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Sunday, February 29, 2004
  Will Spicoli Win The Oscar? I bet no one ever thought those words would've been said 20yrs ago.
I can’t sleep. I took an Ambien, but it has yet to kick in. I’m just not sleepy. I feel like going out or something. Unfortunately, it’s a little late and our late night bar closes at 4am which is in five minutes. Oh well!! I’m afraid that I’m becoming an insomniac again. It is torture when you desperately want to go to sleep, but you can’t. I’ve been bitchy to everyone. I guess that this tooth ache isn’t helping much either.

I soo want to go to sleep tonight. I want sweet dreams. Oh my God, the other night when I could sleep; I had the bestest dream ever. I dreamed that I was back in the 80’s and was dating the love of my young life, Alex P. Keaton, of course. Dare you ask! We went on a camping trip with his entire family and it was amazing. Amazing making out with A.P.K. I know this is crazy, but I still have a crush on him after all of these years. He’s such a cutie!!

Once I got a little older and was able to watch more TV; I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High. That is where I met the man that I wanted to marry or someone just like him and his name was Jeff Spicoli. I was in wuv. He was the meaning of the cool cute guy, to me. I own that movie and it’s funny to look back at it now and laugh about how in wuv I was.

I didn’t get to marry Spicoli, but I’ve dated my fair share of them. They weren’t as cool as he made them seem in the movie. To this day, I still think that Sean Penn is damn sexy. He’s not Hugh sexy, but close. Hey, he married Madonna and that’s totally knarly!!!

Going to smoke a little Spicoli and see if I can go to sleep. Good night or shall I say good morning?
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