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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
  Talk To Me, Yoda
Yes, I went to see Star Wars again yesterday with Matt. Once again, it was fucking AWESOME!!! (He drove.M'kay?) We then stopped by Toys R Us. That is where I found my Yoda. I love him. I had to have him. He's basically like the magic eight ball, but Yoda style. You ask him a yes or no question and he answers. I've had sooo much fun playing with him.

It's pouring down rain here at the moment. I'm just sitting here with the door open trying to get some fresh air in this smoke polluted home of mine. I'm going back to work on friday night. I'll work friday night and again saturday night. Since I have so much time off (but can't drive), I'm having my hair done tomorrow by the one and only gay man to touch my head, Mr.CM. He's wonderful. I'll have to post a pic of what it looks like when it's done. I then am having my nails done on thursday. Since I have sooo much time off, I've decided to make myself purdy. Thank God for Mr. Matt. He's ever so sweet to drive me around. I think that he's just going to come over later tonight and spend the night, since my hair apt. is at 10am. Then the next day, my nail apt is at 2pm. That's not too bad.

I just wish that I could be doing more productive things while I have so much time off. But, I can't ask Matt to just put his life on hold and drive me everywhere. I wish I could, but he also has a life of his own, damn it!!!

I guess I'll be going now. I'm going to watch the news and see what in the hell the weather is going to do since I live on Tornado Ln. I'll probably be back later since I'm stuck at the house. I guess I could start typing up a few things that I need to get started on. I'll go into more detail later. (or not?) Have a great week and happy reading!

Just go ahead and read, afterall, did no one tell you that I'm the nicest fucking person that I know?! You can email me at catsinthetub@hotmail.com, go ahead, make my day!

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