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Monday, June 07, 2004
  Touring With The Dead
I just got home from PS watching the Stanley Cup Finals and it was grrrreat!!!!!! Tampa Bay won 2-1 against Calgary. Both teams played an awesome series, I must say, but only one team can win. I think the best team did. OH! Let me say Happy Birthday to my fav-o-rite hockey player Mike Modano from the Dallas Stars. I know he's reading and I didn't want him to think that I forgot. Yeah, right!

I, like many others, am saddened by the passing of our 40th President, Ronald Reagan, this past Saturday. But, is it really necessary to take him on tour? First, they left the funeral home and drove him to the Reagan Library. His shell will be appearing for all to see (well, not really b/c it's a closed casket, but you get my point)at the Library until tomorrow at 6pm. (If you're in the neighborhood, you should go check him out.)You can say that you say the Reagan Dead Tour of 2004.

*For all of you non-hippie pot heads that don't know groovy music, that was a reference to The Grateful Dead touring without Jerry.I was talking to this chic the other day and she was telling me that she and her husband had seen them a few times. They played the CD for me and it sounded really cool, but, to me, you can no longer see The Grateful Dead b/c JERRY IS DEAD!!!! Fuck, people, tour under a different name. If you play you're music, your followers will come. Oh well, I have nothing else to say about that. I'm getting far too excited!!*

Back to Ronnie, I REALLY do not mean any disrespect about his passing. First of all, he had a fucking fabulous life. My God, he started out as a sports caster. He then became an actor. (I must say that I can't name one of his movies.) He then went on to become Governor of California. Then he became our 40th President in 1980. He spent two terms in the White House. He was loved by many. I must say that I feel for Nancy. Could you imagine being with someone for that long and then they are gone? It was so sad today when they showed her putting her head on the coffin and then rubbing it. I guess saying good-bye. She has been watching him suffer with his Alzeimer's for 10 years now. In a way, it is good that she doesn't have to watch him suffer, but what will she do without him? She'll probably die? He was 93, so, I'm guessing that she is pretty fucking old too. Most of the time, when a couple has been together for that long and one passes, the one left behind passes within the next year or two. Weird huh?

I will be honest with you. I didn't vote for Reagan. I was 4 when he was elected and not yet registered to vote. Ha! Ha! (She tried to make a joke.) It is sad to me b/c in a way that is like part of my childhood dying too. When I was a little one in Catholic school, I remember that we would always watch him talking on TV. To me, he was just this Grandpa looking man that made sure that we never went to war. I'm sure that there are people out there that are much older than me that could tell you more, but I was young. I do remember being at school and watching the Challenger go up. That was awful. Then our loved Ronnie came on with this very moving speech (that he did not write, but delivered so well) to make us all feel better. He was a good speaker, I guess that acting finally paid off. Anyway, Mr. President, rest in peace, you've definitely earned it.

Scoop the poop!!

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