took us (well, mainly PS) a lot of time to do. I want your opinion. Is that to much to ask? I know your there and I know your reading b/c that little rainbow box at the bottom of this page is called a site meter. C'mon already! Is it fabulous? Is it tacky? Am I pathetic? Does it make my blog look prettier? I really want to know what you think. Now comment, damn it! It's been a really BAD day!

It all started late last night/early this morning. I went to flush the toilet and it started to over flow. I finally got it to stop. Someone tried to break into my house at a little after 4am. I turned on all of the lights and then went outside and yelled that I had the police on the phone in one hand and a gun in the other. I didn't see anyone, but needless to say I didn't go back to sleep after that whole ordeal. I'm now tired and very cranky and have to work a double tomorrow.

This morning, PS gets home from work and we went into the bathroom to see what we could do. Well, we made it get all over the floor again and were able to stop it, but could not even go to the bathroom. I had to wait until I got to work for I do not have the luxury of pissing off of the porch. I had to call a plumber. He said that he could come at 11:30am. That's nice and all, but PS needed to go to bed and I had to go to work. I asked if he could be here around 2pm. He agreed. I busted my ass trying to leave work and get home by 2pm. Wouldn't you know that the one damn day that I need to leave early, we're busy as shit. I made it home at about 10 after 2pm and plumber man was shortly behind me. He came in, tore up our bathroom, unclogged the toilet, and left me with a big NASTY mess to clean for the small price of 200 freaking dollars. (we are going to try and deduct it from the rent, hope so) Oh, and plumberman said not to flush anything down the toilet. I was like, ok. He said not even toilet paper. WTF? Are you telling me that every time we go to the restroom that we're going to have to take the garbage out? Has our freaking bathroom turned into a fucking litter box? Meow!@?

I'm now convinced that I am psychic. When I was talking about my strange dreams that I had tues. night, one of them was that someone had broken into the house. It was Brad Pitt and John Goodman. They were stealing our amazing record collection that doesn't exist. (now do you see either of them to the right of the screen? me neither.) I was dreaming that Pepe had come over and was talking to me. I then woke up and Brando was standing at the front door. (very unlike him) I thought that it was just PS coming home from work and having trouble with the door. Then I looked outside to see that it was still dark. That's when I got the fuck up and tried to pretend that I'm a little Billy bad ass.

So that has been my fantabulous past 24 hours! How was yours? I'm off to get some damn sleep. I guess that I'll end up taking an Ambien unless I want to be up all night. So there you go, top that!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005
  With Jesus And Black Magic On Your Side, How Can You Go Wrong?
*That was another quote by Dot on MAD TV. It was just so damned funny that I had to put it someplace, so why not here?*

So, let me tell you what I did on my beautiful day off. It was ever so exciting! I watched the yardmen cut all of my beautiful flowers from around the trees that I'd asked them to avoid. Oh well, the yard looks 1000 times better. They did a really good job. They were worth every penny. (or shall I say dollar?)

I then left and ran a few errands. I went and picked up some photos of Mr. Brando. I also got him his very own photo album. They all turned out super cute. I was pleased. He's getting there.

I then went and picked up my seizure meds and filled up with gas. It was 20 dollars. I have a freaking Miata with like an 8 gallon tank. That is insane! It used to cost me 10 dollars to fill that tank up. Arrrgh!!! I then went and got my Tom Selleck mustache waxed. It wasn't quite like Tom's, but I hate any unnecessary body hair. To me, there is no excuse for a woman to have facial hair. It's bad enough that lots of them don't even shave. Yuck!!!

The funnest part of the day was going to the grocery store. It's my absolute favorite. I went in to get Raisin Bran, milk, beer, and lots of my Green Tea. It only took me about an hour in line. FRUSTRATION!!!

I FINALLY get home to see that the milk has leaked all over my cereal. Needless to say, I was pissed. Now, I get to go outside and water my jungle that I've got growing on the front porch. F-U-N!!! At least it's a beautiful day. Of course I had the top down all day. I guess it wasn't that bad.

So, what do you think of all of my imaginary boyfriends that PS put on my blog for me? I thought it was very nice of him to do that for me. It took forever. At least, now while your reading (unless your a straight male) you'll have something pretty to look at. God knows, it ain't me. On that note, I'm going to water the jungle. I think that when I'm finished, I'll sit on the front porch swing and enjoy one of those Bud Lights! I hope that everyone out there had as much fun with their day as I did.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005
  Take The Gerbil Babies, Their Christians
*That's a quote from Dot on MAD TV. I just thought it was so damn funny that I had to put it somewhere!*

I only had to work lunch today. Thank goodness!!! I have tomorrow off. I've decided instead of cutting the grass that it would be sooo much easier to pay someone to do it. So, that's exactly what I'm doing. Mr. Yardman should be here early in the morning. I'm going to have PS take some pics. of the porch and put them on here for me b/c it's starting to look quite nice if I do say so and I do!!! All I'll have left to do is paint our front door RED! Can't wait. I think that's going to be my Sunday project. PS has a few photos of the inside of our house and an itty bitty one of the outside on his blog. If you'd like to check it out go here http://lactatingpowder.blogspot.com . You can also see all of the pretty sculptures that he just keeps on making for me. Ha! Ha!

I've really been thinking a lot about him moving out at the end of May and it's making me ever so sad. I mean, we've lived together for close to a year. He's my very best friend and I'm going to miss him coming home from work at 7 something am. I'm going to miss sitting down watching silly movies, eating way too much, and talking about things that would make Michael Jackson blush (if he can?). I'm tearing up just thinking about it. This house is going to be sooo empty w/o him. I know, I know he's only moving an hour and 1/2 away, but with our schedules; I just have this feeling that we're not going to see eachother as much as we think. Of course, when he does grace Jackson with his presence, he'll be staying here. I'll have it NO other way. I guess it's that I feel like I'm loosing him. I wonder if I'll still be (in his mind) his best friend. I've just lost so much in the past few months. I mean, you all know about the fabulous Miss Tigger and now I feel like I'm loosing my baby, PS. I guess it's like the old saying, "you don't know what you have until it's gone." God, I'm going to miss the shit out of that little fucker and I mean that with a full heart!

On that note I think that I'm going to go and spend some time with the Godfather and watch a movie. I'll be back in the morning to post about the CRAZY dreams that I've been having lately. I just don't feel like getting into it right now. You all have a good evening and come back now, ya' hear!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2005
  Craziness Is My Life
Alice was totally in Wonderland tonight at work. She done got fucked up. She just left our house. All I feel that I have the right to share with you strangers is that she got D-R-U-N-K, Jack got mad, and now they will live happily ever after!

I'm ever sooo glad that my fab-boo-lus PS fixed the "Precious". I now have something to do at 5am instead of sleep. Hooray! PS is making clay sculptures. I must say that for a beginner, he's quite talented at this. Of course he is, he's a fucking artist! Duh! So far, He's made a very cool Alice in Wonderland (for me), a little man, and is now working on the Queen of Hearts (also for me). I don't know why he feels the need to make me such pretty things. Well, I do, it's b/c he LOVES me damn it! He may be the only male (other than my cat and my dad) that does, that's why!!!

Work tonight was pretty cool. Cool as in, I made damn good money! That's the ONLY thing that was cool about it. After work, The Nightmare Before Christmas!!!

I'm not really sure what I have planned for later today. I have to pick up all of the branches in the yard where I can cut the grass on my day off. F-U-N! I think that's wed. My schedule next week is ok. I work monday night, tuesday lunch, off wed, double thursday, double friday, and sat night. Money, money, money, how I have missed you oh so fucking much!!!

I just told PS that I was sooo wired that I'm definitely staying up to watch the sun come up. I will then go to sleep for probably an hour or two and get started on my yard work. Oh, I almost forgot about my weekend project. We have an old witches cauldron in our yard. I'm going to go and get fertilizer and small flowers and put in it. We also have 2 or 3 huge oak trees in the front yard. I was thinking about planting flowers around them, BUT, I've come up with the bestest idea. I'm going to get multy colored tiles and break them and put them around the trees. (kinda like mosaics, ya' know?) I'm sooo excited about my yard work that I may not even go to sleep. Home Depot opens in just a few hours. (Hey, Wal-Mart is open NOW!) When I have my mind set on a project, that's it, I must just do it, like Nike! As a matter of fact, I think that I'll leave you now and go water my plants before the sun comes up!

  We're HIGH!!!!!!

As you can see, I'd been smoking lots of pot (note the red eyes) and Brando had his fare share of cat-nip!!! I know I'm skinny, don't be hatin'! Posted by Hello
  It's All In The Eyes

Me and the baby. His eyes are yellow and mine are RED!!! Posted by Hello

These are pics. that PS's man took of my Brando last night. Boo! (the eyes!) Posted by Hello
Friday, April 15, 2005
  Bubba Loves Jesus
PS, Jason, and I just got back from seeing the Amityville Horror. It sucked real bad. The only good part was that the main character (what's his name) had his shirt off for most of the movie. It didn't frighten me, not once. I think I actually laughed a few times. I highly don't recommend it. I feel the need to watch The Exorcist now just for a good scare. Ha! Ha!

We then went and ate dinner at O'Charley's. It was good and I found out that Bubba (our waiter) loves Jesus. At least, that's what his necklace said. I think that is sooo tacky when they advertise like that. I mean, I love cheese, but, you don't see me sporting a necklace around work telling the world. Anyway!!!

The photo above is of me and Brando. He's the Godfather that I was telling you about. He's a sweet kitty. He just hasn't learned how to pose for the camera yet. On the other hand, Miss Tigger was a camera HOG!!! I'm sure that he will learn in time.

As you can probably see, PS fixed our "Precious". I'm ever so happy. Now I have something to do with my time besides interrupt gay dates. (though it was much fun!!!) I can sit here and chain smoke and play on the computer, all while enjoying a Bud Light. HOORAY!!!

I was off work tonight and had plans to hang out with a very handsome gentleman friend, BUT, when I called him, I got no answer. Wouldn't you know it, the minute we leave, he calls and said that his phone died. I tried to call him back (booty call, no, not me!), but got no answer. I have to work tomorrow night. Sooo, it looks like no sex for me any time soon. Oh well, I can go w/o for a really long time. His loss. Actually, I think I might try and call him again when I'm finished with this entry. Call me horny, I sooo don't care.

It looks like I'll be taking a road trip at some point next week to visit my brother and cousin. I haven't seen them in months. Besides, I have to get over there before they eat all of the crawfish in the state of Louisiana. On that note, I'll leave you with a good-night/morning/whatever!


Me and Brando Posted by Hello
Tuesday, April 12, 2005
  Sick Sucks
Our computer is STILL broken and that too sucks. I have the worst case of strep throat in the history of strep throat. My throat looks as if I've been eating glass. (feels that way also) I'm at my parents on their computer. I can't sleep, so I thought I'd do this. I was suspossed to go to Monroe and visit my family this past weekend, but couldn't make it. Maybe one day soon. I dunno? I just want to go and eat crawfish.

Brando and I seem to be doing well. He's definitely no Tigger. That's for damn sure. I love him, but my life would not end if my sister asked if she could have him. He can't help it. He's not purrfect. Though, if I were to move anytime soon, it would be much easier without a cat. Dunno!

PS is moving out soon, like this week or something like that. He's in Hattiesburg at this very moment for a job interview. I'm glad that he's not moving far, far away. The house won't be the same without him. It will be clean. Ha! Ha! I've decided to stay on in the house. I was in search for a new roommate when I realized that I like very few people and would rather raise my social status as a hermit by living ALONE. I've decided to live there until I find this magical place to move to. (no, I don't mean Disney World) It's rather sad. I don't date. I don't go out. I don't do a shitten thing. I work and I come home. Oh, and occassionally, I get sick. My life is sooo NOT what I thought it would be.

I guess that I've only ever had one true love and now he hates me, so fuck it. It= the whole love, marriage, kid thing. No thanks!!!

On that note, I guess that I'm fixing to go home and go back to bed. I don't know wtf I'm doing up this early anyway.

Just go ahead and read, afterall, did no one tell you that I'm the nicest fucking person that I know?! You can email me at catsinthetub@hotmail.com, go ahead, make my day!

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