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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
  Just A Little Bitching!!!
First of all, people here can NOT drive worth a shit! I don't know if it's the heat or what. They just go mad. I was almost ran over by an 18 wheeler who was on MY ASS and I was already going 10 miles over the speed limit! What an ASSHOLE!! Just because I drive a little car gives you no right to do that! OK, FUCKER!!

Second, I did some things that I should NOT have done today. I am now suffering from it. I will not go into detail, but my heart has yet received more scars to add to it's many years of hurting. It hurts, but life goes on, right?

Third, all of this shit that has gone down with PS and his retarded little ex just pisses me off. The nerve of that little shit! I want to kick his ass myself for even talking to my baby like he did. I probably could kick his ass. We are about the same size, but I'm a hell of a lot meaner than he could ever wish to be!!

Wow, now that most of that is out I do feel a bit better. I'm thinking of getting a hair cut soon. I know you're all like, "ooh! A hair cut!" but I'm talking like getting it ALL cut off. Like all, but two to three inches. I don't know if you've seen my photos on here, but it is long and grows REALLY fast. All I do is wear it in a pony tail, so I think that my pony tail will be gone by the weekend. I mean, I drive a convertible with no a/c. I have to drive with the top down to be able to breathe! If I don't wear a hat, my hair looks like shit by the time I get anywhere. Even when I wear my hat, I take the hat off and my hair looks crazy!! I've had it short before and it really is great to be able to wash it, put some pomade in it, run your fingers through it, make it look snazzy, and you're off to go. My how much easier it will be!

Enough about my hair. I'll post a photo when I get it done. We'll do a before and after. Just don't send me mail saying that you don't like it!!

Scoop the poop, not today, because you are a Jedi Master!!!



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