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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
I’m feeling cold. It’s like 38 degrees here and I’m freezing. Some of you may not think that is cold, but it is here. Burrrr!!!!!!!!! I’ve got my comfy and warm terry cloth robe on with my stinky and comfy terry cloth slippers. I just can’t bear to part with them. They’re my blue and they match. I love them. I even have the pj’s to match. (You know the silk button up ones like Hugh Hefner wears?) Ummm, hint, hint, Thursday is my birthday. Mom, HH, JH, BM, friends, y’all keep asking what I want, baby blue terry cloth slippers by Yellow Box (if possible, but not necessary)

If y’all are reading my crazy ramblings, well, you probably think I’m crazy. Ha! I’ve been thinking a LOT about my birthday coming in less than 24 hours. So I’m just going to sit here and talk to you, Kitty. This is the first birthday to really get me thinking that I’m really “getting older”. It is also making me reflect on the past ten years. I was fixing to turn 18. I was legally an adult. I was FINALLY able to get my driver’s licenses. I registered to vote. I got my own apt. I felt like I was grown. I started college in the fall and went through my “hippie/partying phase”. It was wild. I was young and had my own place, so I PARTIED HARD!!

This one being 10 years from my turning 18 brings back some many important memories and events that happened then; it has a lot to do with my life now. I met BM in June of 1994. So we’ve been seeing each other (breaking up then getting back together) for nearly 10 years now. I got Tigger in 1994. See, Tigger was not my cat. (I really wasn’t a cat person, now I’m an “everything” person. I’ve even got 2 lizards and 2 snakes.) She was HH’s cat and she and my family was living in the “No pet section” of their apt. complex when we first moved. They asked if Tigger could come and stay with me for a few weeks or so. “Fuck, ok. How long again?” After her being with me for a year and putting me under her spell, I told my sister that she was not getting her back because we’ve bonded on a spiritual level. Do you know that the little bitch (I love her, but she can be a bitch and make me cry.) tried to take the cat away from me? After lots of fighting and basically telling HH that she’s got like 10 thousand cats; she could spare one for me. Brat! I hope that I have my baby Tigger when I’m turning 48.

No big deal! I’m not one of these people that’s like, “Oh my God, I’m getting older and will lie about my age. I FEEL so old.” I can easily pass for 18 and I like to mess with people when they card me. The feeling that I’m going through that is so strong is that I am doing nothing that I planned on doing by the time I was 28 years old. My plan was to be married, (probably to BM) have my first child and be working on my second. I’d be out of nursing school. We’d have a cute little starter house in Belhaven with flowers ALL over the yard. It would be color EVERYWHERE!! My initials would have been NMMM. I had names picked out for our kids and everything. This next 22 ½ hours will be the LAST time that I am ever this young. I will make the most of my day. Maybe I will try to learn a really cool fact that I ever knew and could be like; that’s what I learned when I was 27 for the last time. Well, that is unless there is reincarnation and I come back as another woman. I’ve often been told by the fortune tellers in New Orleans that I was a Queen in a past life; maybe in the next life, I’ll be a Drag Queen! I’m babbling, people. I’m going to watch Ren and Stimpy.
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