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Sunday, June 27, 2004
  Salem's Lot
I swear this town should be called Salem's Lot because it's full of people that are so nice to your face and just when you turn your back; they're ready to bite your head off. A bunch of blood sucking fucking vampires, I tell you. (vampires/vampliars!?) It seems like the nicer you are to these vampires; the stranger they act. I'm really starting to get to the point where I seriously don't give a FUCK about people. Not ALL people, just people in general. I think that I have all of three people here that I would go out on a limb and call them true friends. I honestly think that my biggest problem is that I'm the nicest fucking person that I know and that I'm entirely too nice to these fucking vampires. Well, those days are gone. I'm sick of people's bullshit. I'm sick of being a nice person and constantly getting shit on. I'm sick of people being entirely too interested in me and my personal life. I'm sick of bitches being nice to my face and then turning around and calling me "CRAZY". No shit, I'm fucking crazy! It's you so-called "Normal" fuckers that freak my shit out. It doesn't matter any longer because I'll no longer be known as the nicest fucking person that you or I know, but I will be known as that crazy fucking bitch from hell! Besides, in my lifetime, I've learned that the meaner you are the nicer others are to you. (And people say that I'm crazy?) I'm telling you, it's Salem's Lot, Man and it's freaky weird!!!

On a totally different note, I'm fixing to quit all things brown. I'm going to try and stop drinking coffee, Dr. Peppers, tea (except for my hot tea), etc. I'm even going to try and quit smoking. AGAIN! The problems with this plan is that I love, love, love all of these things. Also, with the medication that I'm on, these beverages seem to be the only things keeping me awake these days. Maybe I'll start drinking Mt. Dew (though, I've always hated it.) I'll just go in search of some clear liquid that has plenty of caffeine in it. Don't even get me started on Red Bull, it taste good, but as far as giving me wings of energy, bullshit! My advantage of quitting all things brown would be that I'd have a lot less liquids tanning my teeth.

Just a couple more funny quotes/things I've heard recently/whatevah:

One reason that beer is better than a woman is that beer is always willing to give you a little head. I know we've all heard it before, but I know a couple of guys who like to give a little head too!

There would have to be a strict contract to what you could and could not do with your penis in my ass. Annon Meus

There are three types of people in this world; those who can count and those who can't. Mr. O's Daddy

Once you've seen a woman's cum face, you've seen her soul. One of the guys from Nip/Tuck said that and I thought it was hillarious. I wonder how true it is. My God, I wonder what my cum face looks like. Ewwwww! I shudder to think.

If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy? I saw this on a lighter the other night while buying cigarettes. (I got them to help me quit. Yeah. That's it.) Anyway, I saw the lighter and had to have it and now I do. As a matter of fact I'm fixing to use it now!

Scoop the poop while your cats in the tub!

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