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Sunday, May 22, 2005
  Been Laid Up And Drugged Up
Sorry that I have not posted in a while, but I had another grand maul seizure at work thursday. It was sooo embarrassing! I was in the kitchen with Alice polishing silverware. I told her that I felt funny and thought that maybe I needed to vomit. She said that my eyes were completely dilated and to run to the restroom. I made it there and quickly threw up. Don't remember much after that. I was told that I was seizing and banging my head against the tile floor. One of my co-workers grabbed a bag of linens and put under my head. I was in FULL seizure mode, it sucked. Once I was kinda coming out of it, I just remember throwing a spoon at whomever put it in my mouth and said, "NO!" Funny, huh!

Anyway, Alice gave me a ride home since we live 5 feet from eachother. I certainly could not drive. I just got my car home today. My father went and got me some groceries and picked up my meds. I drove (very s-l-o-w) and he followed behind me. So now, Christopher is safe at home. I hate this. I feel like total shit. My body is so very sore. I feel like I've had the shit beat out of myself. I went to my Dr. the next day and he increased my Neurontin from 100mg 3x's a day to 300mgs 3x's a day. So, basically, I'm laid up and can't drive or do shit until I get used to the new dosage. This totally sucks because I don't want to do anything. The only reason that I'm here now is because, the headache that I've had since thursday has finally gone away. I'm sure it will return. It always does.

What really sucked is that I was suspossed to work a double friday and a party saturday that requested me. I basically missed out on about 400 dollars. That blows. Thank God that I have money saved up. Work also owes me a check for 130 dollars tomorrow. I'll find a way to get that bitch and cash it. I got to get my hair done on wednesday. Hell, if I'm going to be laid up for a few days, I might as well make myself pretty, yeah? I'll just take a cab if I have to. I took one to the store the other night. I was out of smokes and NEEDED them. I paid 10 dollars for a ride to get a pack of smokes. I then got home and only smoked like three. I guess, I just needed the comfort of knowing that I had them if I wanted one. I know, I'm pathetic. Really don't give a shit at this point.

This has totally fucked up projects that I've been working on. Work! Everything. It's basically like it was a year ago. I take my meds and then about two hours later, I'm sleeping like a rockstar! I hope to be back at work by thursday. That's if I can walk a straight line and speak properly. One of the side effects is slurred speech and you feel like your off balance. Totally sucks! I hate my life at this particular moment in time, but at least I got to see Star Wars. I want to see it again tomorrow. I just need to find a ride. Good luck to me on that one! Maybe, I'll just call a fucking cab!

It was sooo weird last night. I was on the computer chatting with a friend and Brando would not leave me alone. He was all up in my face and totally distracting me. I then quickly felt ill and had to run to the bathroom and vomit. He was right there. It was like he knew that I was about to be ill and was trying to tell me. I then just went to sleep. Speaking of, I think I'm going to take a nap before the season finally of Desperate Housewives. Later!

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