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Monday, May 31, 2004
  You're Uninvited
It's pouring down rain here. I kind of like the rainy weather. I can just sit, write, and listen to music. I love it! But, for those of you whose plans were disturbed by the weather, sorry. Just move it inside. You can party anywhere!

My plan for the day is to sit and watch as much Absolutely Fabulous as I can. PS let me borrow his entire season collection. ALL of them on DVD. (EVERY EPISODE! YIPPIE!!) Oh, Patsy, Darling, you have been missed!

I had a fun time saturday. ? and I were listening to music and I was asked if I liked Mazzy Star. "Hell yes, I love her!" He sat beside me and said that he knew every word to every song on that albumn, tape, CD, computer, whatevah! As soon as it started, we both sang most of it. (I don't know if this is a big deal to you, the reader, but a man that likes Mazzy Star as much as I do is definitely a wonderful quality.)

Anyhow, I've found myself listening to her a lot since then. I mean, I've had one of her tapes and a CD for years. I guess that I haven't had her in my disc changer since October, November, who knows? You know how you just load the changer and it's a pain in the ass to change them? Or I could just be a lazy fuck!? Hmmm!

? played his favorite Mazzy song for me and this lyric has been in my head since. These lyrics are what it must feel like to really love someone:

When I see you,
I want to kiss you.
But, I know that ain't right
so I ask if I can hold you.

Oh Babe, I need you so bad.
Oh Babe, I only want to make you

How freaking lovely is that? I never really heard (you know really felt it) in that way. I've had it for years and never REALLY paid attention to that song. One day I want to be loved like that. I want to make someone G-L-A-D. It's just the sweetest!!!

Christopher went riding along the Natchez Trace yesterday. It was such a cool day for a ride . Felt good just to get out and about! ? and I went in search for alligators, muskrats, snakes, and beavers. All we found were lizards and people. Heee!! We both got chewed on by mosquitos. That was the first time that I'd had a reasonably long walk without the cane since I got out of the hospital. Hooray for me!! It was the purrrfect day. Really, it was pretty, not too hot, and very relaxing.

I've fallen in love and she is the sweetest thing. Her name is Foot Foot. She has red hair with a few blonde highlights. Foot2 is gorgeous and I think that she really likes me too. She's a little younger than me, but hell, if I'm chasing pussy, she may as well be young and beautiful. She follows me everywhere. I think she wants me. I'm just going to take it slow.

I just took my jewelry off earlier and noticed that on my little fake wedding band that one of the rhinestones were gone. It's just a very small silver band that had five small rhinestones going around it. My ring finger is a size four. (You might say that it's a bit small, but cute.) I've had this ring for a while and can't help but take it as some kind of sign. Will I ever have a "real" one there? You know, one someone actually got down on one knee and asked me to wear or is it that the circle has finally been broken? I will say that when I noticed it, I looked at my mood ring and it was almost black!?

**Not that I believe in all of that, but I've been playing with this ring all weekend and that was the first time that it wasn't blue, green, anything, but black. Funny huh?

By the way, have you hugged a wall today? I have.

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