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Friday, April 09, 2004
  Where Are My Froot Loops, Bitch?
I woke up this morning thinking of the Succubus. Don’t ask me why! Morcough, cough, couch!! I’ve had a sore throat for a few days now, please excuse me. Anyhow, I went in search for the exact definition of this word. I’ve been hearing it a lot lately and wanted myself and others to have a full appreciation for it. So here we go!!

According to hyperdictionary.com:

Definition [n] a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.

Synonyms: succuba

See Also: daemon, daimon, demon, devil, and fiend

According to Webster’s 1913 Dictionary

Definition \Suc”cu*bus\, n; pl. {succubi}. [See {succuba}.]

1. A demon or fiend; especially a lascivious spirit supposed to have sexual intercourse with the men by night; a succuba. cf {Incubus}.

2. (Med.) The nightmare

Here are a few funny, but true definitions that I found on UrbanDictionary.com/Sucubus.

A female spirit that rapes men in their sleep. Source: Cassandra, 03/03/03

A succubus is a demon who possesses a man to the fullest extent to where he has no control over himself. A succubus seduces a man mentally and physically. After gaining full control of the man, she will then have sex with him (not rape him) and upon his orgasm, he will die and she will gain his soul. “Heee! Heeee! Sorry.” A succubus is a demon who will take a man’s soul and kill him, unless he is mentally strong enough to seduce her first. “Doubt it” The conclusion of any post mortem examinations will be death by blood clotting which is actually a type of instantaneous rigamortus which is the result of severe shock caused by the succubus taking all of his energy and his soul. Source: resslessdemon, 11/09/03

“This one is my favorite one so far.” A female who takes her boyfriend away from all of his good friends because she’s a bitch. Source: Coby 03/01/03

Do any of you know a Succubus? Are any of you reading a Succubus? Do you know how to rid a Succubus? They are everywhere! No, I’m no Succubus, but I have come in contact with many a Succubus in my day. As far as getting rid of a Succubus; I’m afraid that once the man’s soul is taken; there is no return. Sorry. Isn’t it funny that the word Succubus starts out with suc, like suck? After all, I’ve never met a Succubus that didn’t indeed SUCK! If you come in contact with a Succubus, RUN. LIKE. HELL!!!

P.S. (not Preston) If there is anyone out there reading and you, yourself are a Succubus, or are under the control of a Succubus, and find that my entry has pissed you off; I only one thing to say. FUCK YOU!! This is my journal and if you don't like what you read then go the fuck on. I didn't invite you here. Besides, hasn't anyone even told you, that I'm the nicest fucking person that I know?
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