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Sunday, December 14, 2003
  Operation Red Dawn
"Ladies and gentleman, we got him." This I quote from Paul Bremer the U.S. Administrator in Iraq. "Iraq's future, your future is full of hope." I think that this is amazing. I am sitting here watching history.
Man it sucks to be Saddam Hussein doesn't it? When they found him he was buried in the ground hiding and had a fake beard glued to his face. What a freaking PUSSY!!!
It is currently being reported that he is talking to them without force. He was captured without resistance. They recovered two A.K. 47's, a pistol, and some cash. He was buried in an underground hole about the size of a dog house. His examination showed that he had no injuries and is in good health. They just showed Saddam and that hole that he was in. Saddam is looking pretty rough. He grew his hair and beard out really long to disguise himself. They showed a before and after picture of him after they shaved him and cut his hair. In the before photo he looks like he is about 80 years old. In the after he looks like he usually does. I guess his mask was just not good enough.
I must say that I am damn proud of our soldiers. They are the ones who captured this a**hole. That takes some mighty big balls to go into the unknown and do what they did. Saddam will never hurt the people of Iraq ever again. If I must thank our President for this, then fine. Thank you, George W. This truly is a new beginning for these people. I hope that our government rebuilds their towns and gives them the aid that they need to recover from this. Hopefully some good will come of this. Hopefully these people will learn to appreciate what we have done for them and stop hating Americans.
It is now being reported that they do not know how long that he had been there. Our troops responded to 'Actual Intelligence.' (What that means, I do not know at this time.) They are saying that he was tired. 'He was a man reserved to his fate.' Saddam is currently being held at an undisclosed location. The people of Iraq are currently celebrating by throwing candy in the streets and firing guns.
If my gramar seems a bit whack that is because I am just typing random facts as they are reported to me. This is so much fun. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw trying to pretend that she is Barbara Walters or Jane Pauley.
It is being reported that he said that he should have stopped running a long time ago. You bet your ass, Saddam.
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