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Thursday, March 25, 2004
  Coke or Dr. Pepe
The cable is out which means I can’t get online to do a damn thing. So here I am. I meant to put this in my last entry, BM is now Pepe. (Not pronounced pee-pee, but pep-pay.) BM and PS just reminded me of what BM stands for in our hospital work and that is bowel movement. There are times when I do think he is shitty, but BM was a bit much. (Though they are his real initials, M’kay!) When he graduates in May; his name will then be changed to Dr. Pepe. Oh! My! GOD! Why don’t we just call him Dr. Pepper? I mean really, it’s pretty damn close. I don’t think that he would like it because he’s a Coke person. I find myself to be more of a Dr. Pepper person, but I do have my Coke moments. You know, there are just some of those times where a fountain Coke from someplace like Sonic or Mc Donald’s is just really good too. I guess it just depends on your mood. I know that BM, no, no, no, Pepe drinks Cokes and nothing else. Except coffee. As far as I know everyone that I know drinks coffee, but not water. Crazy huh?

PS just called and we were talking about BM’s name change. PS said, “So now he’s going to be a pee-pee and a bowel movement?” Heeeee!!!!!! This is truly “toilet humor”!

I wish that I could do like a “Do you prefer Coke or Dr. Pepper contest?” now. Pepe is a total Coke person. They should give this guy an award or something. I swear to you that he drinks at least a 12 pack a day. That’s nuts! I am a Dr. Pepper girl, myself. Mmmmm! Let’s see! I just called my brother and he prefers Dr. Pepper. That’s one down. Mom prefers Dr. P. I just called her too. She told me that Dave, CC, and HH prefer Dr. P too. I remember that my grandmother was a Dr. P lady. Oh, that was such a long time ago. I remember that she had them delivered to her house once a week IN BOTTLES!! (The owner or someone like that was friends with Grandma and sent them to her for free.) I always thought that was so neat.

If I could go one place in the world right now, it would be back to being a little girl at Grandma’s house. I know many people say things like, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, but I knew I loved going to her house. She would let me eat ANYTHING that I wanted. We invented this one where we’d get two chocolate chip cookies (preferable Chips Ahoy!) and put a couple of marshmallows in the middle of them and then put them in the microwave for 30 sec. That was “the best!” I always wondered why my stomach hurt when I got home from Grandma’s and now I know. Ha! Ha! The woman would make you a milkshake at midnight if you wanted one. I miss her. I know I’ve been saying that a lot lately, but I do.

Ok, back to the contest. I just called PS and he prefers Coke, but occasionally craves a Dr. P. (My opposite!?) His brother was with him and he said that he prefers Dr. P. Cool! They kind of cancel each other out, huh? I feel like I’m doing a real survey or real work. Ha! Ok. Who can I call now?

Pretty much everyone that Pepe knows picks Coke. His mom, dad, and AL all pick Coke. Let’s see who the winner is……Dr. Pepper wins 7-5. Hooray! Now tell me, who killed Kenny?

Oh, I forgot to include that I have many dates tomorrow! Happiness! I’m getting this grey hair dyed. (Hopefully shopping, if Jesus loves me, I’ll be shopping.) Tomorrow night I will be seeing PS and SH. Hopefully, I’ll see PS during the day, duh, like SHOPPING!!!

To anyone reading this and thinking, well, what about Diet Coke? Sorry. Yuck. Hate it and will not drink it! But, Diet Dr. Pepper, ha! I will drink if I HAVE to. What in the hell is with this whole Lemon Diet Coke? How gross can we get? Ewww!!! I'm making myself ill. Anyway, the cable is back on so TTFN.
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