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Friday, February 27, 2004
  Always On My Mind
I just got out of my loooong bath. It was grrrreat, thanks for asking. I must say that there is NO unwanted hair on my body and my skin is baby ass soft. (It always is, unless I’m, well unless I’m confined to the bed.) My hair is so super clean and I smell really good. Always do! I feel purdy. I was all ready to hop onto my “Precious” and do an entry when Real Time with Bill Maher came on; so I had to watch. It is on of the few shows that I do try to watch weekly. I’m not particularly fond of Bill, but he has really interesting guests and they always talk about what I want to hear. I feel as if I’m among intelligent people instead of being among an intelligent cat.

I told you earlier that I had sooo many ideas in my head, so I’m just going to vent and make no sense what so ever! “Ok.”

Bill was talking to Ralph Nader about the upcoming election. Bill said that he voted for Nader last time and would like to again. (I voted for Gore because I wanted my vote to count.) I like Nader and would love to see a miracle where he wins this election, but we all know that there is not a damn chance in hell that he will. He needs to get with John Kerry and try to run with him as his VP. To me, a vote for Nader, (bless his heart) is a vote for Bush. I’ve yet to see a man that sincerely cares so much about the important things like our environment, social security, drug plans, etc. He needs to put his intelligence to good use. TALK TO KERRY! MAKE A DIFFERENCE! By the way, Happy 70th Birthday Mr. Nader!

Ian McKellen was a guest tonight. He is an openly gay man. Horray for Gandalf, Magneto, I mean Ian!!! I love this man as a person and as an actor. He never seems to be afraid to approach any subject. You'd have never seen a grown man "come out" in the Hollywood world back in the days of Rock Hudson. In ways, we have come a long way, but in some, we've taken no steps at all. I'm ready for the day that it simply doesn't matter. (Though I'm sure that I'll never see that day because I'm sure as long as there is a world, then there will be hate, and with hate, there will be stupidity.) The topic quickly turned to The Passion.

I’m so sick of hearing about this damn movie. (Although, I can say that Mel could not pay Samantha Jones for better PR, opening on Ash Wed. Outstanding!!) I want to see it because I went to Catholic school FOREVER. I find myself curious like a cat to see what all of the hype is about. I like that it is in Latin, I took Latin for years. I can’t tell you a damn thing about it (well, some) but, I took it. I feel that I should see this movie where I can properly comment on it. Besides, it’s in subtitles and I love subtitles. You bet your ass that I’ll definitely be commenting later. I’ll see it soon. I’m Catholic, but haven’t been to church in a while. I used to go every Sunday alone, but for some odd reason; I don’t like to go alone anymore. I just hope that Mel does something good with the money that he makes from this movie. I disagree with money being made from someone else’s suffering and pain, especially Jesus Christ.

Gay Marriage: This is just damn stupid! WTF? President Bush is a fucking idiot. The Constitution should have nothing to do with this. A union is in the eyes of the church. It should be decided by the church, not our stupid ass president. I think W is picking on the most defenseless group of people that he can because there is an upcoming election. (I.e. gay people-They are such an easy and bullshit target.) What are next, people with a mental disability shouldn’t be allowed to marry or vote. (That would take away my rights because; I’m (CRAZY!!)God, he (W) makes me sick, literally. I hate him. I’m not a person with hate in my heart, this man, I hate. These couples need this (marriage) for their insurance, a sense of family, and because they deserve it. (Hell, I know that I would have no insurance if it weren’t for the other half.)

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we “just happened” to catch Bin Laden a few weeks before the election take place. How convenient that would be! Bush would get that “man I didn’t know who to vote for, but now that he’s caught Bin Laden; I’m voting for him. I think he’s the most awesome man alive”. This scares me and seriously makes me want to move away from this crazy ass country before men start wearing holsters and walking the streets killing because they can. I could see it now:

Person a: Why did you kill that man?

Person b: Because that nigger/Mexican was looking at me funny.

Yes, he was looking at you funny; because you’re wearing a fucking holster, you God damn idiot!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about moving to an island after I finish nursing school. Maybe the Bahamas, (b/c I love it there.) the Caribbean, Jamaica, etc. People are sick everywhere and nurses are always needed. Hell, if I were lucky, (which I’m not) I could get a job working at a resort and just live in paradise year round. I think this is a damn good idea. Why not? What do I have to loose? My family would be so far away, but what a wonderful place to visit.

My pain medication is starting to kick in. Needless to say, I’m feeling no pain. I feel quite groovy actually. (This feeling reminds me of the good ole days of care free drug use.) We didn’t take drugs because we were hurting; we took them to feel good. Oh, how I long for the good ole days. I guess that we all have to grow up sometime.

Life goes by so very fast, if you don’t stop to look at it, you may miss out on something amazing!!!

I’ve got to go to La. on wed. After my appointment with Dr. MM. I’ve got business to take care of that this damn tooth is interrupting. “Quit it, you painful ass tooth. I never asked for you to grow there and start hurting. It’s your entire fault!”

I haven’t been “home”, well not home, but where I was born and raised in a while. It will be nice to see my brother, my cousin, and a handful of friends. I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t have to, trust me.

To my dear honey pie, PS, umm, umm, that stir fry baby that you prepared tonight was FAB-OOO-LUS!!!

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