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Monday, March 08, 2004
  I Did That Today
I got up really early today. I was able to catch the Ellen show. Goodie!!! I love me some Ellen. I played in Math class while drinking lots of coffee. I never liked Math before, in school, now I love it. I like how we are all so different, but yet a lot alike too. It evens out. I then got lots of work done on my “Precious”. Oh! To make it even a better morning: I got a lovely ecard from my grrrreat LP and Viggo/Aragorn/Hottie/Hildago (The horse that he rides in Hidalgo, J.T. or T.J. or something like that); Viggo got so attached to him that he brought him) He now belongs to Viggo.He was on The Morning Show. How fantabulous is that? I mean, for once in the past few weeks, I wake up before 11am and this is how it goes. I’m waking up early tomorrow too.

Tigger (my cat) was with BM while I was in La. (I keep putting (my cat) like, if you don’t know that by now; you should just Go Away!) He told me that he thinks that she suffers from separation anxiety when I’m not here. It got me thinking. Since I’ve been home, she has been in my lap. She’s in my lap now as I type. It’s like having a furry heating pad in your lap that constantly licks your fingers and hands. She’ll then lay her head on the keyboard or grab my hand with her paw, like she just did. How pathetic? I know that it’s my entire fault because I’ve spoiled her rotten. I left earlier today and put her in the bathroom for all of two hours. The bathroom is the biggest room in this apt. Her food is in there, her restroom, and her tub. There are even a few toys that live in there to keep her company. We have to put her there when no one is home because, even though, she has a real log to scratch the shit out of; she wants to scratch our pretty green canvas 500 dollar Eddie Bauer chair. (No Ma’am!) When I got home and let her out; she ran to me and has either been in my lap or at my feet since I’ve been home. Does she suffer from separation anxiety? Do I need to be the freaky pet mama that I am and take her to a kitty Psych.? I don’t want her to feel anxious when I’m not around. I know how it feels to be anxious and it sucks! Maybe I should just let her lick one of my Xanax before I leave. I don’t know what to do! If anyone knows anything about this with cats, please email me.

When I left the house; I went to the grocery and got chicken noodle soup and cokes. Hooray for me!!!! I then went to the 4pm showing of The Passion of the Christ. I’ve just really felt drawn to see this movie lately. It’s been calling me. I’m Catholic, but not as much “old school Catholic” like my Mom, but I do have some of the “old school” traits. (Example: I don’t eat meat on Friday.) I’ve wanted to see it if only where I can properly comment on it. But for some reason today that “old school” in me made me get my lazy ass up and go see this. (What else was I going to do sit here and watch Marlena kill someone else?)
I really wanted to see what all of the hype was about. It was nothing more bloody or gory than anything that I’d already seen in religion class or any other movie. It wasn’t as gorier that it was emotional. The scenes between Jesus and Mary were soul touching that all I could do was cry. This movie did not make me feel that I needed to leave the theatre and go straight to church. It reminded me of the love that was shared between Jesus and Mary. I mean, they were mother and son. Never before have I had such a great understanding of their love. Could you imagine watching your child go through that and there was nothing that you could do to help? They never talked about it much in school.
The scenes with Jesus and the Apostles talking at the Last Supper were breath taking and then (pause) you’d go back to see Jesus near death. Wow! I was crying my eyes out. It just reminds you of exactly what Jesus went through for us and our sins. The whole time he’s going through this; he knows that he’s going to be betrayed. You could see the shaking of his hands and the fear and, well I thought, “Look at me here feeling anxious (because of this movie) and feel as if I could take anxiety medicine while this man went through pure hell on earth where sinners like me will have a chance to go to Heaven. He couldn’t exactly take a Valium and make it a little easier now could he? When he told the other guy on the cross next to him that he would be in paradise with him that evening; I about died. Go see it. Whether you’re a Catholic, Jewish, Methodist, Baptist, Nothing at all, etc. If you are in deed a loving person, you’ll leave that theatre with a very touching loving feeling. Though, I did feel like I needed a drink when I got home.

I’m going to have a glass of red wine. OK!
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