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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
  What's A Tire Key?
I’m just going to let off a little steam right now, o.k. I’ve had the most stressful day that I’ve had in a while. Nothing really bad happened, but I seemed to make it as stressful as one possibly could. I’m good at that. I went to get a new tire put on my car and get an oil change, FINALLY. I went to Wal-Mart to get my car worked on. Everything was going hunky-dory until some oily guy walked up to me and asked me if I had my tire key or knew where it was. My reply, “What’s a tire key?” Obviously I didn’t know where it was. Oily guy said that we couldn’t put the new tire on without it. Then he and three of his oily friends proceeded to tear up my baby and get him very oily. (Not in the good sex way that he’s used to either.) Finally after dirty oily guy number 1 managed to get grease all over a two new pair of Clark’s, a pair of Birkenstock’s, and two pairs of cute little rhinestone sandals; he found “the key”. Buy the way this thing looked more like a metal shot glass than a key, but who am I to know a fucking thing about this fixing cars bullshit? Finally, after being there for THREE hours, my sweet little gay car and I were ready to get the hell out of there.

I’ve got to go see Dr. MM tomorrow at 11am then I’m going to La. to see JH and take care of the “family” business that I was supposed to take of last week. This, I’m dreading. First of all, I hate the drive. Second, it’s a small town and there are a few people that I’d rather not see. Third, there is someone that I do need to see, but don’t think that I will. I’m not sure that I could even face this person anyway, so it’s probably a good thing that we don’t see one another. (If that makes any sense at all.) Let’s just say that it doesn’t look like I’m going to have a Happy Birthday!!! I’ve stopped taking all medication for a while so I’m a little anxious and I really need a drink. I feel like an old horse that needs to be taken out into the field and shot to be put out of her misery. Between you and me, I don’t see my life getting any worse, unless I find out that I have cancer or something like that. At this particular moment in time, cancer isn’t sounding too bad. O.k. a little too much information there and you wouldn’t understand anyway. Let me quit while I’m still making a little sense.

I’ve got to go now and make my hotel reservations. It’s not like they’re ever booked or anything, but just in case or maybe I’ll live dangerously and drive there with no R.S.V.P. Ohhh, I’m taking a walk on the wild side. God, I swear if I could, I’d pack up everything that I own, get my Tigger, and move far away and start over. You know, go some place where I don’t know anyone. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea at this moment, but I’m sure by tomorrow my bipolar ass will have some totally different solution. Life sucks!!!
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