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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
  I Hate Home Depot And Tony M. (Weatherguy) "You Know Who You Are!"
Well, I did it. I got my lazy ass up and went there this afternoon to look at tiles. The only tiles that they have in any color of blue are 4inches x 4inches. I need fucking 12x12, damn it! The only thing that they had in that size was beige, brown, white, Fucking earthtones. NO! I am a woman of color. Urrrrgh!!! The tile helper guy told me of a store downtown that might could help me. Yeah, and they'll probably cost 5 dollars each and I need 30. I will get this project done cheaply if it kills me!!!

While I was there I picked out a few color samples for my door that Mr. Stupid can't admit that he secretly wants to have sex with men, but is married, said that I couldn't do today b/c it was suspossed to rain. Hey Tony, you stupid closeted fuck, I have yet to see a fucking drop. Thanks for totally screwing up my day. Oh, deep breath!!! I also got a few more plants. Only four. I got a cactus that blooms these lovely hot pink flowers, a Gerber daisy pot with pale pink, (they are mutants. had to have them.), I also got a Freesia (hot pink, of course) plant, and a Guzmania plant. It has these long green palm looking things all over the sides, but in the middle is similar kinds of thing, but they are pink and that's all that matters. Screw you, it's my porch and pink is my favorite color. The funny thing is that if I keep getting plants at the rate I'm going, you're not going to be able to walk out there.

I've got to show PS the paint samples and see what he thinks. There is one that's called Ruby Ring that is a deep red that I really like. BUT, there is one that is made by Disney and called Code Red. I like this one b/c it's a very vibrant red. Not to mention that it would be super cute that the front door matches my car. Am I pathetic or what? Maybe my doctor can answer that for me in the morning. I get to see Dr.MM at 10am. (I just asked PS what color he'd pick. He said the Ruby Red. I agree!)

I then get to come home and lounge around until I have to be at work by 4:30pm. Fabulous. I better make some cash tomorrow. Like I said in previous posts, I better make lots of money all freaking weekend.

Oh, and earlier, I was asleep and I had this dream that my Mom and I were talking and she said that she was going to Texas this weekend. This would have really fucked everything that I had planned for her Mother's day. I called her and guess what she fucking said!!! Go ahead, make my fucking day!!! She said that she and my sister were leaving sat. and coming home sun. night. My God Woman, you make it sooo hard for someone to do something nice for you. You do know this, don't you? Also, another dream to prove that, yes, I am psychic!

I had made reservations at my work for my family for noon. I was going to greet my Mom with a dozen of her favorite roses. Then, when they were finished eating, HH and I were going to present our cards and gifts. To make it even more," Oh, NN, you're such a wonderful daughter, I wish I had 10 of you," I was going to pay the bill!!!! Thanks a lot Mom. Happy Freaking Mother's Day! I hope you have a safe trip!

PS woke me up this morning when he got home and we watched a few episodes of my new favorite show, Dead Like Me. I'd heard of it, but never wanted to start watching b/c, we don't have cable. That's ok b/c, PS now owns all of the first season. That is what I'll be doing tonight!

Oh, I just had to say that I also think People magazine sucks also. I purchased the one with the 50 most beautiful people in it. I just knew that I was going to see some Hugh in there, but hell no. Am I the only person on this planet that thinks that he's absolutely fucking perfect? Guess so! It did have three men from my MEOW list. It had Matthew (for his lovely abs), Ewan, and the Lost guy. I guess according to People magazine, I don't have bad taste in men afterall.

Going to drink non carbonitated drinks and glue myself to the tele. Have a wonderful evening!
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