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Thursday, August 19, 2004
  I Need A Cigarette
I went to my oriantation for my new job today. That. Was. Fun!!! I'm now over at PS's getting anxious about painting our house. Painting our house, people, is making me anxious!!!!!!! Am I freaking having a melt down. There are just sooo many things that we have "to do". I'm just freaking out. One, two, three, four, (deep breath) five... Better already!!!

I thought of another one of my OCD's today. I must have lipstick, chapstick, lip-gloss, BURT'S BEESWAX (my fav-o-rite), lip balm, something. My lips must always have something on them. I didn't realize it until last night when I was going to bed. I had my glass of sweet tea, cigarettes, eye mask, BUT, WAIT!!! Where is my chapstick??? Fuck man, I left in the livingroom next to the computer. Man, I've already taken a before bed pee-pee, had the covers pulled back, started my Tivo, Tigger was getting settled in under the covers to get in "her spot" (with her head right in my face, the fur doesn't go well with the chapstick) Anyway, I was getting ready thinking, maybe I could just use one of the three or four in my purse. Getting more anxious, I got up and got my BURT'S and all was well! I know I'm fucking crazy. Tell me something that I DON't know!

I know on thing, if I were ever found dead, or simply wake up in a strange hospital room, I WILL have my pink lip-something on!!! I'll be just like my Grandmother. A lady never leaves the house without her lipstick on...

OK. Now I just have to type in two things that I've heard recently. You may have already heard them if so, hear them again. Whatever! I don't really care at this particular moment in time.

" I think that put an end to the jheri curl. Brothers everywhere were like, I got to take the juice out b/c grease and heat don't mix." Aries Spears from MAD TV This was his response about Michael Jackson's hair catching on fire. Heee!!!
I thought it was funny and you do too, jedi mind control! (I'm waving my hand in front of you're face right now. I am.)

" I wish that I was inside your belly where I could knaw my way out!" Father O' Flannigan said that to PS earlier and I had to have it as my own. It is now mine!!! Heee!!!!!!!!!!

Both of these boys make me laugh so hard sometimes that I' scared that I might have premature pee-pee!!!

Scoop the poop, though most of it is really pee-pee, ya' know!!!
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