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Thursday, June 03, 2004
  No Chicken For Me, Thanks
There is really not much going on these days. I guess that I'm starting to get used to this medication. It still makes me very tired, but I'm not sleeping ALL day anymore. (I now only sleep half of my day away! Ha!)

I almost feel like starting a new blog. There are a few things that I would like to discuss, but there are certain people that I would prefer not to read. It seems that I have a few more people that I know reading than I would like. Oh well, if these people are really that interested in my life and what I'm doing daily, maybe they should just get a life themselves!?

? and I went to a friend's birthday celebration last night. It was just a few people. I didn't know any of them, but they were all very nice. It was a good time. There is this really cool bar/restaurant here that almost reminds me of The Helix. (as far as decor goes) I then tried my best to pick up a hooker in Grand Theft Auto, but was unsuccessful. This upset me because you all know that I'm slowly turning into a lesbian. A lesbian looking for love. Ain't it sweet?

What exactly is a date? Is it defined as someone picking you up, (flowers in hand) taking you out for dinner and seeing a movie? (like high school) Could it just possibly be going out and getting shit faced drunk and having sex? A friend and I were talking about this earlier. While she was thinking that a date was more like the high school stuff, I was thinking that it was more along the lines of hanging out with someone that you honestly have a good time with. I mean any prick can bring you flowers and take you out to dinner. Then again, any prick can take you out and buy your drinks. I think that there are many things that could count as a date, but it should definitely be more about who you're with rather than what you're doing. Then again, what you end up doing could be having one hell of a good time! (Not that I know anything about this, but I do have opinions, strong ones!!)

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