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Thursday, July 29, 2004
  Getting Burned
Written on 7-22-04  3:40pm
HH and I are over at Miss LL's condo swimming and laying out. FUN!!! That's right,NN, keep telling yourself that you're not fair complected and will eventually become a golden tan like your mother and sister. HA! This will happen right after you burn, yeah right!?


HH and I decided to go inside and use Miss LL's restroom. BUT, the door leading from the pool to the condo was locked and Miss LL was at work. AHHH!!! So, I walked around to the front. The door leading into the condo was LOCKED! She has this crazy old lady that lives across from her that and she has seemed to make it her mission in life to make sure that ALL doors are locked at ALL times. Crazy old bitch!

Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here in my bikini (b/c my purse, keys, and everything else are in Miss LL's condo) and getting chewed on by mosquito's! Oh, and yes, I still have to pee badly! I've drank like a gallon of sweet tea. (You know how us southerners luv our sweet tea!) Luckily, I found a sweet neighbor that let me call Miss LL at work and tell her the situation. She said that she'd be there in a minute. She works like 2 minutes away.


Miss LL just came and left us her keys! She is so sweet! She and her sister are about the only two females in this town that are worth a shit. Now, we're back poolside. I must say that though it is hot as the depths of hell out here, I'm having a wonderful time watching HH having so much fun! HH's has been wanting to do this for a while, but unfortunate circumstances have kept this from happening. I started to feel as if I'd let her down by not taking her swimming, but NOT TODAY! Today, I'm the best fucking big sister in the world. I'm her fav-o-rite sister. Shit, I better be b/c I'm her only sister. Heee!!! Going to swim some more laps now! Yes, I'm doing the whole exercise daily thing, but no, I'm not watching my carbs. Fuck, I weigh like 90lbs. But, I will be totally hot in a month or two. Heee!!!


We're just laying here drying off. I still have to go and check on my friend's el gato and go by Miss LL's work and give her keys back to her. All of this needs to be done before we even think of heading home. I'm then planning on doing some research on this whole epilepsy thing. I saw some shit on my uncle's computer the other night that scared the hell out of me. Apparently, I've had a few seizures since I've gotten out of the hospital and just thought that I was sick. Oh well, We're off!!!


El gato is fine and I gave Miss LL her keys back. I'm now debating if I want to go out tonight or not. Ummm, NOT!!!
Ok, now I'm back to Thursday the 29th and just have a few things to say. PS and I made it official on Saturday that YES we are moving in together at the end of August. I can't wait. His brother said that we could pretty much do whatevah we wanted to the house. (I'm not sure if you have gay friends, but, the males are fab-u-lous decorators!) Our house will look like beautiful things (furniture, knick knacks, etc.) meets the Disney store. Heee!!! We both collect toys. Well, I mostly collect Mickey Mouse, but PS collects them ALL!!

We are having a party on the 6th of September. PS's 23rd b'day is on the 5th, but that is on a Thursday, and that just ain't a good thing! By then, we'll be settled into our home. Our pictures will be out. Our artwork will be on the walls, and our bathroom will be wonderful.

I've only had one reservation about moving in with my best friend. I've had MANY roommates. I talk to none of them ever b/c they sucked. One thing that I will say is that if I see that living together is causing problems with our friendship, then I WILL move out b/c I love him that much. I don't EVER want us to be old roommates that lived together and now hate eachother. I plan on being his very best friend until death do us part. I must say that I have a really good feeling about us moving in together. I think that the age difference will help a lot. I CAN't WAIT!!!

Yes, I got all of my hair cut off. It kind of looks like Halle Berry's in Swordfish. (Another movie starring my hot Hugh!) I do plan on posting a picture, but it will have to wait until Monday b/c that is PS's first day off work and he'll have to help me do it. Everyone says that they like it. I do to. It is awesome to be able to ride with my top down and not wear a baseball cap. By the time I get anywhere, it looks the same as it did when I left the house. So, check it out on Monday and let me know what you think!

Miss LL and I are going to Vicksburg Saturday to see a concert at the Ameristar and spending the night. We will start with a wonderful meal. We will then see this concert. We will then party like it's 1999 in our hotel room. The next day, we are driving over to my home town to visit my brother and my cousin for the day. It's only an hour away. We'll probably head home at about 4pm and be totally exhausted, but exhausted by FUN!!!

Have a absolutely fabulous weekend everyone! TTFN

Scoop the poop, even though it's an automatic litter box, they suck!!!


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