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Monday, August 23, 2004
  Hey Jude
Well, just let me start off by saying that it is raining like a mad bitch here and I've been out in it ALL freaking day. I just got home and I'm still soaked from like two hours ago. I had many errands to run, since I start my new job tomorrow. The last errand to be run was at about 6pm. Just as I was leaving, it rained like the sky had dropped out. I took off my shoes and just ran my little ass to my Christopher as fast as my little legs would take me. I get into the car, it's leaking, of course! While running this errand, I could not see a DAMN thing. I couldn't see the road. I couldn't see the red lights. I couldn't see cars. I couldn't see a DAMN thing. Thank you, God, for getting Christopher and I home safely.

On another note, this is just a little update to let you know how I'm doing on my "quitting all things brown". (cokes, Dr. Pepper, coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc.) Basically, I sucking at this. My morning is still starting with my lovely coffee, but I do try to drink only one cup. I'm doing pretty good on the Cokes and Dr. Pepper. I'm now drinking like a gallon of sweet tea a day. (Hey, at least I'm drinking water. In a way!) The whole quitting smoking thing is REALLY hard. I find it hard not to smoke when EVERYONE around me is smoking. My biggest problem is sitting in front of my Precious and chain smoking. I decided today that instead of smoking 2 packs of Marlboro Lights a day that I'd go back to smoking Marlboro reds. Maybe that way, I'll smoke less. Right? Yeah!? Hey, people, I'm trying damn it!!! Hold on, let me light up. I'll be right back. Ok. I'm back. Heee!!!

If you love me than you'll do something for me. Pray for my friend's (Ana and Lynn) cat (Jude). He is very sick and just got out of the kitty hospital this afternoon. He seems to be doing lots better, but keep him in your prayers. M'kay! Thank you. Thank you very much!

Well, I guess that I'm off for my daily dose of soap crack. I'm fixing to go and put on something warm and fuzzy and pile up in the bed with Miss Tigger. Hope all of you had a nice and dry Monday, for I did not. It was nice, just not dry!

Scoop the poop, LATER!!!

Comments... RAWK! I am posting anonymously,... as your one twu loave Suzanna Danna...

Fight the good fight sweets... Smokes make you age prematurely. You're too purty.

But Lord have mercy how I'd love to share one with you right now.

Much Loave!
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