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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
  Princess Audrey
This is just a little post about my day. M'kay? My alarm went off at 8am and I crawled out of bed at 9:15. I washed my hair and threw on a little make up. I then hauled ass to work. I made 60 dollars off of 3 tables today. That's cool. I left work at about 2:15pm and by the grace of God; I don't have to return until thurs. night. Hooray!!!!

I came home and was unwinding from work. I was talking to Pepe and he said that he had to go and vote. (for mayor) I'd totally forgotten that we voted today. So... off, I went. I voted. I then went to one of our local camera stores JUST to get a picture frame. I ended up buying the frame, a wind chime thingy, and this rather large stain glassed flower. I put it next to the flowers that PS and I planted. I then went to the video store and rented Closer, Ladykillers, and Meet The Fockers. Of course, I purchased my Where The Buffalo Roam that they ordered just for me! They love me!!!

I was thinking earlier about how much that I'm going to miss PS. I'm missing the shit out of him right now and it's only been since sat. What am I going to do when he moves? I'm just REALLY going to miss him while feeling emptiness in this old house. I must say that he's the best roomie that I've ever had and I'm not just saying that!

Ok, on a perkier note! This is what I'm going to do when PS moves out: I'm hiring a maid to come in and clean this house from top to bottom. I'm going to get another kitty. I've decided that I want another Norwegian long hair, like Miss Tigger. It would also give Brando someone to play with while I'm at work. I think that it'll be a good thing. They can just run through the house and play, eat, and shit! (If there is reincarnation, I want to come back as a pampered house cat. Their lives are so easy and relaxing!) Poor kitties!

I'm sorry to say that there will be no fucking red door any time soon. Wouldn't you know that on my ONE day off, we're going to have scattered showers! WTF? I am going to get motivated tomorrow and get my tiles and start on my mosaics for around the trees. I'm not sure if I told you, but I'm going to use three different colors of blue. I want a deep sapphire blue, a sky blue, and then a very pale/pastel blue. I need ten of each color and some grout and glaze. Then it's on like a canary bone.

I'm off to watch Meet The Fockers!

Just go ahead and read, afterall, did no one tell you that I'm the nicest fucking person that I know?! You can email me at catsinthetub@hotmail.com, go ahead, make my day!

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