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Saturday, December 13, 2003
  About Me
Hello, I am NN. I am 27 years old. I live in Mississippi. I am orginally from Louisiana where I lived for nearly 20 years. I am a drug dealer. (Currently not working, but will be back the first of the year to an awesome job that I have worked at for a few years.) Why I have been out of work is another story for another day. Anyway, yeah, I'm a drug dealer. I work in a hospital pharmacy. My job consists of delivering IV's, filling machines with narcotics, antibiotics, etc. I also mix the IV bags. That is what I like best. It is cool to have that responsibility. I mean this is someone's life. If you mess up that could result in death. Fortunately, I have not messed up and pray that I never do. It really is a fun job. I'm a nursing student so I am learning from my job. This is a plus.
I never read online journals until a few months ago. A friend recommended that I check it out. I am a total computer idiot. Everything you see here is me teaching myself, so bear with me. I have kept written journals for twenty years and thought that it would be good to put them out there where others can read and let me know what they think if they like. Recently I have spent up to 12 hours a day reading other journals. There are a few that I check out often and will post soon. I had a change of plans this evening and decided to go for it.
I currently do not wish to discuss my love life, but yes, I have one. It is just like yours. It is confusing, romantic, painful, exciting, challenging, and every now and then results in grrrreat sex! This is something that I might talk about one day, or not. It just depends. Right now it is just there and I don't really know what to say about it, except that I would like more of that grrrreat sex!
Tigger is a Norweigan long hair kitty. She is 10 years old and a fat 12 pounds. She is currently on a diet and hates me for it. She is the first cat to train me to be a good human. I have had plenty of pets before, but she is not my pet. She is my companion. She never bitches about the weird things that I do. She never questions my judgement. She is just there to love me. (And to get fur all over everything that I own.)Oh, and she does. I really do think that she understands every word that I say. It's freaky-weird! I care about her way more than a person should care for their pet. I mean companion. I am hoping to have her for many years to come. (That is why we are on a diet.) Needless to say I think that Tigger is wonderful.
Here are a few initials that you will see throughout my journal so I thought you might like to know who these people are.
Mom is Mom, of course. A crazy woman who loves her horses.
Dad1 is my step father by blood, truly my Dad in my heart.
Dad2 is my biological father.
HH is my younger sister. This girl has more damn cats than your local rescue league and a heart of gold.
JH is my older brother who loves his motor cycle, playing his electric guitar, the internet, gambling, and smoking pot.
BM is who had my heart from 94-03. We grew up together.
PS is my best male friend who I love and do not see enough of. He is also a drug dealer.
KS is my best female friend. She is crazy, so we go for months without talking, but always remain great friends. She is damn smart!

All of these people I have known for many years and are very near to me. I just wish that I could spend more time with them all. There you go, I thought it would help.

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