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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
  Shots, Tires, Drugs, Sick Cat, Gatorade...
There really hasn’t been too much going on lately. In the past week: I’ve had a blow-out, (and do not know how to change a tire, sorry) , a big rock cracked my windshield, I’ve had a HUGE tooth pulled out of my skull, and found out that Tigger was ill. She has been put on a special diet. This cat is used to eating “people” food, cookies, (cat treats), and the occasional can of fancy feast. She’s rotten. It is so hard not to give her these things. I don’t want her to think that I’m changing her diet because I’m mad at her or anything like that. I just want my baby to live a long and happy life.

We’re both on drugs. Ha! Ha! My D.D.S. gave me Lorcet plus, which makes me vomit, and then he gave me Mepergan, which I can take without puking. The only problem is that when I take one of them, I act crazy. I mean REALLY certifiable. I just feel like “I'm in la, la, land. I’ll do stupid shit like pour Gatorade all over the bedside table and when asked what I am doing, I reply, “cleaning”. One time, don’t ask me why, but I was filling up a coke can with hot water. I guess that I was “cleaning” it. I’ll get on the phone and call people that I haven’t talked to in forever. One time, thank God Pepe was there, I had turned on the oven and didn’t even remember doing it. This shit makes me whacky, but it is the only thing that I can take for severe pain. The main pain reliever that I usually take is Ibuprofen, but there is only so much of that that you’re stomach can take. I guess that I need a sitter while taking this before I burn this place down.

Enough about me, back to the baby. The Vet said that her little pee-pee area was swollen and that was why she couldn’t potty. She had also been puking for the past 4 days, but not today. Thank God. He gave her a Phenergan shot for her nausea. (Those shots hurt like hell. It feels like fire going through your veins. I’ve had them.) They had to hook her up to an IV for a little while to get some fluid into her body. She had not been drinking her water, even out of the tub! Dr. Vet then had a shot of penicillin and told me that I was going to give it to her. WTF?? I can’t do that. I’ve never given anyone a shot before. Oh, the stress and anxiety. He just pulled up some skin and put my hand on the syringe to give it to her. I needed to know how to do this because, you see, I have to give her one a day for the next 10 days. AHHH!!!

He said that they should be given at the same time everyday. We are shooting for a nooner. Tigger was just lying on the bed as I walked in shaking like a leaf. I did it just like Dr. Vet said and she didn’t even flinch. I did it!!! Hooray for me!!! She was such a good girl. I guess that I could be learning something that will help me later in nursing school. I just hope that these shots work. I would die if anything ever happened to her. She’s been there for me when no one else was. We’ve been through a lot in the past 10 years. She’s never judged me. She’s never hurt me. She has sat in my lap when she knows that I’m upset and licked away my tears. She is certainly my best friend and I know that we may not be able to talk verbally to each other; I know we communicate on so many levels. I love her more than most people. I really do treat her like a child. Yes, I’m that crazy single woman that lives next door and worships her cat. She’s not my pet; I just got lucky when she picked me to be her human.
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