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Sunday, December 14, 2003
  Choose Life
I was driving home from the grocery store today when I looked at the tag on the car in front of me. There it was, a new tag. Here in Ms. you can choose from several different tags. If you don't want that plain and ugly generic tag, you can buy designer for an additional fifty dollars. You can choose from Ducks Unlimited, NASCAR, state colleges, Wildlife Conservation, and others. Your fifty dollar fee will go towards one of these groups. If you choose a wildlife tag you can choose from a hummingbird, butterfly, deer, bass, turkey, or duck. Basically you can choose from anything that your neighbor likes to hunt.
Aparantly I was not paying attention to the latest new style. It is two smiley faces. One is a girl, one is a boy, and above their faces it says, "Choose Life." It is made to look like it was drawn by a child with a black and red crayon. I about died. Only in the south wil you see something like this. Choose life on your freaking licenses plate. Good God! That will probably be the next one. ("Good God" or "Burn In Hel If You Do Not Go To Church On Sunday") Only here in this conservative ass deep south will you see this craziness. I wonder when they are planning on coming out with the "Pro Choice" tag. I can't wait to get one. This tag has been out for a while. It just made me very angry today for some reason. Well, I actually paid attention to it today. That's why.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not some evil person that wants every pregnant woman to have an abortion. I am just an evil person that wants every woman to have a choice. Oviously I am pro choice. What do you think these conservatives would think if I were driving around sporting my pro choice tag instead of my butterfly? They would probably make it illegal and punish me as if I had a tag that said, "Crack is for kids" on my car. Then I would have to remove it before some kid asked their mother, "What does pro choice mean?" Why is it o.k. to voice one opinion and not another? I hate people that think different is wrong. Being different scares the hell out of these people.
I have written about abortion before. I have interviewed a few women that have had to choose this painful procedure. If you think that abortion is easy and painless, you are wrong. These women are horified. This is a life altering decision that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. The last thing they need is some choose lifer trying to make them feel any worse.
The worst thing about these tags are the men driving the cars with these tags on it. It is not their choice. I am all for family and can't wait to have on of my own, but last I checked it was women having babies. I'm not sure if science has advanced that far while I have been trying to type this damn entry without erasing it. (If so, let me know.) If they ever do, then let men have a choice too, but not until then! I don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't want some old conservative congressman telling me what I can and can not do with my body or my mind. Bullshit! What's next? No tatoos. No books. That might influence your mind or body and that is just wrong! Ohh! I have bitched about this long enough. I think that I have more than made my point.

*Note to reader*

I am not pro abortion. I am pro choice and pro freedom of speech. If we ever get to the point where everything that we say and do is controlled by politician's brains and not our own, we are doomed.
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