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Saturday, March 06, 2004
  Just A Sweet Little Girl
*I wrote this yesterday while being stuck on the Interstate in Vicksburg for 2 ½ hours. There were two 18 wheelers that flipped over in each lane. Thankfully, no one was hurt. It was pouring down rain and my car was about 3 car lengths from being under the bridge. He leaks a little in the rain if he’s not covered. I was a little pissy and a little tired when I got home to post this long assed entry. So here we go:*

As I left JH’s house at 12:30pm; my radio popped on and it was playing my Air Supply's G.H. (a sing-a-long essential for me on a road trip) Oh! No! I do so not want to be sad and cry my eyes out. I skipped to the next CD. It was Medusa by the fabulous Miss Annie Lennox.

The first song is No More ‘I Love You’s. Oh my, as I drove down Trenton and took that left to cross the bridge to get onto Louisville, I was really into the song and looking around at the small town that I am from. I guess about 3 blocks down the road, I was crying. It wasn’t as much of a sad cry as much of an “almost happy and content” cry. It was confusing. I was overwhelmed with this surreal feeling about my family, friends, and my home town.

I drove by the Civic Center and they had the fountain on. I remembered going there as a little girl and watching the fountain change colors. I loved it. Every time, I threw a penny into the fountain to “make a wish”. That is one of my few HAPPY childhood memories. I was in a couple of plays there with friends. It was my home; it was where I grew up halflway.

All of my life, (until I moved away in 1994) I pictured myself married by now. Living there!! My first child is on the way. I pictured myself taking my kids to see the fountain and see them in plays there. (Only if they wanted) My children would have cousins and to play with. I would have my family and it would rock!

The song was like my song dedicated to friends, family, and Louisiana. La. is no longer home for me. It hasn’t been for a long time. It’s just the place where I was born and raised. I hopefully will, one day, have that life someday. As I drove, I kept seeing places where friends live, old hang outs, bars, downtown, the hospital that I was born in, and that right that you take to go to Grandma’s house. There has yet to be a word that I can describe to say just how much that I loved that woman and OH how VERY much I miss her!!!!!!!!

I saw the most beautiful blue color last night. It was the sweetest sky that I’d seen in some time. The white along with the blue was like seeing a warm smile that you haven’t seen in a while. It was at about 9:00pm. Did you see it? I’m glad that I caught it. I may only see anything that purdy ever again in pictures.

*It’s hard for me to hate. I forgive easily. Does this make me weak or am I really that loving?*
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