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Monday, December 20, 2004
  Sistahs Are Doing It For Themselves
HH and I just got home from the mall. We went out to dinner where I work. Of course, it was wonderful. We had seviche, gumbo, and seafood pasta. HH drank a strawberry daiquri and I had a few cups of coffee b/c I'M FUCKING EXHAUSTED!!! I worked like ALL last week. There was a party after work sat. at the owner's house and I HAD to go. It didn't get started until after midnight. Everyone from work was there. There were drinks, shots, and grrreat food. Oh, and salsa dancing!

I DON'T DANCE! I'm always embarassed and think that everyone is going to laugh at me. I ended up dancing salsa with one of the guys from work. He really doesn't speak good (or much) English and kept saying, "NN, dance?" while waving his hand like "come here!" I was like, "no, NN don't dance, NN DON'T dance, NN, DON'T DANCE!" (unless she's really, really drunk and I was not) Finally, when he started that Miss L and D (the owners) were like, "come on, come on, NN, it's so easy!" Ok. How do I say no to the most awesome bosses ever? So, what do I do? I salsa my little ass off and after about 2 or 3 songs, I must say that I was pretty damn good. The party was awesome and I'm so glad that I went. Everyone from work was there and it was fun just to hang out and not be working. I finally left and got home some time after 4am. Yeah!!!

The next day was football sunday for HH and I. I woke up late and my game started at noon. I went and picked up HH and we went to a sports bar and watched my Jets! They kicked ass and played fabulously. They just need to keep it up and do it next sunday b/c they play the Patriots. You know, the Super Bowl Champs that I fucking hate with a passion. Though their quarterback is hot, their coach is a puss and I just hate them. They always seem to get all of these chincy calls in their favor. Send good vibes to the Jets through the computer where they can kick some ass. If you're a Patriots fan, GO AWAY!!!

Anyway, HH spent the night last night. We got home and watched the SpongeBob SquarePants movie. I gave her one of her presents, the Charlie Brown Christmas on dvd. She loved it. I had to go to work this morning. While I was at work. PS and HH watched Elf, Charlie Brown X-mas, and probably even Ellen. Glad they had fun while I was busting my ass waiting tables and being stuck in traffic! I got home at about 3:30 and HH and I decided to get dressed and have dinner and see if we could brave the traffic to the mall to get our shit done. We ate and then went to the mall. I took HH to get her ears pierced. They look so good. The girl really did a good job. HH looks just too cute. I love it when she's around. We then went and got Alice's birthday present. They didn't have what I wanted to get her. She collects Alice in Wonderland stuff and I got her a Cheshire cat piggy bank that's pretty big and looks cool. I also got her some hand towels with him on them. I'm not sure if she has this stuff or not. Like I said before, I haven't got anything for anyone that I wouldn't have for myself. Oh, and while I was there I got myself a Cheshire cat alarm clock. It's an old timy looking clock with the little thing in the middle that goes left to right ringing the silver bells when it goes off. Hey, I needed an alarm clock. I kept using PS's and I know that he wanted it back. Now, I just need to go and buy some batteries and some light bulbs!

(PS cleaned my light holder thingy in my room and it's so pretty. It's like totally 70's tan and green glass. It looks so very nice.) Today I gave him his book (He's Just Not That Into You) b/c I wanted to know what was in that box that I'd been eyeing for weeks. I only wanted it b/c he told HH what it was and I had to know. I gave him his book (he loves it, i think?) and he gave me a black and blue Elvis umbrella with a purse to match that has shiny rhinestones all over it. I told you that PS is a fucking wonderful gift giver. I hate it when it rains b/c my car leaks, but now, I want it to rain just where I can look oh so fab with my new umbrella and purse. I'm a hand bag whore. I have hundreds and have managed to carry the same one almost every day for a year. Pathetic, huh?

Tomorrow, HH and I plan on waking up early and going to visit Alice. Her mother and sister are coming in town so we're going to do that whole female bonding thing and I'm giving Alice her birthday presents tomorrow. I can't hold on to a present for shit. Her Birthday is thurs. I've had Alice, Mike's, and PS's X-mas gifts in my room for a few weeks now and I'm DYING to give them. I only have one more to give PS, but I must complete it first. Well, I'm off. I have to work a double wed. and work thurs. morning and then I'm off until tuesday, I think!?!

Scoop the Poop and Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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