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Friday, August 20, 2004
  Wonder Twins Activate!
I'm over at PS and Father O's place. They just left to go and "work out/pick up guys" with their trainer chic. PS and I went by our house today and just really got a feel for what needed to go where and what colors the rooms should be. We just got back from Home Depot and picked out some colors. Yippieee!!!

We've kinda got an idea of what we want to do. The house is a beige color with white trim. We like that. We are painting the front door red (VERY VERY RED) and also the porch swing to match. When you walk in the first room you enter is the livingroom. Right now it is a pale yellow and that's ok, but we're going to make it a more vibrant, brighter yellow. For my room, I'm going to have a more dull, red, color that I'm going to feather leaf with gold to give the whole room that crackled antique look. As for the bathroom, I think that we have both agreed on blue (like almost sapphire blue, but not) with white trim. For the kitchen, I suggested some kind of light pastel-like green colors to give it the whole retro look. It will also look purdy with all of the multi colored glass knick knacks and match well with my dining room table. I'm pretty sure that PS is going to paint each wall of his room a different color. That's cool! I just don't know if he knows what colors he wants to use.

While we were there, we found this room that we didn't even know we had. It's in the back of the house with the washer and dryer in a little room to the side. UMMMM!!!!!! Can we say ART STUDIO, people. The room is plenty big enough for us to both have plenty of room to paint. What a cool discovery! I'm sure that we would have eventually found it, but who knows how long that might have taken us? We were so silly today, but it was sweet. We were like a couple picking out paint for their house, but not! We did our first thing for the house thing today and it was special. Just like corn!!!

PS, I know you're reading, I can see you. If I forget to tell you, I think that we should paint the outside first. You know for the party and all. Let's just find out about the weather first. And I love you and your new haircut!

Scoop the poop with a colorful scooper!!!
I think that you are fabulous!
I love cats, fairies and your hair. gwb
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