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Monday, January 12, 2004
  Got Milk?
Today is my 1 month anniversary of having catsinthetub. Isn’t that special? It most certainly is. I set a goal for myself to try and update it daily, but I’m not going to post an entry just for the sake of posting. This should not be a problem for me because I usually have lots to say. I must point out that I’ve written some funny shit so far. Today I went and read all of my old entries. I had NO idea that my life was SO sad. Oh well, Happy Anniversary to me!!

Chocolate milk is good!! I’m trying to do “good things” for my body so I guess that I should include a calcium intake of some sort. (Other than smoothies) I do take vitamins, but I’ve been told that drinking milk is good for you. (Who’d thought it?) I tried that nasty old “plain” milk and just couldn’t get into it. (Maybe with some Kahlua added, it would be o.k.) I’m now making myself drink a glass of chocolate or strawberry milk every day. Hooray for me!

Sex, what’s the deal? Why do people, especially men, think that sex is sooo important? I don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex as much as the next guy. It definitely puts a smile on my face, especially when it’s good. But, I don’t sit around bitching and moaning when I’m not getting any.

I know so many men that do this. It’s annoying as hell. What do they think that you’re going to do? Take off all of your clothes, lie down, spread your legs, and say,” come on and do me, I’m here to help.” PLEASE! I’m sure there are some of you out there that screw them just to shut them up. (I used to be that way and it is just bad and sad.)

Sex can be so fantastic. It is very important to have a certain amount of chemistry with your partner. If the chemistry isn’t there, you may as well be fucking a bowl of Jell-O. (Though Jell-O could be fun.) I got me some chemistry, with myself. AHHH!!!

Why do people allow themselves to get so sexually frustrated? Did no one ever teach them the art of masturbation? Why walk around all pissy when you can just LET IT OUT!? I have better sex with myself than I’ve had with most of my boyfriends. There is no wondering what they want, wondering if your doing it right, and you certainly don’t have to worry about his pre-ejaculation. (Sucks, doesn’t it?)

Do you really think of me when you, you know? I think of Hugh Jackman. Ha!

By the way, NO, I do not want you to stick your dick in my chocolate milk.

Thank you, Guy. I do have myself a hot little body. Don’t I?

I need to get back to the gym. Maybe I’ll try and go tomorrow since my date with the flu is finally over. Yippee!

I was listening to the Grateful Dead’s Mars Hotel earlier and Tigger came into the room, sat in my lap, and quickly turned to mush. I swear the cat is a dirty old hippie reincarnated.

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