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Sunday, February 27, 2005
  Uncomfortably Numb
My day, well yesterday, started with me having to take Tigger for her last treatment. PS made a very sweet video of us for me to have always. I had to take her to the vet b/c my mom hurt her back. On the way there, I wrecked my car. Hooray!

Anyhew, I'm over at a friend's house that is sweet enough to let me use their computer. Tigger is getting her last treatment and is being put to sleep next week. The cat will no longer be in the tub. I'm sooo FUCKING depressed that I don't think that I can cry anymore. I don't know what to do. I had to make funeral arrangemants today. I'm having her cremated. I'm getting an urn that will have her photo and date of birth and date of death. I really don't feel like doing a long post right now. I've been writing lots about this whole FUCKED experience that we're going through. When we get our computer up and running, I'll write more.

It's just so sad, to me, that by the time I get around to posting, Tigger will be gone. I really feel like I'm loosing it, people, and have NO idea how to deal. I love her! I'm going to miss her so much. I would do ANYTHING to make her better. I just wish that someone understood. No one does. I'm so fucking sick of hearing, "it's just a cat!" No, IT has a name and it's Tigger. She's not just a cat. She's the most special being that I've come across in the past 11 years. So, to those of you that like to refer to her as "just a cat", FUCK OFF, PLEASE! I simply don't have the time or energy to deal with you at the moment.

Thanks a lot. To Tigger, I love you, baby, and may you rest in peace and no longer be in pain. I'm going to miss the holy hell out of you and you're REALLY not even gone yet. Man, I'm totally going to loose it when she goes.
Wednesday, February 23, 2005
  I'm Not Dead, "Precious" Is!!!
I'm at a friend's house checking emails and all that jazz. I just wanted to do a quickie here. The computer is in the hospital now and will hopefully be out next week. I just thought that I would let all of my followers know. I know how y'all can't sleep unless you read one of my post!

All is about the same old shit on the homefront. I must say that I have journal full of craziness to post as soon as we're up and running again!

Scoop The Poop, For The Love Of DOG!!!
Tuesday, February 15, 2005
  People Are CRAZY On Valentine's Day!!! (The Skinny Of It...)
Just let me start off by saying that it's now 6:10pm here and I've been home about 2hours. I had a couple of errands to run after work. I went by Bebop and FINALLY got my Derek And The Dominos Layla cd and my Dire Straits Brothers In Arms cd. I wanted to get the Paul McCartney with Wings All Of The Best... They didn't have it, but dude is ordering it for me. I have the cd case, but can't find the cd. I think Pepe may have it. If so, he can keep it. I also stopped by Best Buy (to ONLY get Bridget Jone's Diary on dvd for PS's Valentine's Day gift). I ended up buying his. Oh, but while standing there looking I saw The Big Lebowski. Had to get it. (It's funny as hell!) I then saw Breakfast At Tiffany's with my lady Ms. Audrey Hepburn. I had to get it as well. I have My Fair Lady and Sabrina on vhs. This is my first Audrey dvd purchase. Excitement!!! Ohhh! Oh, and while I was at Bebop, I also got PS one of those fake celebrity driver's licenses. I got him Anna Nicole. He LOVES to make fun of her. I'm going to have to tell him on his next audio blog to do his, "do you like my body?" voice. It's fucking hillarious!

Last night, well just yesterday in general, at work was absolutely CRAZINESS!!! I clocked in yesterday at 10am and clocked out at 1am. It was absolutely nuts! I then had to go to work today at 10am. I got out of there at about 3pm. My God, I'm exhausted. I thought about taking a nap, but then I'll wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep. I'm, trying to stay up until at least 10pm. Is that pathetic or what? At least, tomorrow, I don't go in until 11am. I'm just so darn tired. I can't complain b/c I made damn good money yesterday. I was able to go shopping, got rent, and still have plenty of cash left over for, ummm, shopping!!!

Ok, The Skinny on Things, that would be me. *Don't read this as some poor little skinny girl that's like. "Oh, I wish I was bigger, poor you, you're overwight and I'm NOT, ha ha!"* That is totally not what this is. I'm almost embarrassed to say how much I weigh. If you've noticed, I haven't posted any pics lately b/c I think I look sickly. I weigh freaking 76lbs, 76lbs, people. That's just gross to me. I'm not throwing up and, for God's sake, I work in a restaurant and eat like a pig. I'm really not sure what's causing this drastic weight loss. I'm going to talk to my doctor more about it when I see him in 2 weeks. I want to get up to, at least 90lbs. That would make me happy. I had some old pics with me at work today that I was going to have copies made of. Everyone wanted to see them. After looking at them, a few people said, you used to be sooo pretty. I was like, thanks ever so much! Really, my pants that I wear to work are a size 0 and you could fit a bag of ice in the front b/c they are so fucking BIG! A zero, people. I've even over heard people asking if I was sick or something b/c I'm so small. Talk about giving a single girl a complex, thanks!!!

On that lovely note, I'll bid you farewell for now. To all of you happy people that have a lovie, Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!! I'm not even going to get into what 2-14 is for me. It a sad anniversary of the single worst day of my life. Maybe later!

Scoop the Poop Every Day 'Cause You Heart Them!!!
Saturday, February 12, 2005
  On The Road Again
I just got home. I left work at about midnight and then got all dolled up (at work) to go to the annual Hearts Against AIDS event. I just wanted to see if PS's painting sold and it did. Hooray!!! They raised over 60 thousand dollars in one night. That totally rocks b/c it's for a damn good cause.

My trip to New Jersey has been cancelled due to uncontrolable circumstances. I do plan on visiting asap. But, the next trip I'll be taking will be on march 6th. I'm going to Biloxi to see the one and only Mr. Willie Nelson!!! This will be my 3rd time to see him. Can't wait! I'm ever so excited. I just wanted to share the happiness with you. I could see him in concert every night and never get sick of it. He's old, but he can still jam his ass off. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!! Did I mention that I can't wait? Ha! ha!

I just wanted to do a short post. It's funny how I was "suspended" from work this week, but got a desperate phone call last night, not asking me, but telling me to be there at 4pm. I was like, wtf? Do you people think that I have no life and just sit here awaiting your call? It was alright. I made good money and made it to my event on time. I ran into several old friends that I haven't seen in forever. It was nice to see them. We did the whole, "I'll call you and we can get together bit." I seriously doubt that I hear from any of them, but that's just how life goes. Round and round!

I'll post more interesting thoughts later. Right now, I'm just kinda brain dead at this very moment!

Scoop the Poop, TOMORROW!!!
Tuesday, February 08, 2005
  Your Suspended!
Did I wake up this morning and go back in time to high school or did I go to work? I get there at 11am to see that I've been suspended for the whole fucking week b/c I could not work sat. night. (which was my night off) I don't go back to work until monday. I mean, they don't do a shittin' thang to the servers that are stealing cases of wine and alcohol from work, but unfortunately, I could not make it in this past sat. night. Therefore, I am SUSPENDED? WTF? It's basically like throwing away hundreds of dollars, but I'm just going to look at it as a free vacation. Thank you, fab. job! Really! At least all of our bills have been paid for the month and I have some money saved. I work a double shift on V'day. That's a guaranteed 400 dollar day right there. So, as far as being "suspended", I could use the rest. I needed to catch up on my soaps anyway. Hey, I get to watch Ellen everyday this week. Squee!!!!

Miss Tigger seems to be doing lots better. She's eating, drinking, pissing, and shitting. What else could I possibly ask out of life? I get to be home with her all week now and watch over her. That's just another good thing about my suspension. Ha! Ha! I just hope that there are no visits to Dr.NNNN any time soon! The past month has been pure hell.

Did anyone out there happen to watch the Super Bowl? Um, yeah, Patriots won. Who would have EVER thought? Anyhew, Alicia Keys was absolutely outstanding singing America. That was just beautiful. The Black Eyed Pees with Earth, Wind, and Fire was awesome, BUT, Sir Paul McCartney totally rocked out at half time without showing us his nipples. It was great! The game really wasn't that bad either. The Eagles really gave them a run for it. Just wait until next year, J! E! T! S! Jets, Jets, Jets! Baby! They are going to kick ass. They actually called me for my advice on what to do in the upcoming year to make it to the Super Bowl. They are flying me to NY at the end of the month for my counseling. I wish!!!!!

I will be there at the end of the month. There is a good friend of mine that lives in Jersey, but is like 30 minutes from Ny. We haven't seen eachother in a very long time. It should be an amazing trip. I've never been to that part of the country. I'm just a little southern girl from Louisiana, now living in Mississippi. You don't get much more suthern than that. Do you? This will be the first time that I've ever flown anywhere alone. I'm actually looking foward to it. I can't wait to see New York. I really just want to do the cheesy sight seeing thang and go shopping. Look out Tiffanny's, here I come. I also want to go to the top of the Empire State bldg. and hock a luggie. (just kidding) But, I do want to go there b/c I'm terribly afraid of heights. I think that if I can go there I can go anywhere. Too bad that Hugh is finished with The Boy From Oz. You know I'd be all over that one. I do want to see the lights of Broadway at night. There are sooo many things to see and do. Can't wait, I'm telling you. This is going to be the trip of a lifetime.

Scoop the Poop...Already Did! I know, I rock!!!
Sunday, February 06, 2005
  She's Baaaack!!!
I just wanted to do a little update to let everyone know that I went to pick up Miss Tigger yesterday. Dr.NNNN says that she's doing great. She's now eating tuna and canned food. Tuna? The cat has hated tuna all of her life and now seems to love it. Craziness! She seems to be feeling 100% better and glad to be home. I know that I'm glad she's back. I think last night was the first night that I got a good night's rest since she'd been gone. When it was time for bed, I laid down and she just jumped up, got under the covers, and put her head on the pillow. Back to our normal sleeping habits. Hooray!!!

HH spent the night last night and is still here. We've going to watch the Super Bowl and pig out. Fun, fun, fun!!!! I think that I'm fixing to place our food orders and get ready to go pick that up. Then we can get home and eat, and play Mickey monopoly, and eat more. Go Eagles!!! You all know how I feel about the Patriots. Brady's hot and all, but I'm really sick of them winning. You also know that I loathe Bill Bellachicken. Oh well, my Jets aren't there, so I really don't give too much a fuck. It would just be nice to see them loose. We'll see. Maybe I'll be back later! I've got lots to talk about. As I always do. I'd just much rather do it when HH isn't here. We hardly ever see eachother, and I'm sitting here talking to you! On that note, I'll say ttfn.

Scoop the Poop and be ever so happy that you are!!!
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
  Meow, Meow, Damn It! (Translation: I Want My Mommie. DAMN IT!)
I got home from work a few hours ago and, of course, the first thing I did was call Dr.NNNN for an update. He said that Miss Tigger is doing very well. She's eating on her own and drinking. She's meowing. She's a very vocal cat that likes to talk.(she's also a VERY good listener) She's had a couple of bm's. Hooray for shit! I love it! He's still waiting for the bloodwork to come back, but he said that she seems 100% better. I'm ever so fucking happy. You just don't know. Hopefully, I'll get to pick her up sat. and bring her home. I'm just praying that the results come back a.o.k. You know? Keep sending us your prayers, good vibes, and well wishes. They seem to be working!!!

I miss her sooo much. It's so strange to come home and not be greeted by her. I know she's being taken care of very well. That eases my mind, just a bit. It's just weird to sit here on the computer without her in my lap or trying to open cabinet doors that are not to be opened.

PS is still out of town. I tried to call him earlier, but got his voice mail. He's suspossed to come home tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe they ran off and got married and he'll just leave me all of his stuff. NOT! (on the leaving me all of his stuff, not marriage!) I hope that he and J are having a well deserved good time. I'm sure they are. That's probably why he's not answering his phone.

We are having a meeting at work tonight at 10pm. That sucks! I mean, I'd much rather be at home, but we have to go. It's probably going to be a bunch of bullshit or a bitch session. I dunno? I do know that Alice is picking me up at 9:15pm. We're going to get there early and drink until the meeting starts. Yeah, nn, get drunk before the meeting? Good idea! Hey, if they want my pretty little ass up there, they'd better have a cold Bud Light waiting for me as I walk in. M'kay? I just really wanted to chill out at the spider mansion tonight. I work a double tomorrow and friday. I need a good nights sleep tonight. I was dragging ass at work today. I didn't go to bed until almost 4am and had to be up at 8:30am. My alarm went off. I thought it had to be a mistake. It couldn't possibly be 8:30am, but unfortunately, it was. Alice and I have been going to work together. She came over at about 9:30 to pick my sleepy ass up. It just makes more sense for us to ride together instead of taking both cars. We literally live like 20 feet from eachother. It's been really nice having her up there. Now, I have Alice and Nicole. Those are my girls! Everyone else can suck on donkey testicals for all I care.

I'm taking a trip at the end of the month to visit a friend in New Jersey. That should be lots of fun. I'll be there for about a week. She only lives about 30 minutes from New York. I've never been to New York or New Jersey. It should be much fun. I simply can't wait!!! Oh, there is a fellow mathlete in New York, I just remembered. I may send her an email and see if she'd like to get together or something since I'll be there for almost a week. It'd be cool to meet her!

Anyhew, I'm off to relax before this bullshit meeting! If I can't sleep tonight, I'll probably be posting again. I just keep waking up looking for Miss Tigger. Then I remember that she's in the Cool Kitty Hospital. Then I cry. Then I try to go back to sleep. Then I rinse and repeat the whole process throughout the night! It sucks. She's totally fucking up my sleep schedule, but I won't hold it against her. I know she's probably not very happy at this particular moment in time. She's never been away from me for this long. (especially in the hospital) The longest time she's ever spent at the vet was when she was a young kitty in heat and had to be fixed before she got knocked up! On that note, I'll type at y'all later!

Scoop the Poop...Hooray for SHIT!!!
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
  A Little Hope
I talked to Dr.NNNN this afternoon and he said that Tigger was grooming herself and had a bm. (which see was not doing while here) I told him that i had the money to keep her ther until sat. I don't know if I've mentioned it on here yet, but it's 75 dollars a day to have her there. I told him that and Dr.NNNN said that they might not even have to keep her there that long. SQUEEE!!! I'm soo fucking happy, people. If anything were to happen to that cat, that cat, huh, that little person with a beautiful fur coat, I would go through an emotional breakdown. I'm just trying to stay positive about the whole situation. The anti-anxiety meds are really helping also.

I just feel sooo much better since I spoke to him. I really don't expect her to die on me. I'm just going to continue to pray and keep good thoughts, good vibes, good karma, good everything.

I work lunch tomorrow. When I get off I'm going to drive an hour to visit her. Can't wait. It was sooo sad when I came home earlier and she was not here to greet me. Ps went to visit his man until thurs. I work a double thurs and fri. I'm kinda glad b/c working takes my mind off of my sad, sad life.

Scoop the Poop!!!
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