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Friday, January 09, 2004
  A Troubled Soul Indeed
Love, you are one who gives me a reason to breathe.
Your touch, your smile, your laugh, your cry, and the way you say, “I love you.” Everything about you!
I will never again take you for granted.
Little things are nothing, until they are gone.
But now, I will thank God every day for giving them back to me.
I will thank God for you.
I am so lucky to be fortunate enough to love someone like you,
But even luckier that you love me too.

I wrote that one back in 1995 when I was 19. This was one of the first poetic things that I ever wrote. I was excited to find it in an old journal while moving.

I am in a field, a field of flowers, but there is this one, it is the most beautiful flower that I’ve ever seen.
It relieves me.
This flower so beautiful puts my heart and soul at ease.
I want to take this flower with me, to my world.
If I do, it will die, in my world.
So instead, I will love it in my heart only.
When the reality, in my world, is too much I will close my eyes and visit my loving flower.

I did this one back in 1996. It was meant to be about a love that could not be. I guess that it still holds true today.

Simple things smiling at me, holding my hand, kissing my neck, rubbing my head, and wanting me.
Simple things just being in my life.
Simple things not appreciated.
Simple things that are even nerve racking.
Simple things that I never saw before.
Oh, how I long to see these simple things again.

Don’t really know what that one was about or who it was for, but I guess I like it.
I like that these poems are from my youth. I also wrote this one in 1996.

NO! What word could be lonelier?
NO! Two letters, one vowel, one syllable
NO! No such other word hates so much to be heard
NO! What word could be lonelier I ask you?
NO! I do know a lonelier word.
It is love, to me, it is the loneliest word of all, but even lonelier are two words:

This one was written back in 1997 when I was so “in love” with the wrong guy.( The wrong guy that ran off and married one of my best friends) They divorced 3 months later and he wanted me back, but no, I’m a romantic, but not a f***ing idiot!

I think that it is funny to look back on my “poetry” from years ago, it seems that I’ve always been a troubled soul.
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