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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
  Please Don't Look At Me
I met some of the nicest people this past weekend. I forgot that we had more than two of them here in Jackson. I found not one, but two, well, maybe even three people that have offered to be my masseur/masseuse. That is wonderful because a good person is hard to come by. This one girl even makes her own sea salts and has an O.P.I. collection far bigger than mine. I had to commend her on that. I was impressed.

Easter is almost here and that is a good thing. As you know, I gave up chocolate for Lent and am seriously having withdrawals. I’ve started to smoke again. I think that I’m going to start buying all of my favorites today. I want all of my favorite truffles, chocolate covered mints, cookies, a chocolate stuffed donut from Krispy Crème, oh, and one of those new Smores bars. I’m sure that my stomach will be feeling like shit by Monday, but fuck it! I have to get my tooth fixed; so I’m sure that I’ll be feeling like shit anyway. I’ve just been thinking about how it wasn’t very hard to refrain from chocolate. Maybe this will help me in my goal in cutting back on eating anything that could ever look at me. I felt bad eating a crawfish the other day. People, I’m from Louisiana, that’s one of our main food groups! What’s happening to me?

I’ve got less than two weeks to register for school. (Yes, I’m going to summer school and it sucks!!) I’ve got until then end of this month to do something about this living situation and find a part-time job. I’ll probably have to work at night. I did have someone offer me a cool bartending job. I just so don’t want to work in a bar or restaurant because I know that I’d be hanging out with everyone after work instead of getting my ass home to sleep, study, whatever!? One good thing did happen to me yesterday. When I went to talk to the people at my Nursing school, I found out that they owed me a check for 200 dollars. Yipppieee!!! (This will help in the chocolate buying dept.)

Ok, I’m extremely stressed and had to vent. I’m sure that you’ll have the pleasure of hearing from me later.
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