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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
  Meow, Meow, Damn It! (Translation: I Want My Mommie. DAMN IT!)
I got home from work a few hours ago and, of course, the first thing I did was call Dr.NNNN for an update. He said that Miss Tigger is doing very well. She's eating on her own and drinking. She's meowing. She's a very vocal cat that likes to talk.(she's also a VERY good listener) She's had a couple of bm's. Hooray for shit! I love it! He's still waiting for the bloodwork to come back, but he said that she seems 100% better. I'm ever so fucking happy. You just don't know. Hopefully, I'll get to pick her up sat. and bring her home. I'm just praying that the results come back a.o.k. You know? Keep sending us your prayers, good vibes, and well wishes. They seem to be working!!!

I miss her sooo much. It's so strange to come home and not be greeted by her. I know she's being taken care of very well. That eases my mind, just a bit. It's just weird to sit here on the computer without her in my lap or trying to open cabinet doors that are not to be opened.

PS is still out of town. I tried to call him earlier, but got his voice mail. He's suspossed to come home tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe they ran off and got married and he'll just leave me all of his stuff. NOT! (on the leaving me all of his stuff, not marriage!) I hope that he and J are having a well deserved good time. I'm sure they are. That's probably why he's not answering his phone.

We are having a meeting at work tonight at 10pm. That sucks! I mean, I'd much rather be at home, but we have to go. It's probably going to be a bunch of bullshit or a bitch session. I dunno? I do know that Alice is picking me up at 9:15pm. We're going to get there early and drink until the meeting starts. Yeah, nn, get drunk before the meeting? Good idea! Hey, if they want my pretty little ass up there, they'd better have a cold Bud Light waiting for me as I walk in. M'kay? I just really wanted to chill out at the spider mansion tonight. I work a double tomorrow and friday. I need a good nights sleep tonight. I was dragging ass at work today. I didn't go to bed until almost 4am and had to be up at 8:30am. My alarm went off. I thought it had to be a mistake. It couldn't possibly be 8:30am, but unfortunately, it was. Alice and I have been going to work together. She came over at about 9:30 to pick my sleepy ass up. It just makes more sense for us to ride together instead of taking both cars. We literally live like 20 feet from eachother. It's been really nice having her up there. Now, I have Alice and Nicole. Those are my girls! Everyone else can suck on donkey testicals for all I care.

I'm taking a trip at the end of the month to visit a friend in New Jersey. That should be lots of fun. I'll be there for about a week. She only lives about 30 minutes from New York. I've never been to New York or New Jersey. It should be much fun. I simply can't wait!!! Oh, there is a fellow mathlete in New York, I just remembered. I may send her an email and see if she'd like to get together or something since I'll be there for almost a week. It'd be cool to meet her!

Anyhew, I'm off to relax before this bullshit meeting! If I can't sleep tonight, I'll probably be posting again. I just keep waking up looking for Miss Tigger. Then I remember that she's in the Cool Kitty Hospital. Then I cry. Then I try to go back to sleep. Then I rinse and repeat the whole process throughout the night! It sucks. She's totally fucking up my sleep schedule, but I won't hold it against her. I know she's probably not very happy at this particular moment in time. She's never been away from me for this long. (especially in the hospital) The longest time she's ever spent at the vet was when she was a young kitty in heat and had to be fixed before she got knocked up! On that note, I'll type at y'all later!

Scoop the Poop...Hooray for SHIT!!!
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