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Thursday, April 21, 2005
  Cleaning The Pipes
Ok, people, I did the greatest and funniest entry earlier and just when I was about to post it; fucking Blogger decided to shut down. I'm just going to give you the short version of it. M'kay?

I know that I don't get many, if any,comments. I've only gotten one about my men on the right. That took us (well, mainly PS) a lot of time to do. I want your opinion. Is that to much to ask? I know your there and I know your reading b/c that little rainbow box at the bottom of this page is called a site meter. C'mon already! Is it fabulous? Is it tacky? Am I pathetic? Does it make my blog look prettier? I really want to know what you think. Now comment, damn it! It's been a really BAD day!

It all started late last night/early this morning. I went to flush the toilet and it started to over flow. I finally got it to stop. Someone tried to break into my house at a little after 4am. I turned on all of the lights and then went outside and yelled that I had the police on the phone in one hand and a gun in the other. I didn't see anyone, but needless to say I didn't go back to sleep after that whole ordeal. I'm now tired and very cranky and have to work a double tomorrow.

This morning, PS gets home from work and we went into the bathroom to see what we could do. Well, we made it get all over the floor again and were able to stop it, but could not even go to the bathroom. I had to wait until I got to work for I do not have the luxury of pissing off of the porch. I had to call a plumber. He said that he could come at 11:30am. That's nice and all, but PS needed to go to bed and I had to go to work. I asked if he could be here around 2pm. He agreed. I busted my ass trying to leave work and get home by 2pm. Wouldn't you know that the one damn day that I need to leave early, we're busy as shit. I made it home at about 10 after 2pm and plumber man was shortly behind me. He came in, tore up our bathroom, unclogged the toilet, and left me with a big NASTY mess to clean for the small price of 200 freaking dollars. (we are going to try and deduct it from the rent, hope so) Oh, and plumberman said not to flush anything down the toilet. I was like, ok. He said not even toilet paper. WTF? Are you telling me that every time we go to the restroom that we're going to have to take the garbage out? Has our freaking bathroom turned into a fucking litter box? Meow!@?

I'm now convinced that I am psychic. When I was talking about my strange dreams that I had tues. night, one of them was that someone had broken into the house. It was Brad Pitt and John Goodman. They were stealing our amazing record collection that doesn't exist. (now do you see either of them to the right of the screen? me neither.) I was dreaming that Pepe had come over and was talking to me. I then woke up and Brando was standing at the front door. (very unlike him) I thought that it was just PS coming home from work and having trouble with the door. Then I looked outside to see that it was still dark. That's when I got the fuck up and tried to pretend that I'm a little Billy bad ass.

So that has been my fantabulous past 24 hours! How was yours? I'm off to get some damn sleep. I guess that I'll end up taking an Ambien unless I want to be up all night. So there you go, top that!!!

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