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Monday, August 16, 2004
  I'm Just Here To Supervise...
I'm over at what will soon be PS's old apt. He's over there doing some kind of Japanese computerized robot dance with the tele. It kinda like exercise. Once we move in together, I'm going to learn how to do it. PS and Father O' Flannigan are going to work out at the gym in the morning and I sooo want to go. I sooo need to go, BUT they are going at like 6am!!! 6am, people, WTF!?? Father O gets off from work at 6am. I guess that explains it. I may go. I may not, I'll let ya know because I KNOW that you really, really do care about me and my exercise.

PS has to go to the new place and finish painting his room. Hopefully he's going to get in touch with a friend that is going to help me, well basically he's gonna do it, my walls. I want them to have colors like eggshell, light gold, beige, and something with a red tint all together. He does the faux finishes and is like totally awesome. I'd link a photo of what I want done, but I need PS to do that for I do not know the website and PS is far too busy shaking hiss ass off to help me now, but you get the picture. My bedspread is white with white embroidery on it. I have the sheets and dust ruffle to match. My pillows are beautiful. I used to be able to go and splurge on a new 3000 dollar bedroom suit, maybe again, someday when I get my shit together. Anyway, these pillows were 300 dollars, no shit! I'll post some pictures when we get moved in. They are white. One is square and covered in pearls. Two are square and covered with white crystals. They are sooo purdy!!! I love them and can't wait to set 'em up. I also have this huge gold mirror that is beautiful that I'll hang somewhere in there. For my dressers, which are now black, I'm going to paint them gold. Let it dry and then go over it with an eggshell color and then apply the crackle paint to give it that antique look. Hell, it is a freaking antique. I've had them all of my life. They are made from walnut and apparently can last a pretty darn long time. I have this big fake white orchid that I got at Pier 1 that I'm going to put on the smaller part of the dresser. For the top, I'll just put up my random knick knacks and photos. I might put the orchid on the coffeetable. Decisions, decisions!?!

We are both people that when they move into a new place that they are so pumped, crazy, anal, whatevah, but they have to have EVERYTHING unpacked and put in it's proper place. Pictures on the walls, candles lit, bathroom clean and lovely, all of it! Besides, PS's surprise b'day party that he's helping me plan is on the 6th so we need to hurry our asses up. We're both going out of town for a little while this week, but we do have work to get done.

My little Lexie is turning 3 years on Sunday and she loves her Auntie NN or is it just riding in Auntie NN's convertible? I must go see my girl. Hopefully, PS and I could work something out where we can take my car and he can drive and we just go together and accomplish all of our "to do list" by the end of the week. Stop laughing! It could happen, couldn't it? YES, it could and it will! OK! Don't doubt our ability to get our shit done!! You got that, bitch, don't doubt us!!!

I can't wait for us to move in together. I know that I keep saying that, but it's going to be so super!!! Anyway, PS and I have to go in there before the end of the month and start the whole painting and cleaning process. Then we have to decide where everything is going to go. I know we are using my very retro dining room set. PS's couch, loveseat and table will probably be in the living room. I have the same couch and loveseat, but mine aren't leather. They are a light blue material and VERY comfy. I'm just going to buy some couch and loveseat covers to go with everything and cover them up. It will look good, I hope.

Oh, the whole process of moving is starting to stress me out just thinking about it. I know that it will all be wonderful. That is that it will not be wonderful until all of the walls that need to be painted are painted, our artwork is hanging on the walls, our candles are everywhere, there is blue glass all over the kitchen, the front porch swing is painted, and the porch is closed in by bamboo blinds, and we have not one, but two Elvis dress up magnets on our refrigerator!

Scoop the poop in your new house!!!
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