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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
  Our House Will Be A Very, Very, Very Fine House...
Ps and I went and looked at our house Sunday. It is 2 bedroom and one bathroom. I really love it b/c it is kinda out in the woods, but 10 minutes from everything. The pink kitchen is huge and our bathroom is amazing. There is just enough room in there for all of our beauty necessities. You know we gotta look pretty since we're both single. (We gots to gets us some REAL men up in there.) There is a lot of work that needs to be done before we move in. We need to clean, paint, etc. I think that once we get everything done that the place will be awesome, totally!

We have a front porch with a swing! Lovely!!! We are going to get some of those bamboo blinds and put around the whole porch area. We have one house next door to us, his brother and his wife. Well, she'll be his wife Friday. How awesome is that? We have a HUGE front and back yard. We even have a back porch. I can't hardly wait to see what this place looks like once we've moved our asses in and fixed it up. I will have to take some before and after photos for you. I know that I want to paint my room either an eggshell color or something crazy like red. Ummmm!!! I think that I'll stick to the eggshell. We have a washer and a dryer. COOL! Our rent, I think that I already told you about that, but this place could easily run for 800. EASY! We are so lucky.

I can't wait to live with PS. We can play on gay.com until all hours of the morning and make fun of ugly old gay men with their schriveled up wieners hanging out. (Like we did sun. Night.) We just have so much fun together. There are a few things that we need to talk about: like who gets the BIG bedroom? Heee!!! Me, of course. Just kidding, PS. I just need to talk to him about Tigger's safety. I plan on keeping her food, water, and litter box in my room. NOT that I don't trust PS with my pussy, but OH. MY. GOD. If there were to be someone over that didn't know that she was an INSIDE cat and let her out, I would find them, kill them and then myself. I do plan on getting locks put on my door. Not to keep PS out, but like when I'm gone, Tigger will be locked safely in my room with all of her things. I'm soooo not worried about PS letting her out. I'm just worried that some drunken idiot (his friend or mine) would be like, "hey, kitty, wanna go outside? Ok. Bye!" I would DIE!!! Though, I don't think that we'll have all that many visitors. People here tend to not want to drive out of a certain area. We are definitely out of that area and I love it!!! I think that the most visitors that we will have will be for PS's b'day/house warming party. It will rock, buy the way and most of you are invited, but you must b.y.o.g. (bring your own gift) or no entry to you. HA!

PS, if you're reading and I know you are b/c you are at work bored as hell, I just read your last entry about this girl that you loved so much and my conceited ass thought that you'd finally professed your love for me until I got to the bottom and it said BEA ARTHUR!!! I wanted to cry, but I'm so over it now. Did you tell Calvin Happy Birthday? If not, oh well, it's here on my blog. He can't say that I wasn't thinking of him today. You, Mr. PS need to profess your love for your future housewife. Heee!!! I love you, and yes, I have been drinking and have a Leopold in bed waiting for me, so what the fuck am I doing here? TTFN

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scoop the poop and may all of your wishes come true!!!
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