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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
  Your Suspended!
Did I wake up this morning and go back in time to high school or did I go to work? I get there at 11am to see that I've been suspended for the whole fucking week b/c I could not work sat. night. (which was my night off) I don't go back to work until monday. I mean, they don't do a shittin' thang to the servers that are stealing cases of wine and alcohol from work, but unfortunately, I could not make it in this past sat. night. Therefore, I am SUSPENDED? WTF? It's basically like throwing away hundreds of dollars, but I'm just going to look at it as a free vacation. Thank you, fab. job! Really! At least all of our bills have been paid for the month and I have some money saved. I work a double shift on V'day. That's a guaranteed 400 dollar day right there. So, as far as being "suspended", I could use the rest. I needed to catch up on my soaps anyway. Hey, I get to watch Ellen everyday this week. Squee!!!!

Miss Tigger seems to be doing lots better. She's eating, drinking, pissing, and shitting. What else could I possibly ask out of life? I get to be home with her all week now and watch over her. That's just another good thing about my suspension. Ha! Ha! I just hope that there are no visits to Dr.NNNN any time soon! The past month has been pure hell.

Did anyone out there happen to watch the Super Bowl? Um, yeah, Patriots won. Who would have EVER thought? Anyhew, Alicia Keys was absolutely outstanding singing America. That was just beautiful. The Black Eyed Pees with Earth, Wind, and Fire was awesome, BUT, Sir Paul McCartney totally rocked out at half time without showing us his nipples. It was great! The game really wasn't that bad either. The Eagles really gave them a run for it. Just wait until next year, J! E! T! S! Jets, Jets, Jets! Baby! They are going to kick ass. They actually called me for my advice on what to do in the upcoming year to make it to the Super Bowl. They are flying me to NY at the end of the month for my counseling. I wish!!!!!

I will be there at the end of the month. There is a good friend of mine that lives in Jersey, but is like 30 minutes from Ny. We haven't seen eachother in a very long time. It should be an amazing trip. I've never been to that part of the country. I'm just a little southern girl from Louisiana, now living in Mississippi. You don't get much more suthern than that. Do you? This will be the first time that I've ever flown anywhere alone. I'm actually looking foward to it. I can't wait to see New York. I really just want to do the cheesy sight seeing thang and go shopping. Look out Tiffanny's, here I come. I also want to go to the top of the Empire State bldg. and hock a luggie. (just kidding) But, I do want to go there b/c I'm terribly afraid of heights. I think that if I can go there I can go anywhere. Too bad that Hugh is finished with The Boy From Oz. You know I'd be all over that one. I do want to see the lights of Broadway at night. There are sooo many things to see and do. Can't wait, I'm telling you. This is going to be the trip of a lifetime.

Scoop the Poop...Already Did! I know, I rock!!!
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