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Saturday, May 28, 2005
  Everything Bad Comes All AT Once, Hopefully, It Will All Leave At Once
Ok, so you know about my seizure that I had at work not this past thurs, but the one before. I really didn't have a whole day that I could lay around, do nothing, and relax. That was my plan for thurs. b/c I had to work fri. night. I was going to lay in bed, basically until it was time to get ready for my first shift back. But, no...

Anyway, PS comes into my room at like 8am on thurs. My Mom is on the phone. The very first thing I say to her is, "what in the holy hell are you doing calling me soo freaking early?" Her reply, (that made me feel like total shit) "I'm on my way to the emergency room. I'm having chest pains and my dr. told me to get to the hospital!" Oh My God, I jumped up. I was totally freaking out. Deep breathes, lots of them. I quickly got dressed and packed a bag just in case we had to spend the night and we did. I got to the er and she was in a room reading a book and waiting. I think they ran every test on her humanly possibly on her.

We ended up spending the night thurs. and most of fri. They let her go this morning, but she has to go back to the heart dr. next week for a stress test. I was sooo fucking scared. I mean, my mom has never been in the hospital, not in my adult life. The whole chest pain thing was totally freaking me out. Anyhew, she's now at home and feeling fine. She is on a heart healthy diet. She needed that. She's not fat, by any means, she just loves to eat junk. I'll be there for her next week. Hopefully everything will be ok.

Tonight was my first night back at work since the big seizure. I loved it, when I walked in, everyone was so happy to see me. That's like my second family. I love them. They said that since I'm on a high dosage of my meds, that they wanted to take baby steps and for me not to over do it. I waited on two tables and made 50 bucks. That was cool. After that, Miss L told me to go home while it was still light and to call her when I got here. How sweet is that? I mean, they really do care. My schedule for next week is: I work wed. night, thurs. morning, and sat. night. They said that if, after that, I was feeling like my old self, than we would put me back to my normal full time shifts, but they are mainly concerned about my health. I know that I've said it a 1000 times before, but I don't know what I did to deserve such a great job with people that I do consider family.

Tomorrow, a few people from work are going to go canoeing. I told them to call me and tell me what time. I might go if I'm not too tired. I've never been on a canoe trip before. It sounds like fun, but I think it's suspossed to rain all day tomorrow. We'll see!

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