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Monday, December 27, 2004
  I Don't Want To Go To Moo Moo's
I need cigarettes and I need a Coke. (yeah, for those of you that read on a regular basis, the quitting all things brown has gone to shit!) I tried for like 2 days, but obviously, it didn't work very well. I can't help it. Though I will say that I have cut back on the coffee and Coke's/Dr.Pepper's a lot!!! Anyway, there is a store like less than a mile away from my house. It's not called Moo Moo's, but that just what we call it b/c the lady that owns it is always wearing a big Moo Moo and we don't know her name. So, there, she shall now be referred to as Moo Moo. She's a very sweet southern Christian lady that says, "God bless you" when you leave, but will keep you there talking gosssip for 30 fucking minutes when all you want is your fucking cigarettes and a coke and want to leave a get back to the comforts of home. Damn It!!! So, now, as I look at my cigarettes, I see that I only have 4 left, fuck, looks like I'm going to Moo Moo's. I wouldn't mind it as much, but they sell chicken there and when you leave, you smell like that for the rest of the day. I've gotten beer there and got home to open it and the can smelled like greasy chicken that had been under a heat lamp for years. Yeah, I'm going to Moo Moo's!!!

Ok! Does everyone want to hear what my dumb ass did this morning? Do Ya? NO! Too bad. I forgot to look at the schedule after our 2nd X-mas work party the other night and did not know if I had to work this morning or not. (even though I'd already asked off, duh) Seeing that I didn't know if I had to work or not, I just pretended that I did. I went to bed early last night, instead of having fun watching hours Of Mystery Science Theatre with PS and MCM. I got up this morning and took a shower and got dressed in our 20 degree home. I then headed to work. I got there 30 minutes early only to walk in and find out, that yes, you stupid bitch, you have the day off!!! Needless to say I felt like a complete dumb ass. I could have stayed under the comforts of my new electric blanket with Miss Tigger. Oh well, I guess it's better than staying in my comfort zone only to get a phone call from work at 10am wondering where in the fuck I am. So, I guess I did a good thing. I dunno! I do have to work every day for the rest of the week. I work tomorrow night, wed. morning, then I double thurs. and fri. Oh, I'm off on sat. That's cool! I want to work fri. It's not like I had any plans anyway, but from what I've been told by my co-workers is that you can easily make 1000 dollars on New Year's Eve. Hell yeah!!! I'll take your money and go shopping sat. and sun. b/c I'm off work. Hooray!!!

I really don't want to talk about my Jets game against you know who yesterday. They lost and we'll just leave it at that. I must say that one of the NFL's greatest players died this weekend, Reggie White. He was a fucking awesome player. He played for the Packers when (Bubba) Brett Farve just started. May you rest in peace and may heaven be better than any Super Bowl ever. Uhhh! Now, I'm crying. I'm telling you Eliza is on her way b/c for the past few days, I've been crying at the drop of a hat.

Oooh, you know what I just realized, I've had my sweet little blog for a year now. Happy Birthday to me!!! Yeah! And they said it wouldn't last!?!

Alright, bye everyone. I hope that you've enjoyed hearing about stupid shit in my life. I'm off to Moo Moo's!

Scoop the Poop, Ummm, later, w-a-y later!!! (I't stinky at the moment.)
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