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Sunday, March 07, 2004
  Linking With Graceland Too
I made a response to BM earlier today when we were getting dressed that my cat (Tigger) was just so weird about the bath tub. I mean, she jumps up on the side and waits for the water to drain out where she can jump in. Sometimes, she’ll just jump in and stare at the drain like it is the most amazing thing that she has ever seen. She’ll do this when there is like 3 or 4 inches of water left in the tub and get soaking wet. (Then she’ll go and get in the bed.) When you’re taking a shower; she’ll scratch at the edge of the curtain and open it staring at you and meowing for you to get out. I’m just waiting for her to jump in with me. I have the weirdest cat. She’d rather eat things like: butter-milk biscuits, (her absolute favorite!!!) saltines, Wheat Thins, short-bread cookies, corn, pasta, and pizza than to eat things like a “normal” cat like: shrimp, salmon, fish, or any meat. (She does LOVE bacon.) She also drinks strawberry Slim Fast and loves chocolate Yoo-Hoo. I should just do an entry one day and tell you all about Tigger. She’s spoiled absolutely rotten and has led an interesting life. She’s my baby and I love her dearly. Ok, off the cat.

Oh, by the way, BM responded with something smart assed like, “the two of you are like two Toll House cookies that were cooked two minutes too short and all gooey inside.!?” Their creepy and their cooky, the Adam's family. Da, da, da, da, snap, snap. This is what I was hearing.

BM and I went to Holly Springs today to visit Graceland Too. This town a Southern America town straight from a post card. It has homes that date back to the Civil War. It has a cute little town square. Of course it is outlined by its fair share of double wides. (Nothing against double wides)

We stopped at a gas station and asked the cute little eighteen year old girl that worked there if she’d heard of it. Yes, she knew exactly where it was and said, “Trust me, you can’t miss it!” We get there. Trust me, it can’t be missed. It’s an old home that is surrounded by these blue, red, and white X-mas trees with lights. Outside lights were everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!!

We get out of the car to go into this Elvis Mecca. We walk up the steps and see the sign that reads: Ring Bell. There is a real bell above the sign to the top right of the door. I shook the little silver thing; ring-a-ling-ling (pause ) then ring-a-ling-ling that bell again. BM told me to look at the window above up one the second floor. This window was huge. It had a Elvis tapestry hanging over it. He was wearing his famous “white rhinestone outfit” with a lay around his neck. How wonderfully cheezy is this? I love it! Their obviously not home, we’ll definitely be back. Any Elvis fan should see it.

*Let me say this, “I’m not making fun of Elvis. Don’t even think that. I love him. I’m a big fan. I even go to Graceland and stay on Lonely St. at The Heartbreak Hotel. Do you?”*

I forgot to link a few things that are funny. I was going to try and email Comedy Central to tell The Daily Show that they should definitely send a corespondent there to interview these guys. That would be so funny. I couldn't find an email address, but there were some funny things worth viewing. Go click on Comedy Central and then go to The Daily Show and go to the left and watch Meet The Prez. If you can handle more humor, go to the right side and click on Sen. John McCain.
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