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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
  Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?
Hey Man, Guess what, Sponge Bob Square Pants the Movie is coming out 11-19-04. You can go here and see the trailer if you're freaky happy like I am about this. I just found out about this today. You’d think as much as I watch Sponge Bob, they’d maybe mention it or something. I’m so excited!!! Who is going to take me? Hmmmmmmm……….I can't believe that I'm sitting here making plans to see a movie in NOVEMBER! Am I nuts or what? I think that I just really like me some Sponge Bob Square Pants!! I greatly anticipate this movie.

Hugh Jackman is being considered to play the next James Bond. Now that is Grrrreat!!!! Um, I hope that he gets that part. If he does, it will be my first Bond film to see in a theatre. We’ll see.

I just turned on the TV. Urban Cowboy, one of my all time favorite movies (that I own) is on. It was at the part where Bud and Sissy were fighting in the muddy water and got into Bud’s truck where he looks at her and says what every woman wants to hear: “You wanna get married?” Sooo romantic. I’m not knocking on Bud and Sissy. At least she gets her man in the end. I would love to have the soundtrack. There’s some really good music in this movie.

Oh! Guess what I’m wearing. (You’re kinky, but no, I’m not wearing that.) I’m wearing my clean blue (yellow box) slippers. My feet are so happy once again. Apparently, you can just wash them and they’re like new. Imagine my surprise when Pepe washed them for me. I thought he bought me new slippers. Nope. Just washed them. Yes, I’m an idiot. I can be smart in lots of ways. None of which I can list right now, but I’m smart. M’kay!

I went to Graceland Too the other day. Paul E. McLeod and his son Elvis A. Presley McLeod Jr. are the two biggest Elvis fans EVER! It was really cool. I want to go back at night where I can see all of the lights lit up. There are lights everywhere. Mr. McLeod’s wife told him years ago that he had to choose between her and Elvis. They got a divorce and he paid her 1 million dollars. I mean really, lady, you named your son Elvis Aaron Presley McLeod Jr., and who do you think he’s going to pick? They have devoted their lives to the “King” and this amazes me. If anyone out there just happens to be in Ms. Tell me and I’ll take you there. Beware; Mr. McLeod is quite a dancer.

I cut my hair today. It has been getting on my nerves. I just got it whacked off 2 months ago. It was all one length and long. I got it cut short and got bangs cut. My hair grows so fast that my bangs were hanging in my eyes. I hate that. Well, today when I got out of the tub, I cut my bangs much shorter. Stupid me! They were wet when I cut them; when they dried, they were super-short. They turned out to look cool, I guess. I think that I did a good job. I’ll have to ask PS. He’ll be honest. (If you haven’t been there, go there.) Besides, fuck it, I really don’t give a shit who likes my hair and who doesn’t!! Well, Ps, I care about him, but no one else. MOM!

I’m going to have some chocolate milk. It seems to be the only thing that I want these days. (Being my only form of chocolate and all.) I want to eat some raw baby carrots, cucumber ranch dressing, (for dipping) grapes, and Cheez It’s! I’m going to get so fat. I need to get back on the “Smoothie Diet.”
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