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Thursday, February 05, 2004
  I Luv You, Southern Gay Man
Ha! Ha! I know the title is cheezzy, but thank you for helping me make my links look sooo much better.

I still need to get that one out, it can stay for now. I'm slowly making progress with this thang. Now, if only I could post a picture of us, together, where everyone can see how freaking cute we are. PS, people have a right to see our outer beauty. They can read about our inner shit all day long!!!

Once again; there is no "real" topic to post. I think that I'm going to pull a "hermit" this weekend and get some writing done. I guess that I've only been able to think about this whole "friend" thing. I've said it EVERY day lately, but it FUCKING sucks!!! I'm in total shock about the whole situation. I think what hurts the most is that I will never see or talk to him again and there was no proper "good-bye". Someone that I loved and thought loved me just made me "dead to them". I think that if I knew why that it would make me feel better. I would have some sense of closure and better able myself to mourn the "loss of him".

The second to the last time that we hung out, we had so much fun. Fun that was long over due and well deserved. Last time I saw him, I was going through some pretty rough shit. (Still am) Our visit was good, but not grrrreat! It just makes me want to cry. (I probably would, but I've had my fare share of xanax this evening.) I thought that I would be "friends" with this person forever. I thought that he really cared about my life and my well being. I sure know that I cared about his; the problem is that I still do.When you realize that you mean absolutely nothing to one of the people that you love most in this world; it's so darn hard to deal with.

Grrrreat! Now I'm crying. I just want my "friend" back. I miss him.
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