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Thursday, July 15, 2004
  Two For The Price Of One
A few years ago this scruffy old cat came wondering up to the Kitty Ranch a.k.a. my parent's house. The cat was black and looked like he'd definitely been around the block a time or two. My sister named him Bobby b/c he had a bobbed tail. Personally, I think that he lost it in a fight. They should have named him Scarface. It took her a while, but after feeding him A LOT, he'd finally let her pet him. But, NO ONE ELSE!

About two or three weeks ago he came up on the porch and his eyeball was looking like it was about to fall out. I called the house and my sister and mother were freaking out about it and said that they were taking him to the vet. He behaved very well considering that he's so wild. Of course, he had to spend the night there where they could fix his eye. My mother decided that since he was going to be there for him to have "the works". He got a bath, all of his little scars and bo-bo's were medicated, oh-and, he was neutered! They found out that Bobby was 15 years old and in reasonably good health. This is a good thing!! I just felt kinda sorry for him, loosing his two balls just b/c one of them (above the waste) was injured.

I'm all about having your pets fixed, but this poor guy is 15. He had to be thinking, "where in the hell are my balls?" when he woke up. But, let me tell you, since Bobby has returned home, he has been the sweetest kitty. Probably one of the sweetest at the Kitty Ranch. He just hangs out on the porch and wants you to rub his belly or feed him. (which he'd never let me do before) It just got me thinking that if being neutered makes males so sweet and nice than they should all go ahead and reproduce and then be fixed. Though there are some out there that should not even be allowed to reproduce, they should just be neutered!!

Scoop the poop and keep your eye on all of your balls!!!
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