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Thursday, April 01, 2004
  April Fools
I’m just sitting here listening to really LOUD music. The upstairs neighbors are at it again. This is the second time today. I can’t write or read because I can’t concentrate. All I can hear is the pounding of their damn bed. I’m just waiting for the day that they fall through my ceiling and land on my head and kill me. What a way to die! “Yes, she was killed by the sex maniacs.” My desk sits right under where her bed sits. I’m so sick of hearing them. They are not a pretty couple either. They are two of the last people that I want to picture fucking their brains out in my head. Ewww!! Thankfully it only last for about five minutes. He’s a real John Holmes. They should be finished by now. Let me see, hold on. Oh, thank God, it’s over. (For now.) They do it like five times a day. That would impress me, but you see, if they do it five times a day for five minutes each time, they are really only screwing for 25 minutes. That sucks! Maybe it works for them. Maybe they just hit that “O” point faster than most people.

I know that when I participate in the act of sex, it usually takes me a hell of a lot longer than 5 minutes and I have to be in just the right mood or it just isn’t going to happen. Most of the time for me to reach that point, I have to reflect back on my days of gymnastics. It helps when the “regular” sex isn’t working for me. Heee!!! My problem is that I usually have my big “O” before my partner. Once I’ve reached that point, I want you gone, out of me, where I can go take a shower. I’m just freaky in that way. I’ve been told that many times before. I have issues and that is one of them. I’ve only once in my life had more than one “O” during the same act of sex. I just can’t keep going and going and going.

Speaking of “O”, as a woman, I can say that I’ve never had an “O” while someone was doing oral on me. Is that unusual? Most of my friends act like I’m crazy when I tell them that. I once had someone who was so determined that he stayed down there for quite a while. Though it was nice, I just couldn’t. I could easier masturbate, but I’m shy and don’t want an audience. It’s kind of something that you do privately. You know? I’ve been asked to do it in front of someone before, but I just couldn’t. I felt stupid. Maybe one day I will overcome this. I’m shy when it comes to talking about sex in person. (I can talk about anything here.) I certainly would not live above anyone in an apt. complex knowing that the people under me could hear every little squeak of the bed and every little moan. No, that just ain’t me.
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