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Friday, April 29, 2005
  Crazy Dreams And A Bonding Experience With Fertilizer
Ok, I meant to write this on thurs., but got side tracked. Anyhew, I did sit up wed. night and watch my X-Men with the 5 hours of extra footage. (lots of Hugh, loved it!!!) It was a long night/early morning. I've had it for a while now, but just haven't had the time to sit down for a good 7 hours and watch it. It had Hugh's screen test and all sorts of interesting things.

That leads to the funniest dream that I've had in forever. I had a dream that PS and I were fighting. Like I was sitting on the back of the recliner and he came and jumped on me. We landed and crushed our glass coffee table and he yelled, "tickle fight!!!" Oh, it was on then. I picked him up and threw him against the wall and tickled the shit out of him. Anyway, through this whole dream, we were breaking furniture and putting holes in the walls. It was like we had super powers, b/c it didn't hurt. It just tickled. The funniest part was that MCM and J were standing outside the front door watching. After a while, they kicked the door in and were like, "what in the hell are you two doing?" PS and I just looked at them as though they were crazy and said, "tickle fight!" Then we proceeded to fight more. It was fun!!!

So, I had to go and look this up in my dream book to see what it said. It said,

"To dream of being tickled denotes insistent worries and illness."
"If you tickle others, you will through away much enjoyment through weakness and folly."

This is what I think the dream meant. (you tell me who you think was correct.) Um, I was watching the X-Men for over 7 hours. The last thing that I watched was the fight scenes and then I went to sleep. I really think that's what it was. I think it was a tickle fight b/c we'd never hurt each other. Not to mention, we sorta had super powers. Maybe not powers, we were just really fucking strong. It totally rocked!

Yesterday, I got up and went to Home Depot and got my flowers that I've meant to plant and 2 got hot pink geraniums. (humming birds love them) I hung them from the porch. PS was helping as I was planting the flowers in the old witches cauldron. I filled it with Miracle Grow fertilizer nd was digging holes to put the flowers in. (we had 24) I would dig and when ready, PS would pass me the flowers. He didn't really want to get his hand dirty, I could tell. We finished that project and I told him that I wanted to replant my roses. He'd asked how did I do that. I showed him and by the end of our flowering, bonding experience; Mr. PS, himself was picking up the fertilizer and helping. He said that that was the first time that he'd ever planted anything like flowers. He's only been in a veggie garden. It was much fun and looks better and better and more colorful out there every day. I could not help, but think that as we were planting together that we were truly bonding. I mentioned it to him and he absolutely agreed. It was kinda weird, b/c we just know eachother that well. People, I'm going to miss my baby. This house is going to be so quiet and clean, but sad w/o him. ( Hey, PS, I know your reading this, one day, you better know how much I love you and come visit me as often as I visit you! I love you, of course, you already know that. If not, I give you wayyy too much credit! Ha! I really am going to miss you. Ok no more, b/c I miss him now. He's in Memphis until sun. or mon. Who knows? I' m just glad he made it safely!)

If it doesn't rain, sunday, the front door WILL be RED!!! I don't care if I have to rob a blood bank? It WILL be red. If the weather allows me, please don't rain or be too windy! For me? M'kay!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!!! I know you'll have an absolutely fabulous evening my only wish is that I was there to celebrate!!!!!

Tonight at work wasn't too bad, I made close to 100 dollars off of 3 tables and was out of there by a quarter to 10pm. Poor 'lil L had a wreck in the parking lot on her way to work. Not to mention that she has walking pneumonia. I felt sooo badly for her. Thank God that Miss L came up there and let her go home. Unfortunately, the poor thing has to join me tomorrow at work. She should have tomorrow night off b/c we're closed on sunday. 'lil L just needs to stay in bed and let her husband wait on her and not return to work until mon. That's what I think about the whole situation, but who in the fuck am I to tell the owners what to do?

All righty, people, I'm off to listen to more Sir Paul McCartney and do a little cleaning before I hang with the Godfather!!! I'll leave you with on of the coolest things (they're not many) that I've ever heard Arnold say..."I'll be back!"

Just go ahead and read, afterall, did no one tell you that I'm the nicest fucking person that I know?! You can email me at catsinthetub@hotmail.com, go ahead, make my day!

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